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  1. I have been involved with dog shelters for many years, both here and in the US, and I am just so FED UP with people who have done little themselves to deal with the unwanted pet situation but are full of criticism for those that do! I invite those of you who apparently know it all to start their own shelters and show everyone how it's done. Until then please keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Mtn Mama, your posts are full of wisdom -- and also with much more patience than I have for these people. Every shelter has the right to make its own decisions about what dogs to take. Here at Lakeside, they aren't government funded agencies. They're private non-profits with VOLUNTEER staff working hard to make life better for Lakeside animals. The different shelters have different philosophies but I can safely say that all of them make their decisions based on what they feel is best for the animal population. I have a friend whose friend worked in an animal shelter in Texas. It was a city pound, and the city council voted that the shelter MUST take every animal left there and MUST NOT euthanize except for extreme medical or behavior issues. Within six months the shelter was full of unadoptable animals. Leaving no place for adoptable animals to be left, to be able to find new homes. It had become a warehouse for unadoptable animals. Needless to say, the city council changed the policy. Everywhere, there are way more unwanted animals than there are homes for them. Tough decisions simply must be made, and I give full credit and kudos to the people who don't shy away from making them.
  2. Tomas, unless you are willing to take this dog (and the next one after that, and the next one after that...) into your home until an owner is found, you have no right to judge the people who dedicate hours and hours of effort each week to animal rescue. Shelters have to draw a line somewhere. Without ALL the lovely rescue shelters in the area we would be overrun with sick and starving and sometimes dangerous dogs. Unfortunately, there just aren't places for all of them. In the USA, shelters euthanize 1.5 million dogs a year, the vast majority due to human irresponsibility. Nobody should "rescue" a dog unless they are willing to keep that dog until the owner or a new home can be found, in case the shelters can't take the dog. The shelters can't do it all and some of the rescues are, as mentioned before, simply free-range dogs.
  3. A "de paso" water heater would be called in English a "pass through" water heater. As others have said, it has a small tank. It does have a pilot light and periodically turns on a flame to keep the water in the tank at whatever temp you have it set out, just like a traditional water heater. Then when you actually use the water, it begins by delivering the preheated water to you, and goes on to try to keep the flowing water at that same temperature by turning on a large flame. It is NOT a "normal" water heater but neither is it strictly on-demand. Kind of a hybrid. We just replaced ours as it couldn't even begin to keep up with the flow of water, to keep it hot or even more than lukewarm. We would end up using the 6 liters in the holding tank, then waiting several minutes for the refilled tank to heat up again, then using that, until we had as much as we needed. A real pain. Luckily we only used it as a backup to our solar water heater, after a cloudy day. It is a pretty basic setup. The idea is to save gas by not keeping a large tank of water hot all the time. We have replaced it with an on-demand heater which here is called "instantaneo". This lights its own pilot and heats the water as it moves through a serpentine pipe. It is only burning when the water coming in is cooler than the temp it is set at. We went with this because it seemed like a good way to augment the solar. When the solar doesn't deliver hot enough water, the heater raises its temp the rest of the way. (This is the theory, anyway. Ours is not working as advertised, or at least only works correctly some of the time.)
  4. I turned 60 this year and was 55 when we moved here and I have to echo what others have said. Whatever you are interested in, or think you might like to try, there's probably a group here that does it, or someone that can teach it. This is the first time I've had to have a calendar to keep track of my personal life (as opposed to my old work life). I have friends in their 20s and friends in their 80s. I have friends who don't speak English and friends who speak 3 or 4 languages. Of course there are grumpy old people here but they're thankfully a minority. In the main there are a lot of friendly, interesting and adventurous people here.
  5. I do a group Spanish class called "Exploring Spanish" at LCS on Saturday mornings. Each week we cover a topic or two related to the Spanish language and then practice it with conversation, simulations, games, etc. We keep returning to and repeating previous topics because it takes a lot of repetition to really have it sink in! So, it doesn't matter when you join or if you miss some sessions. A lot of people in the group are also taking lessons elsewhere but come to practice and build up their confidence. It's free but you should be an LCS member because we do use their facility. (You can check out a session or two without being a member.) I hope to also bring in some Spanish speakers who are learning English for an intercambio, but that may be a separate session. Anyone who's interested can PM me for more info.
  6. Yes, it did. Maybe Chamanelo does know something significant. But it is NEVER any help when someone says something vague like "I've heard some bad things about so-and-so." Much better to PM directly to the person who asked for the info and give specifics of the issues. Of course we want to know if something is really wrong, but I hate the way that reputations can be trashed on the Internet with just a bit of innuendo. I also worry a bit that people can get their wires crossed on names and accuse the wrong person, or that they can interpret one bad personal experience, possibly with extenuating circumstances, as an indictment on the other person.
  7. I haven't tried paying online because it warns that you will lose any discounts and since we have managed to stay under the DAC I wouldn't want to lose the subsidy. Also I suspect they do want a Mexican card. Some rental agencies will pay the bill for you. Don't know if they charge a fee. You might try looking them up online and contacting them. I would think your best bet is to go ahead and register online if you haven't already, then get a friend to print the bill and take it down and pay it. You can use Xoom or Popmoney to pay the friend back and throw in a little extra for their trouble.
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