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  1. i have an early domestic departure from GDL and am considering getting a hotel room near the airport the night before. I see the Hangar Inn every time we drive by (the one just south of the airport exit, although there is another one coming south from el centro, too). What about some of the new hotels just north of the airport on the southbound lanes (Bugari, ANB, or City Express)?

    Anybody stay at any of these places?


    I'm just looking for something clean and cheap for a single night.

  2. Try Selecia Young-Jones at Rainbownotaryandnuptials.com or 904Rainbow@gmail.com or 904-3337311.

    She uses a remote Notary service  which is recognized by the US federal government and most states (I think Califonia is an exception, but check with her). She is quick, efficient, and effective. We have used her several times for large investment transactions that needed to be notarized.

    Good luck


  3. Quote



    7 hours ago, Lou Quillio said:

    Yes, a VPN will be needed anywhere outside the U.S., because YTTV only has distribution rights for the U.S. If they had a slew of content deals in Mexico (or Italy), they'd offer the service there.

    Would you mind saying on which VPN provider you have it working, and the server location you've chosen? I've tried more than a few combinations with no luck.

    (Also, since I carry a Google-branded phone and use location services, YTTV has more signals than GeoIP for determining my location. In my case it might be necessary to turn phone location services off sometimes.)



    We use ExpressVPN, often with Chicago or DC. With YouTube TV, we've never had to switch servers. The phone connection is interesting; we have TMobile, but use Chrome on all our devices, so Google knows where we are.

  4. I'm probably the guy you mention. We've been using You Tube TV for about a year now. We tried some of the local streaming services, which seem to be using pirated signals from NOB. Things regularly went down. We switched to Dish TV, which worked well for three years or so, then they lost our base station in Cincinnatti and they had a problem finding another. So we tried HULU and some other net-based services, but they would not work if you had a VPN on. We arranged to open a YouTube TV account with our daughter in the States (Ohio). Then we added ourselves as an authorized user, using a VPN in Mexico. Recently we added our other daughter using a VPN in Italy. All three work at the same time, and work well.

    The key seems to be the base station for the account must access YouTube TV at least once every ninety days from the base location. If that happens, they don;t care where else you access from. Hope that helps!



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  5. Just to be clear, upwards of 80% of Dengue cases are mild or asymptomatic (no symptoms at all). This data was verified in numerous international studies including testing blood from donors and asking them if they ever felt sick/thought they had Dengue fever.


    Also, there are four strains of Dengue fever, so you can catch Dengue four different times.


    Here's a great link:


  6. I have used the download version (for the reasons Mostlylost mentioned) for decades, including the last five years here in Mexico. I only download directly from TurboTax or from my bank (USAA). Never had a problem.

    Here are some possible issues you could be experiencing:

    -- Out of date MS Windows operating system

    -- Poor internet connection making the download sites "drop out"

    -- Pay issues (using a Mexican credit card with a US site or vice versa)

    -- VPN issues (I turn mine off for download).


    I hope this helps; good luck!

  7. I strongly suggest checking out irs.gov, the authoritative website. The answers you seek are there, and remember, your tax attorney is only as good as they are. I knew several people who were told by tax attorneys to claim things that were illegal because "the IRS never audits for that."


    Here's a pull from Topic #701, Sale of your Home:

    Reporting Gain or Loss on Your Home Sale

    Determine whether you need to report the gain from your home.

     You need to report the gain if ANY of the following is true.
    • You have taxable gain on your home sale (or on the residential portion of your property if you made separate calculations for home and business) and don’t qualify to exclude all of the gain.

    • You received a Form 1099-S. If so, you must report the sale on Form 8949 even if you have no taxable gain to report. See Instructions for Form 8949 and Instructions for Schedule D (Form 1040) for more details.

    • You wish to report your gain as a taxable gain even though some or all of it is eligible for exclusion. You may wish to do this if, for example, you plan to sell another main home within the next 2 years and are likely to receive a larger gain from the sale of that property. If you choose to report, rather than exclude, your taxable gain, you can undo that choice by filing an amended return within 3 years of the due date of your return for the year of the sale, excluding extensions.


    If NONE of the three bullets above is true, you don’t need to report your home sale on your tax return.

  8. The key word here is required (mudgirl is correct). My jardinero requested that I "fire him" and then re-hire him when we moved. He told me he had other gringo clients who told him they were moving and then didn't actually bring him along, skipping out on his finiquito, I pointed out that paying his finiquito effectively re-set his length of service for vacation pay, but he didn't care, so I did as he asked.

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  9. Mexico is professionalizing all of its government functions, slowly. Those paper FMM forms were practically useless except as an excuse to "fine" visitors when they lost them. Now they are using facial recognition at the airports, they have computerized the data from the forms (not at the land border, but elsewhere). They are only offering tourist visas to tourists, which is a change. The wild west days of just crossing the border and staying as long as you like are numbered, as the government is even checking bus stations for overstays.

