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  1. The way las cabanuelas was explained to me, it's a Mexican folk version (like Poor Richard's Almanac) of predicting the weather for the year. The weather on January 1st predicts January, January 2nd predicts February, January 3rd predicts March, and so forth. Anybody else heard this?
  2. From the CDCP on domestic (US) travel: "Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19." The warning with respect to Mexico is as much about being sick where you are unsure of your health care.
  3. There are two major factors interacting to affect the Mexican Peso. One is the dynamic between the coronavirus and the Mexican government's response. This drove the Peso down quickly, as Mexico was seen by currency traders and economists as not taking sufficient steps to combat the virus' spread and to mitigate the long-term effects on the economy. The second is the probable realignment of supply chains away from China. Many countries recognized they were far too vulnerable to supply chain disruptions as whole sectors of manufacturing (for example, medical supplies) came from one country
  4. I just flew to the States (two weeks ago) and returned to Guadalajara (via Cancun) last week. This advisory is just that: advice. There was no health form requirement when entering the US, no inspection by ICE/CBP and no testing. So there is no way for the US to determine whether I was exposed/infected. Likewise, many US states have introduced stay-at-home quarantines, but there is no enforcement mechanism at international arrivals in airports. Mexico does have a form you fill out (online or paper) where they ask you where you have traveled and if you were exposed. No verification, although we
  5. On a related note, the route via Cancun also works when returning from the US. We are in Playa del Carmen right now, having taken a Southwest Airlines flight (CVG-BWI-CUN) GottaGetAway fare of $100 USD. Part of SouthWest's regular fare sales.
  6. There's a website for that: https://www.flightconnections.com/ The short answer is no for nonstop. Yes for connections via Mexico City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, LA. Keep Cancun in mind, as European airlines fly nonstop there and have return flights for their vacationers, too.
  7. I visited yesterday. The eastern entry/exit will become exit only, one-way towards Chapala. Whether they can enforce that direction or not is an open question, but it probably won't be an entryway. The western entry/exit (between the AutoZone and Domino's) will probably stay the same, although it's not very useful as an exit (hard to head west, why not use the other exit to go east?). The main exit will be at the light (new).Right now, there is no signal for those exiting, so it's a mess; they will need to install another signal and left turn light. Thus the intersection will slow down some, a
  8. We live in Ajijic and visited the States for two weeks in August. We few roundtrip, non-stop Guadalajara to Chicago/ O'Hare (ORD) on Aeromexico. Masks were required at all airports, along with social distancing, meaning lines were spread out, many seats/chairs were either removed or spaced out. Only a small number of vendors were open in the airports (e.g., at ORD international terminal, the only food available was Burger King). Lines were short, as there are few flights.Some of the airport lounges were closed. Planes were boarded back-to-front, and the boarding rules were one or two rows at a
  9. Three years ago, we bought four sets of "loveseat" style, synthetic rattan chairs from their store on Lopez Mateos. Very comfortable and they show no signs of wear and tear.
  10. I have US Dish Network via satellite. Maybe I misunderstand what you wrote, but I have only one, small (probably 4') dish. I get around sixty channels (including all the major networks and ESPN) for about $90 USD a month. Reception is excellent, with the exception of heavy rain. To put that in perspective, I lose satellite lock probably two or three times a year, usually for ten minutes or less.
  11. Terrible site. No one should be grading countries at this point. It is still too early. Did you know that the data on the 1919-20 Spanish Flu is still so disputed that the numbers of cases and deaths include an order or magnitude range (each)? That site lists China as a place "winning" when no responsible group accepts the Chinese data on total number of cases or deaths. That site also says "massive testing" is one of the keys to "winning," yet winners like South Korea and Taiwan are not doing massive testing. If you want good coronavirus coverage, stick with these sites: For the raw num
  12. My apology. The New York Times has a good piece on this today, confirming the original claim about American citizens not receiving the stimulus based on their spouse's ITIN use. I should have known better than to respond as I did: Mea culpa! I got so tired of correcting other people's comments ("it's just a loan" "it's only for residents") that I failed to research BEFORE I shot off my mouth. Again, sorry! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/28/us/coronavirus-undocumented-immigrants-stimulus.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=US News
  13. 1) yes, 2018/19/20, all (minimal) refunds, all filed with TurboTax
  14. Nonsense. There is nothing on the IRS website stating such a condition. There is a statement saying "non-resident aliens" are not eligible, but that does not change the status of a US citizen spouse. And there is no condition that one be a US resident. I am a US citizen with a permanente here, and my wife and I already received our stimulus checks. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment-frequently-asked-questions
  15. This website from US Customs & Border Protection has wait times for border crossings. I bet they will also show other restrictions/changes/etc. https://bwt.cbp.gov/
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