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  1. Sorry--forgot to change my profile location. Now fixed. Without a car when we come to Ajijic, so (also sorry a bit off topic) walk almost everywhere, and sometimes have trouble spotting shops from sidewalks.

  2. The film For Greater Glory presents a distorted version of the Cristero [Christ’s Army] War (1926-1929), a civil war between peasant guerrillas defending the Catholic Church and the Mexican state. It is currently being shown in theaters across the US.

    The film, directed by Dean Wright, hijacks a complex social conflict and turns it into a David and Goliath story of good guys versus bad. In so doing, it whitewashes the historically reactionary role of the Catholic Church in Mexico. One cannot imagine how such an approach would convince or educate any viewer, including those not at all familiar with the history of this conflict.


    What is the Communist view of Roman Catholicism?

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