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  1. (....kinda curious that so many guys checked out this posting....)
  2. there are some listed here with dates, times etc: http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/eventscalendar/
  3. I think they have them at the Dollar Tree near Walmart.
  4. It's sad to see a 'true' graffiti artist's work ruined by the taggers...with TCT or SG or the pot smokers sign, 4:20...or even worse Mexican swear words. I used to paint over these at the park because I would see little kids come to the park with their dads to play on the weekends. True skateboarders don't like painted surfaces...the paint compromises the contact of the wheels on the skateboard. The suggestion for game tables might work somewhere, but not with wood...wood will end up in campfires the way the missing slats in the benches did. A couple of years ago lights were installed along the lower border of the malecon so the walkway would be lighted in the evening, but some derelict smashed them...so much for that great idea. A while back the police used to ride up and down the malecon on their motorcycles, but not any more. They never did anything anyway. If the park was used for its intended purpose, I'm all for it....watching a good skateboarder skate is a real treat. At times they have a competition there and it draws in quite a crowd. Maybe it could become a TRUE skateboarders park, and THEY could take care of the negative elements that ruin it. Just thinking.....
  5. they hang out at the skate park and smoke pot...many without skateboards....and lately the Chapala skateboard park has been getting covered with graffiti as well...looks like they gave up trying to keep it looking good...too bad...
  6. dread locks, also known as dreadful locks.. 👾...not something all that popular with the local Mexicanos...thank goodness.......
  7. The main downside to the Lake Chapala area for me is the growth of traffic, building, and lack of infrastructure, like good roads, sidewalks, trash removal. I've been here for 9 years and it gets worse every year.
  8. try housesitmexico.com....they specialize in Mexico house sitters. I never charge and have used them for many local house-sits. Good luck! (sorry I'm not available when you need someone....)
  9. what the heck does any of this have to do with AJIJIC?
  10. yes...I go every Sunday, and the noxious fumes have dissipated considerably.
  11. If you build a parking garage, the cars will come....lots of them.
  12. Is a Temporal visa adequate, or only Permanente?
  13. If there was a way to stop corruption there would be enough funding for all needed projects.
  14. A different questions about car purchase in MX....can I, on a tourist visa, purchase a car here, register it, insure it, then drive it to the US for 6 months touring...then return to Mexico with it to my temporary address here? I want to purchase a VW Tdi Cargo Van, that is not for sale in the US.
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