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  1. Another HUGE vote for Luzma. She helped me with this (she can translate all questions for you - but you must take the test. It is all multiple choice). Getting my renewal license took less than 10 minutes in Tlaquepaque. She helped me with immigration permanente (I was quoted 1600 USD and give wrong info from a lawyer - such as saying I needed to reprove financials (NOT!), photos, and she also translated marketing materials for me into Spanish ( a 6 page brochure) at a very, very reasonable fee. Her rates are superb and she is a delightful person to ride with in the car. She follows u
  2. I was at Bancomer today - getting a copy of my latest statement for immigration. Unfortunately... despite giving my passport and my preferred customer card - when I looked at the documents they were from someone else's account. And there it was in black and white ... all the personal financial details of someone named Jan. The bank manager asked me to be sure it was not my account (I already was as the name was different) but I obliged and read through the first few lines of her statement - the first being a Netflix charge - which I assured the bank was not mine as I don't have it deducte
  3. I'm in San Francisco - San Pancho in Nayarit for 10 weeks. It is definitely a young and young at heart environment. Went to a fundraiser for the 10th anniversary of the local Montessori School here last night and the mix at the school is 50/50 (gringo kids/mexi kids). I talked to some really young parents - most of whom are working online or locally running a surf school and various businesses. Decided over the past 6 weeks that the town has more strollers than walkers and the age range is really spread out. I found lakeside was getting there in terms of a mix of all people of all ages and
  4. Ditto Sonia's experience including blue ray DVD player and new kindle from Amazon, Mexico - came in 5 days - used US credit card with US billing address. Amazing and super service - easy to do. I have had amazing luck with Mexico and Amazon shipping me all kinds of bed, bath, and home stuff since June. All of my deliveries go to Sol y Luna and have been on time and on target.
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