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  1. Lithium battery bikes/trikes can be shipped but you'll need an expediter to get it across the border.
  2. They send the letter if you applied for SS outside of the USA. It is not based on your bank.
  3. Rifaximin, sold under the trade name Xifaxan. Try searching for the drug rather than the trade name.
  4. Yes, the computer does the translation of the page but I don't believe that's what the OP asked.
  5. Amazon.mx is only in Spanish. I type my search request in English and get responses in Spanish...with pictures! I'm able to figure things out. Often the descriptions are also in English. I check out both to see which will have the best price/shipping options and I'm often surprised! YMMV
  6. I lived in a home in Chapala that diverted the washing machine waste water to the garden/avocado tree. Biggest, tastiest avocados!
  7. Yes, it uses CO2 cartridges. Amazon México delivers. I use a stainless steel rechargeable seltzer bottle.
  8. It also works best if they're applied before the the dog freaks out. After not so much.
  9. Try visiting a few facilities and ask the people there your questions directly.
  10. If I type "Ilox" in my search engine ,Safari, I get several sites that work. YMMV.
  11. I managed a grocery store NoB. That's how it's done by many smaller vendors to insure their stock gets on the shelves and not left in the stockroom.
  12. Hahaha! Gasp! You may have more in common with the masses than you thought.
  13. Yes, that is certainly the opinion you espouse. https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-social-media-explaining-the-big-trend-3486616
  14. Isn't this the Mexico General forum?
  15. You may have luck finding one at a bazar and recovering.
  16. Then you'll need a lot of batteries.
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