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  1. We live in Ajijic and visited the States for two weeks in August. We few roundtrip, non-stop Guadalajara to Chicago/ O'Hare (ORD) on Aeromexico. Masks were required at all airports, along with social distancing, meaning lines were spread out, many seats/chairs were either removed or spaced out. Only a small number of vendors were open in the airports (e.g., at ORD international terminal, the only food available was Burger King). Lines were short, as there are few flights.Some of the airport lounges were closed. Planes were boarded back-to-front, and the boarding rules were one or two rows at a
  2. Three years ago, we bought four sets of "loveseat" style, synthetic rattan chairs from their store on Lopez Mateos. Very comfortable and they show no signs of wear and tear.
  3. I have US Dish Network via satellite. Maybe I misunderstand what you wrote, but I have only one, small (probably 4') dish. I get around sixty channels (including all the major networks and ESPN) for about $90 USD a month. Reception is excellent, with the exception of heavy rain. To put that in perspective, I lose satellite lock probably two or three times a year, usually for ten minutes or less.
  4. Terrible site. No one should be grading countries at this point. It is still too early. Did you know that the data on the 1919-20 Spanish Flu is still so disputed that the numbers of cases and deaths include an order or magnitude range (each)? That site lists China as a place "winning" when no responsible group accepts the Chinese data on total number of cases or deaths. That site also says "massive testing" is one of the keys to "winning," yet winners like South Korea and Taiwan are not doing massive testing. If you want good coronavirus coverage, stick with these sites: For the raw num
  5. My apology. The New York Times has a good piece on this today, confirming the original claim about American citizens not receiving the stimulus based on their spouse's ITIN use. I should have known better than to respond as I did: Mea culpa! I got so tired of correcting other people's comments ("it's just a loan" "it's only for residents") that I failed to research BEFORE I shot off my mouth. Again, sorry! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/28/us/coronavirus-undocumented-immigrants-stimulus.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=US News
  6. 1) yes, 2018/19/20, all (minimal) refunds, all filed with TurboTax
  7. Nonsense. There is nothing on the IRS website stating such a condition. There is a statement saying "non-resident aliens" are not eligible, but that does not change the status of a US citizen spouse. And there is no condition that one be a US resident. I am a US citizen with a permanente here, and my wife and I already received our stimulus checks. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment-frequently-asked-questions
  8. This website from US Customs & Border Protection has wait times for border crossings. I bet they will also show other restrictions/changes/etc. https://bwt.cbp.gov/
  9. Second the notion to check with a tax advisor/attorney. As a US citizen, you have a tax domicile whether you choose one or not. It is the last place you resided/paid taxes to, unless you made a positive effort to change it. Some expats claim you don't need to pay state taxes, but it all depends on your last state of residency (tax domicile). For example, I am an Ohio resident and I pay taxes to that state. I can file an affidavit stating I don't live in Ohio anymore (and pay no taxes), but then that state has the right to revoke my driver's license, voter registration, etc. Each state is diff
  10. I listened to their promotional pitch, because I was interested in their business model. I don't recall the exact costs, so I don't want to throw something out there; anybody interested can get a quote from them, I am sure. I am also sure there are cheaper places in the States; you get what you pay for in either case.
  11. It's a continuing care retirement community, modeled on many similar successful communities NOB. You buy-in once for a level of service (meals, health care, utilities, transport, etc) and then pay a monthly rent for the type of dwelling you want: home, apartment, etc. The idea is you can start off in independent living, move to assisted living when you need it, and end up in full time (nursing) care at the end, without leaving your community. Some % of the original buy-in is redeemable by you (if you leave) or your heirs (if they carry you out). What makes this interesting is the model i
  12. According to their webpage, they are at Gate K, international departures. https://www.aicm.com.mx/en/government-entities/inm
  13. Look at the bright side! Some of the topes near Chantepec have become simple bumps due to the repaving. Now that is progress!
  14. Several suggestions. 1) You can get pesos from any ATM once you cross the border, at a much more favorable rate. However, you do face the possibility of an empty ATM, or your card not working (any of the problems which can happen when relying on online banking). If you need to feel secure by having some pesos, contact AAA and you can buy some through them. Just get enough to cover you to an ATM. 2) Don't rely on one form of travel info. Get a good Mexican road atlas delivered to you in the States. If you use GPS, make sure you have the most recent update downloaded to it. I suggest
  15. First of all, the topes they installed on the libramiento are the warning kind: not large enough to do serious damage, but they do jolt you (in a car) and make a loud noise. You can drive over them at speed (40 kmh) in a well maintained car (I have repeatedly) without damage to the vehicle. In a large truck, they would be barely noticeable. Second, if your large truck does not have functioning brakes, hitting a series of noisy topes is just going to move WHERE you have the accident, not prevent it. If cars in front of the truck slow down and crawl over the topes, the truck (without brakes
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