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  1. Just tried Walmart - Bancomer no, Banamex yes. Much relief.
  2. ATMs at Multiva and HSBC not working - are there any functioning locally?
  3. A friend planning on visiting Lakeside needs distilled water for a breathing mask - is this available locally?
  4. A friend needs a local lawyer who is licensed to practice in Texas - does anyone know of one? Thanks.
  5. Can't believe I missed it - senior moment, Thanks.
  6. Is Techno Agua in La Huerta closed or moved to a new location? If closed, is there an alternative business for water softening and purification available? Thanks,
  7. I have purchased wet refills in SuperLake.
  8. A friend asked me to post this enquiry. Her TV displays a sign that says “Satellite Signal is not being received by your Receiver” or something to that effect. Sometimes it comes very frequently. Is anyone else with Shaw TV having this problem - could it be a problem with the antenna? I have advised her to talk to Ajijic Electronics on Monday. Thanks.
  9. Any recommendations for more secure locks for sliding glass doors
  10. A friend is thinking of investing in Banco Inmobiliario Mexico - does anyone have any experience with this institution? Thanks.
  11. Can anyone suggest a source for a replacement key for an upright freezer - General Electric
  12. If this was a parking ticket in Tonala it is a bit surprising as I have never driven in Tonala. To my best recollection, have never parked at a pay meter without paying. A bit of a mystery.
  13. This appears on my Adueda Vehicular, can anyone explain what it is?
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