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  1. The last article I read regarding temperatures and covid 19 said that you needed at least 74°C to kill it and that freezing only slowed it down.
  2. Everyone knows you drink champagne for breakfast!
  3. We are to believe that the very contagious covid 19 was lakeside earlier and only a few people had it? Not likely.
  4. Call 33-27-91-63-20 In addition to their regular menu~ monday march 30th liver & onions, mashed potatoes and grilled veggies, or chicken fajitas served with guacamole and refritos $120 tuesday, march 31st meat loaf or Marco`s friedchicken served with gravie mashed potatoes and coleslaw $130 wednesday april 01st baked pork chunk (chamorro) served with mex rice and salsa or shrimp kabbobs served with baked potato and rice $150 thursday april 02nd BBQ combo plate arrachera steak, pork ribs, chicken, chorizo scalloped potatoes, baked beans and coleslaw $150 friday april 3rd fish and chips served w coleslaw and tartas sauce, or chiken florentine served with mashed potatoes $150 saturday april 04th veal parmessane serve with pasta alfedo or beef filet stroganoff served on pasta $170
  5. I was referring to lardca' post about US grocery stores.
  6. You're not off base just uninformed about the long standing feuding personalities on this broad.
  7. The photos do their food justice!
  8. fordtruckman


    Use it or not.
  9. According to the article- "The practical value of these kinds of tests to doctors in their work and to patients in their lives is still somewhat unclear."
  10. So do rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks and other assorted vermin rodents. Take care where you put the feeder.
  11. You might try alcohol. It's the primary ingredient in many products to remove skunk odors.
  12. They are not allowed by law to work as they transit Mexico to the USA.
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