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  1. I use a dns proxy "redirect" service with telmex now and it works great for accessing US HBO / Netflix / Prime / Hulu ... etc - you still have to have those subscriptions. I can't get it to work with ilox, however. Is this because of how they handle IP addresses ? Has anyone gotten a DNS proxy server to work with Ilox ? Should I call / email and request a static IP address... or a public IP address? Thanks in advance. --Jak PS. the service I use is smartdnsproxy.com - it's very cheap and faster than VPN (although they also include VPN if you want encryption).
  2. how does their cost compare with DHL?
  3. I will talk to her today and let her know you're trying to reach her.
  4. Thanks everyone. We used to just hang an 'AGUA' sign out by the street, but the quality seems to be widely variable between the branded trucks and the do-it-yourselfers. Is Katya in Chapala ? Has anyone tried Electro Aua - new place on the corner of Constitucion and Encarnacion Rosas?
  5. Seeking phone numbers or website information for ordering Agua delivered to our house in Ajijic. I've read (in a recent Facebook thread) that some random water trucks are to be avoided due to the low-quality of their purification methods... and that some just fill the garafons from the street water... so we're looking for recommendations. Do you have a favorite: Santorini? Bonafont? Ciel? other? How do you request delivery? (who do you call? at what number, etc) Thanks in advance!
  6. Here's how to set up call forwarding on Telmex land lines: http://telmex.com/web/asistencia/hogar-utiliza-sigueme?_ga=1.6976754.1339188922.1450659896 basically, you dial *21*PHONENUMBERTOFORWARDTO# make sure to include 001 in the number if you're forwarding to a US number... mine is working perfectly... I haven't gotten a bill yet to see if Telmex wil charge me, but since we have free calls to the US included with our Telmex plan, my guess is they wont.
  7. For what it's worth, sometimes my phone connects to lusacel, but it's nearly always telcel... coverage in the Ajijic / Chapala area is quite good... even sometimes can get 4G LTE data... although I don't really have data turned on all the time because the plan only comes with 1G per month within Mexico. I have not had any roaming or international charges for the past 3 weeks since I've added the service to my plan. Thanks, -jak
  8. Tomas, Depending on your AT&T plan, you might be able to get phone calls and texts added to your plan for free. https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/international/mexico-roaming-bonus.html This is what I've done.
  9. I'm interested in knowing if call forwarding from a local Ajijic number to a US phone number is covered by the Telmex plans that include free calls to the US. Seems like it would, but does anyone know for sure? I have US cell phone on AT&T that now includes free calls to/from Mexico (a recently added feature). so I can call out from my US cell phone to local numbers here, but most locals won't call my US number (for obvious reasons) but I could give them my home number and set it to forward. seems like this would be an ideal way to handle this... thoughts?
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