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  1. Have you checked the lumber yard across from Soriana?
  2. What happyjillin says is correct. Except he doesn't live in el centro he lives nearby. Is that colonia Lourdes, hj?
  3. Have you asked at the local insurance agencies?
  4. I have a Skype phone number and forward the calls to my landline.
  5. None of those streets exist in or near the bus station in Chapala. What Chapala bus station are you referring?
  6. The eye of the rib the "ribeye" is the middle part. But since the '60s (60 years ago) the cap is included in the labeling. Pendantic but true.
  7. Do you have any proof of your assertion? Because looking around all I see is Ajijic may be flashier and more conspicuous in its consumption but Chapala has more properties, more visitors, etc.
  8. Friday my SS deposit exchange rate at Banco Azteca was 19.2710.
  9. No, not all people with genius IQ's behave differently socially. Some people are different socially because they are a**wipes.
  10. They've moved further east and are near Oh!shirt.
  11. By definition these are cobbled stone roads. Just not the same cobbled rock your Eurocentric brain recognizes.
  12. In Chapala I find them at the hardware stores or Soriana.
  13. fordtruckman


    I buy Navarro Extra Anejo at Soriana.
  14. Sea horse. Dragon fly. Cow bird. The list goes on.
  15. I'm glad they're not on the same schedule.
  16. Some people prefer the taste. Not judging. Just explaining.
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