    Why? Because that is what the federal government is for. No government wants foreign visitors who are too poor to live there, or are exploiting  a visa system. The point is not that US expats are wanted or not: regardless of where you are from, every person who resides in a country consumes government resources (traffic, crime, electricity, sewage, etc.) Some of those costs are born by the resident, some by the society. The government is suspicious of digital nomads and others who work on the internet. We can debate about whether the Mexican government should be suspicious about such residents posing as tourists, but there is little doubt they aren't tourists, they are working, and Mexico is not getting to tax their income.

    So most governments want residents who bring more into the country than they "cost." The US is notoriously difficult; Canada uses a "point system" I believe to determine whether someone merits admission. Mexico is just joining the club.

  10. I can't recommend a Mexican bank, as I don't have one. I get my OPM retirement sent to USAA bank, and just access funds via ATMs here (charges are reimbursed) or use their direct transfer services for larger payments. There are other financial institutions (like Schwab) that have similar arrangements.

    I strongly recommend researching the concept of banking here in Mexico. Some accounts are not insured, and there are several claims of employee or institutional fraud dealing with expats. There are also the issues of currency devaluation and compliance with US requirements to notify the IRS about any foreign accounts.

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  11. NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, just identified that the Western Hemisphere is entering a La Niña current (the counterpart of the more famous el Niño) for the next several months.  We were n La Niña earlier this year, then the trend dissipated, and now it has strengthened. Here the map with the global effects:


    Lakeside is on the edge of the warm and dry region over central Mexico, so look for higher than usual temperatures and less rainfall.

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  12. Like Bisbee Gal, my wife and I have flown to/from the States eight times during the testing requirement, and our testing has been closely checked each time. There is also a US government form you have to fill out which attests to your test (redundant, no?). Some airlines have it online, or ask you the same questions online when check in. So they might accept that rather than ask you for a hardcopy of the test results. If you wonder why they would take your word for it, it is somewhat unreasonable to expect ALL the airlines flying to the States to know  ALL the different labs and which are "ok." 

    The last two times we went to Soriana, they did not have the necessary items (I don't know what they mean, swabs?) to do antigen testing, so we had to use Go labs in Riberas. Soriana remains the cheapest, easiest solution in my opinion, but you need to have a back up plan.

  13. We've had USAA Banking for about 40 years, living overseas twice (Germany and now Mexico) with excellent service the entire time. Rarely need to call them, as we use their extensive online services, but when we call their 1-800 number, we get quick service, too. 

    I would note that nearly all telephone service systems (banks, airlines, brokerages, car rentals) are experiencing extreme delays because they had to let people go during the pandemic, and can't bring them back fast enough. Airlines report 8 hour wait times, if you get through at all.

    I have several friends that have dropped their USAA insurance, which is different than USAA banking. Apparently USAA insurance rates aren't as good as they once were; I thought they were great once-upon-a-time, but only have rental car insurance with them today. Maybe those are the problems you heard.


    I would only add that before switching, I would check to see how the phone service at other banks is. You could simply call them and see what the wait times are, for example,

  14. To be clear, this has nothing to do with Shaw satellite TV. DISH TV in the states changed satellite feeds for local stations only in Cincinnati and Little Rock. If you were in either location, the change was transparent, as DISH chose a satellite easily accessible from those locations. Those of us with DISH TV here lakeside were not so lucky. We will have to pick another stateside location for our local channels, once the options become available from Ajijic Electronics. If you have DISH TV but it is not Cincinnati or Little Rock, you are not affected. If you have Shaw, please enjoy your programming while they change their satellite constellation.

  15. Sometime next week Ajijic Electronics said they'll have the new addresses for the new locations: looks like Lexington (KY), Springfield (MO) and Cheyenne (WY-not sure if this is the right one, but it's somewhere out west). Those of us who lost local channels can then choose for the new ones. This was the first channel outage or major disruption we've had in four years, so seems like no big deal to me.


  16. When I've used it recently (past few months), the actual lane(s) where you pull into the long-term lot were closed, indicating it was full. One time there were cones in the way, the other time you could pull up to the gate, but the machine would not issue a ticket. I have seen every kind of irregular parking by people inside the long-term lot. I don't know if/how they regulate it. I believe parking on the upper levels of the garage used to be also discounted, but I may be wrong.

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  17. Yes, it's a big white building, and there's always a few people hanging out in the courtyard. Don't be confused if there is a line. Walk straight in past the tree and look for where the "teller" windows are and see where that line starts (there are multiple offices here). We went around 1030 in the morning  in the middle of a month and had no line.

    Here's an old pic from Goggle Streetview:109906743_Screenshot2021-04-2307_12_06.thumb.png.af00f2b21a7689e7a1c007a55f261c2d.png

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