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  1. Hi! The update on "Rodrigo" (the name of the doggie" is: The Dog is ok. eating and drinking water well. The Ranch is not helping this time with the dog, so Dr. Pepe´s services is: 800 pesos. So, please, I need help to pay 800 pesos to Dr. Pepe, those who want to help, let me know if you want to pay money to him by yourselves or I can get the donations and go to Dr. Pepe´s office to pay him. Those who kindly offered food for the dog, I will send you the address by pm. also, all of you who want to see the little dog, I will let you know the address by pm. for you to see it (is a male) and I am going to place photos of the dog in some public places looking for a a home for "Rodrigo" Thanks!
  2. Luvsdawgs: is a male dog. 6 months more or less, according with Dr. Pepe
  3. good news! the dog ranch is helping with this dog. I took the dog with Dr. Pepe for vaccination, deworming, neutering, etc. and I will foster the dog until someone take the dog to a home.
  4. I will ask Magaña, is the vet that helps me with my own dogs...
  5. The most important and urgent thing needed at this moment for the dog! is: deworming, neutering, anti flea bath and dog vaccination! Suggestions on how to get the money for all that? Thanks. Any answer from the Ranch, lucky dog is full... Any ideas? Thanks in behalf of the doggie....
  6. God. Lucky dog y full of dogs! they could not take it! any suggestion? The dog was bit by other dogs this morning...
  7. JayBearll ... hardly I was able to take my own animals to the vet... The only thing I can do is to wait for some loving soul to foster the dog for a while... I am giving him food and water... out of my home..
  8. abandoned or lost... black chihuahua mix dog or black lab puppy ...still sleeping in front of my home....
  9. the dog is abandoned, is in front of my home since yesterday. and could be hit by a car sooner or later...
  10. There is a small black dog wandering by Fraccionamiento Mirasol. Somebody needs a new friend? I can not have it, I already have 3!
  11. Mx_Flwr

    Meeting Singles

    Thanks !
  12. Mx_Flwr

    Meeting Singles

    Now a days (2018) Is there a group, place, facebook page or site to meet other singles? Thanks
  13. Can I have his phone no? occasionally I have things to do in the garden, I have tools. TIA.
  14. Mx_Flwr

    Gardener need

    Bautista is a Company, they are more reliable than the gardeners, in my particular apreciation. 045 33 3724 0659 Cell phone. Ask for Ismael, he is the one that speaks english. They can give you invoice if you need it.