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  1. Like you, I was unimpressed with Roku. I went to Dish TV with the expanded package, and it covers most of the news and sports I want to watch. I have not experienced very many satellite outages, even during our downpours. For those few events I can't get through Dish, I use the website VIPbox.me. It takes some trial and error, but eventually you can stream games without any ads in the middle of the screen.
  2. Yes, I can confirm USAA does reimburse international ATM fees. Also, an an institution created to serve military service members wherever they might be, you will find they are undaunted by the notion of a member who lives in Mexico.
  3. Have had GE for about 3 years. If you fly to the States even once a year, it is well worth it. As Mexseekin notes, you get TSA Precheck with GE; PreCheck is $85 for five years, so for the extra $15 dollars is small for the extra benefit. Most travellers don't realize that GE gives you two (possibly three) benefits. First, you skip the line for Immigration and go thru a kiosk which takes seconds to clear. Second, you skip the line for customs, too. For instance, at Houston, you walk all the way to the front of the line and the CBP agent stops the line and gives you "cuts" to go first! You just show the agent the print out you got at the kiosk and "go!" Third, several countries are offering reciprocal access for a fee. Mexico recognizes GE, and for a small fee will grant you Mexico's accelerated entry program; the bad news is that GDL does not have the program yet. One caution for those who get TSA PreCheck via Airline Frequent Flyer programs: this was granted by TSA as a complimentary offer to convince travellers it was a good thing. At any time and for any reason, TSA can rescind the offer. I would bet that at some point, TSA will want to recoup the lost enrollment dollars and will require individual enrollment.
  4. We're (my wife and I) under 60 and retired full time here in February. We have been going hiking, either on our own or with the hiking club once a week. We work out three of four times a week at Skyfitness gym. We take 1 hour and 45 minute classes to learn Spanish at Ole Mexico three times a week. We volunteer several different ways at our Church, and are becoming more involved with Villa Infantil (local orphanage). We attend weekly dinners with groups of expat friends. We plan on taking more short trips around the lake and other parts of Mexico once we settle in. We want to get involved with the Kayaking club, although that will probably have to wait until next year. We plan to take up tennis, and I want to play water volleyball, when I can make my schedule work. And of course there are the regular jaunts NOB to visit kids/grandkids or trips abroad.
  5. @Gringohombre, the correct point of contact for LakeSideStream is Efi Gartner; you can reach him via e-mail at this address: mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com I have used lakesidestream since February. It is a resale streaming service that provides access to many channels. While it is weather independent, it can have buffering problems or disruptions at the source. Also, like almost all streaming services, Roku tries to invalidate the streaming providers, so they often have to change the account channel name, which means you have to go through a process to reinstall the channel. This can result in loss of access for hours to days. Sometimes channels come in without sound or picture for a time. It is not very consistent, but it is cheap. It will often work just fine for weeks, then suddenly go bad for days on end. Hope this helps.
  6. I'm the "apologist of the service" (according to Angus) who posted on the other board. If you contacted LakeSideStream, they would find that characterization pretty funny, as I am constantly on their case for every outage/change/problem. I only posted because Spot's original characterization implied it was a ripoff. I did not attend the Legion presentation, but I did attend another presentation, and they were very clear what they were doing. As others have said, streaming is a cheap and questionably legal activity, so service may be spotty. Resellers are just middlemen, so they can't guarantee anything. Buyer beware, as always.
  7. Here's a video of our floor plan, which we really like. You can see a snapshot around the 3:00 minute mark. Two cupolas for light/ventilation, two boveda ceilings, kitchen triangle per mudgirl, center courtyard. We also have a Mirador with stairs outside. We haven't lived here long, but its been very comfortable so far this "winter."
  8. This from Wikipedia: WARNING: Do not attempt to take any firearm into Mexico even if the weapon is lawfully registered in your name in the United States (or any other country of residence) and even when the weapon falls under the types and calibers permitted for civilian ownership in Mexico. Unless the bearer has explicit authorization from the Secretariat of National Defense, it is illegal and punishable by law to enter Mexican territory with any firearm as well as to keep and carry any firearm on your person or vehicle at any time, anywhere. These permits cannot be obtained at Mexican customs and immigration when entering Mexico. They must be obtained in advance and in possession of the bearer before any gun enters Mexico. Once entering Mexico with a gun without previous authorization from the Mexican government, a crime has been committed. Also check out an old Rolly rook post here:http://rollybrook.com/guns.htm
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