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  1. That is a good idea, Joyfull. I have warned my Mexican friends to be extra careful but I bet they don't know who to contact in the event of a poisoning. My printer does' work but I will write some signs and post them above the carreterra along Emiliano Zapato and along Seis Esquinas.
  2. Not sure. It might be "by donation to help the cultural centre" but it is basically about John'snew book. He is very know,edgavle able this area and its history.
  3. Don't miss this interesting presentation on the history and archeological excavations of the round pyramids near Guadalajara. John and Suzy Pint - intrepid explorers, cavers, writers and educators. John writes a weekly column "Out and About" for the Guadalajara Reporter. For more info, see poster below.
  4. There is a photo of the guy, one of his car and another photo of the license plate on the previous page of this thread. I did not see a second guy.
  5. Yes, he was absolutely the guy in the photo. I got a good look at him. I did not see a second guy but my neighbour did. We did not get a photo. He drove away when he realized that we had recognized him.
  6. He was on our street in the white Nissan Maxima about 1 pm on Sunday. Bold as brass. It is not just that he robs you but he has pepper sprayed a number of people in the face and their pets .This is very painful.
  7. He was sitting in his white Nissen Maxima, license plate JJS 1321 yesterday (Sunday) afternoon just outside my house. My neighbour alerted me but before I could phone the police, he drove away. I live on Linda Vista, just off Ocampo in West Ajijic.
  8. He did go home, Harry. We kept him overnight in our garage (we have six cats). He ate and dried off. And in the morning, away he went.
  9. Our neighbours called us several days ago to tell us that a malamute dog (looks like like a German Shepherd) had followed them home along the malecone and was hanging around our street Linda Vista. They took it back in their car to where they had originally encountered it but it came back, hungry and wet. It is in our garage for the meantime. We have six cats including two kittens who were recently thrown over our wall. A dog, as lovely as he is, cannot live here. He is is very friendly and obviously a family dog. He has a collar and a rabies tag. That is all. Not sure what to do.
  10. 158 posts now. I was the one who started this thread and I have read all the comments. Thank you everyone for posting. I should tell you that I am polite and I do speak Spanish and I have complained to iShop where the incident took place. They just shrugged. I saw that windshield wiper guy break my windshield wiper. I caught him red handed. But what to do? I think I will just park elsewhere. Now I have to go to Autozone and get a new wiper. Happy Temporada de Lluvia, everyone ?
  11. Is anyone else having trouble with aggressive people outside Superlake and Mailboxes Etc. (now iShop)? That awful windshield wiper guy has broken my windshield wiper on at least two occasions now. I get my mail at iShop and I parked in front there yesterday. The guy was pestering me to replace my windshield wipers before the rains. My husband just got new wipers at Autozone and installed them so I said "No thanks". I came out and put my mail in the car and he kept pestering me. I said "No" again, not so politely this time. I needed a couple of things from Superlake so headed that way but
  12. We bought a house five years ago that already had a SOSE system installed. We cancelled the contract right away because the system was a motion detection system that would go off if our cats were in the house and every door and window had to be closed. Months later, Juan, who was in charge of the Chapala office then, came to the door with a handful of receipts and asked if we were still customers of SOSE. I brought him a copy of the cancelled contract and then asked him why he wanted to know. He said their offices had been broken into, their computers had been stolen and they had not backed up
  13. As Jeanne Chaussee used to say, "Just take your book and sit in your car"
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