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  1. They've moved further east and are near Oh!shirt.
  2. Soriana near appliances and small hardware.
  3. By definition these are cobbled stone roads. Just not the same cobbled rock your Eurocentric brain recognizes.
  4. In Chapala I find them at the hardware stores or Soriana.
  5. fordtruckman


    I buy Navarro Extra Anejo at Soriana.
  6. Sea horse. Dragon fly. Cow bird. The list goes on.
  7. I'm glad they're not on the same schedule.
  8. Some people prefer the taste. Not judging. Just explaining.
  9. Lithium battery bikes/trikes can be shipped but you'll need an expediter to get it across the border.
  10. They send the letter if you applied for SS outside of the USA. It is not based on your bank.
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