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  1. The water stress map of Mexico indicates risky areas with the dark shades. Day Zero for water: Mexico on the list of water-stressed countries Several states are at risk of extremely high water stress Published on Monday, August 12, 2019 About a third of the world’s population of over 7 billion live in countries at high risk of running out of water in the near future, and Mexico ranks high on the list, according to a study by the World Resources Institute. The institute categorized countries into five different levels according to their relative risk of consuming all of their water resources, ranging from “Low Baseline Water Stress” to “Extremely High Baseline Water Stress.” Mexico falls into the high-stress category, the second-highest on the list, meaning that the nation consumes between 40% and 80% of the water supply available in a year. Overall, Mexico ranks 24th out of the 164 nations included in the study. However, a more detailed look at the maps included in the study shows that some regions of Mexico are under significantly more baseline water stress than others. Fifteen states, all in northern and central Mexico, fall within the “Extremely High Baseline Water Stress” category, meaning that they consume between 80% and 100% of available water every year. Among the states most vulnerable to water crises Baja California Sur is in the lead, followed closely by Guanajuato, Mexico City, Aguascalientes, México state, Querétaro, Hidalgo, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Sonora, Sinaloa, Nuevo León, Morelos, Jalisco and Tamaulipas. Several Mexican states, mostly located in the Gulf region, are at medium to high risk of suffering drought, including Tabasco, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Yucatán, Colima and Puebla. Mexico is one of 44 countries, representing one-third of the world’s population, deemed most at risk of hitting “Day Zero,” the point at which there is not enough water to meet the needs of its citizens. “Water stress poses serious threats to human lives, livelihoods and business stability. It’s poised to worsen unless countries act: population growth, socioeconomic development and urbanization are increasing water demands, while climate change can make precipitation and demand more variable.” However, the institute stressed that decisive action could have a significant and swift impact on countries’ available water resources. It said that to step back from impending disaster, countries should implement several strategies, including increasing agricultural efficiency, investing in gray and green infrastructure and treating, reusing and recycling water. “The data is clear: there are undeniably worrying trends in water. But by taking action now and investing in better management, we can solve water issues for the good of people, economies and the planet.” Source: El Financiero (sp)
  2. "the couple had emailed the owner on Sunday last to let her know they were having to leave because her roof was leaking so badly. They told her they were taking the cat and would care for it until she got home" How does that make the sitters the bad guys?? I'm a frequent sitter in the area and I would have done the same thing..to protect the cat.
  3. geez! I was being facetious when I mentioned 'our beautiful expat neighborhoods'....I've lived here long enough to know SOME things about Mexico.... oh never mind.... I'm sorry I posted here in the first place...
  4. ...open mouth, insert foot...🤪..... well at least you can jump on me now, instead of each other...🤗...
  5. yikes.. 🙄 ..my intention for posting this article was simply for commenting on how this website, and the Guad Reporter, censor or edit out or redact (sorry I just love that word!) or not allow any news or activities that could be construed as violent or of a criminal nature...committed in any of our beautiful expat neighborhoods here at Lakeside... I surely did not mean for it to cause any kind of a hostile argument...sorry...🥴
  6. .... this article mainly deals with younger working people with families...however, I did find some of it useful and interesting... http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20161024-the-problem-with-being-a-long-term-expat
  7. After 3 killed in gunfire, San Miguel councilor urges keeping quiet about bad news Humberto Campos is asking people to promote a good image by sharing only positive news Published on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 A San Miguel de Allende politician has asked people to keep a lid on bad news after a deadly shooting Saturday night. Municipal councilor Humberto Campos has asked residents not to share news stories about violence in order to promote a “good image” for the municipality. “If you love San Miguel, don’t share violent news,” he said on Facebook. “Just share positive news, do it for a better San Miguel . . . even if things are not going right, do not spread bad news, our house is our house . . . I am not trying to cover up anything, I just want to avoid a damage to our economy.” His statement drew criticism from other Facebook users, one of whom warned the councilor “you cannot cover the sun with you finger” (you can’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist). “Of course it’s good to share positive things. But people should also be advised about what is happening around them.” Campos replied, “OK, go on sharing the bad and not the good, only don’t complain when there’s no money or tourism.” Late Saturday night and early Sunday, several people were shot on Conspiración boulevard near the La Placita Market. Witnesses told the newspaper El Sol del Bajío that they heard the first volley of about six shots around 11:25pm and minutes later, a second volley of about 15 shots. “There were no shouts or motor sounds or anything,” one witness said. “It was very weird.” Two people died at the scene, a 22-year-old man identified as Everardo and a 23-year-old woman identified as Elena Ugalde. At least three other women were also injured, including a 14-year-old girl named Ximena Morales Huerta who later died in hospital. Anonymous sources told El Sol del Bajío that Morales was not an intended target of the attack, and that she was eating at a nearby taco stand when the shooting started. The other women who were injured are Daniela Alejandra, 15, and Salud Magdalena, 48. In a statement, the local government said at least four people were found wounded at the scene. The shooters fled in a red vehicle. “We condemn these unfortunate events and reiterate our commitment to work with the authorities of all levels of government to investigate what happened,” the statement read. “We also reiterate our commitment to build the tranquility and social peace that all people from San Miguel aspire to.” So far in 2019, there have been about 65 homicides in the Guanajuato municipality. Source: El Sol del Bajío (sp), Zona Franca (sp)
  8. If you aren't set on buying NEW clothes, many of the resale shops at Lakeside carry quality, US made clothing for men. Just a suggestion...
  9. maybe if pictures like this circulate to future retirees, they'll choose another location? 🤪
  10. (I think I'll stick with the trying on bras issue.....) 🤪
  11. so, I guess all those wealthy Mexicans, Tapatios, etc....at Lakeside don't mind the trash in the streets, floating in the lake, the crappy sidewalks, the horrible roads, lights not working, corrupt cops, dog doo, etc etc....they sure don't seem to give a damn to me...which was my point....they can just hop in their Mercedes and head on back to the big city to their well kept mansions with their maids and cooks and gardeners who take such good care of them, etc....
  12. el blanco barba...just gotta say, I love your optimism....I think a lot of used to have that before we gave up.... yes, I know there are other areas of Mexico where the people are active complainers and doers... I was referring to Lakeside, where the money calls the shots...and the local Mexicans don't have much of that...sorry to say...
  13. el blanco barba: you asked about public protest....it has been my observation, after living at Lakeside for the past 10 years, that the Mexican citizens here rarely, if ever, complain about anything....
  14. ...sorry to say, at least in my opinion and my experience, that the people of Mexico ARE being similarly poorly served...🥴
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