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  1. Mx_Flwr

    Meeting Singles

    Thanks !
  2. Mx_Flwr

    Meeting Singles

    Now a days (2018) Is there a group, place, facebook page or site to meet other singles? Thanks
  3. Can I have his phone no? occasionally I have things to do in the garden, I have tools. TIA.
  4. Mx_Flwr

    Gardener need

    Bautista is a Company, they are more reliable than the gardeners, in my particular apreciation. 045 33 3724 0659 Cell phone. Ask for Ismael, he is the one that speaks english. They can give you invoice if you need it.
  5. Mx_Flwr

    Los Senderos y las lluvias

    NO se ha ayudado porque en realidad hubo pocos afectados. Las casitas, en su mayoría, son de fin de semana de trabajadores de Guadalajara. Pocos viven realmente ahí. Es comunidad para fin de semana o vacaciones, y algunas están vacías. Como la mayoría de ese tipo de desarrollos, sólo existieron para lavar $.
  6. Solicito Mujer jardinera para podar el pasto, bugambilias o deshierbar, esporádicamente, no diario. Ubicación: Riberas del Pilar. No hablamos ingles. somos mex. Gracias.
  7. Mx_Flwr

    BOOM !!

    I heard it, apparently was a cohete in advance to celebrate, the soccer game that will happen tomorrow, anticipating that Mexico wins... everything is ok. well. This is Mexico...🤣 Me and may dogs were scared to death!
  8. This happened recently? now regular taxi wants 400 just one way... 😮 from the airport...
  9. Mx_Flwr

    help needed

    Update. Thanks to everyone for your interest. Monday I will ask for the cost of a 2nd opinion with Ladron. I will let you all know. Thanks in behalf of my dog. The dog, still does not show pain, and he eats and drinks normally, jumps and has brilliant eyes. God bless you all.
  10. Mx_Flwr

    help needed

    those fat tumors desappear by themselves absorbed by the body? or they "explode" or what happens? Is my first dog and I really do not know much about dogs.
  11. Mx_Flwr

    help needed

    Thanks. I guess I will get a 2nd opinion.
  12. Mx_Flwr

    help needed

    no, is the first dog I have, and I was wondering why the dog looks normal... eats good and drinks ok.
  13. Mx_Flwr

    help needed

    mmmm, no, Cedros I do not have second opinion yet, for me Magaña is the best one, and the cheapest one... let me see... Thanks.
  14. One of my dogs (rescued one) has a fat tumor that needs to be removed ASAP. Dr. Magaña says the cost will be around (more or less) 1,500 mx pesos. I need somebody to lend me that amount of money. I will pay the money back in June. I am insuline resistant so this month I spent all the money in my own treatment, so now I do not have any peso; but I will be able to pay back the money in June 2018. Can somebody help my dog? Thanks a lot in behalf of my dog! God bless you. I am in desperation!