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  1. Sorry--forgot to change my profile location. Now fixed. Without a car when we come to Ajijic, so (also sorry a bit off topic) walk almost everywhere, and sometimes have trouble spotting shops from sidewalks.
  2. Thanks, Wookie. ComputerGuy, is that the only TelMex in town? Tempted to fly down just to try the place!
  3. Where was the "old casino?"
  4. Did anyone suggest talking with the neighbor about the problem?
  5. Second Mirna's nomination. She's a wealth of information, works exceptionally well with house staff, and even coordinated our transportation between home (Ajijic) and GDL.
  6. As I earlier wrote, we have not been joined at breakfast by even one dog, and now I can report that the one smoker's smoke wafted up the mountain, away from the nonsmokers' tables; nevertheless, you get the last word, gringal. I give up. The thread is yours. I'm out of here, and am not so neurotic as to have to read any further responses.
  7. Thank you for your permission to continue the actual subject of this thread. Anyone else had breakfast at JD's? Your review will be very welcome here.
  8. Good grief. If you do not purchase a breakfast at this cafe, by definition you are not supporting it. I'm "being unnecessarily snippy without cause?" Please start a new thread to continue your rant, or buy a breakfast at James' and Don's place, and write a review, which is the subject of this thread. (By the way, my wife and I have eaten here three times, and have yet to see a dog in the place. Further, the prevailing breeze and the placement of the smokers' tables will blow any smoke away from the nonsmokers, and up the mountain.)
  9. I just call 'em the way I see 'em. Get over it.
  10. Well, well, well, and hmmmm. I see that the two threads formerly used for your no-dogs harangues were closed by our esteemed moderator, so you will either need to start another new one or continue your bashing here. Please begin a new thread, and beg the moderator to use a longer leash. I'm heading to JD's!
  11. Sheesh--what a bunch of moaners, with the semi-exception of you, Xena, due to your repentance. Have the rest of you nothing better to do with your time, than to complain about a restaurant through whose doors you are not going to pass? Yeah, the readers of this forum get that you aren't going to support James, Don, and their staff, regardless of the quality of their food. You more than adequately proclaimed your proclivities on the thread begun by Rick, which was the reason I escaped to offer a non-canine-oriented review of this restaurant. So, why don't you return to the other thread in order to continue your rants.
  12. I know that their sign says that they're open Thursday through Tuesday, but we ate there on this Wednesday. REGARDLESS, the flyer that Don gave to us--and the other folks in and near Bancomer--this morning (Friday, 25th) says, "Cerrado los MiƩrcoles," and the last I knew, that means closed on Wednesdays, right?
  13. Update--Jimmy D's is closed on Wednesdays, as now corrected on original post. Returned, this morning, and the gang replicated my wife's and my experience of two days ago. Delicious!
  14. Hi, Alex GTO, and a very warm welcome to Chapala.com Webboard! We're all very glad that you're here, and want you to know how much we value your participation. Sometimes, it is hard to decide within which section we should most appropriately post something, not that it really matters all that much. Nevertheless, placing posts in the "right" places makes it a bit easier for some of us more senile residents to find answers to questions that we might have about certain topics. That's why I said that I moved your very first post to another, more appropriate, unspecified section. Maybe I meant that your post was originally placed in a "wrong" section, and I actually moved it to this one. Who knows? Especially other readers who may not frequently peruse this board. I'm just jerking you around, though; go ahead and try to find your post in some other section! Go ahead! Find it? Hehehe. No soup for you! Now, returning to myself: Alex GTO, I sincerely hope that you find some simpatico colleagues.
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