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  1. Maybe better to skip both of those fraccs, and head straight to Cumbres! I Will be there soon, We love it!
  2. If anyone wants to know everything about guns, permits and CWP'S go to this web page! Mexicoarmado.com this is the only and est page in mexico, that will give you the real truth and it also has a classified section so that you can purchase any gun from people that legally purchased at the military zone in DF. legal, and they change titles of weapons here at the military zone in GDL, with no waiting and no grief! yes you will pay a higher price but no flights , no lines and no hassle!
  3. There is an ammo store here in Joco just before the first light! Best gunsmith is metoarmo on the net.
  4. I had great work done by Dr Rigo Rios in mirasol! Just had mine done 30 days ago! very satisfied!
  5. You can get single copies at the store in front of the tianguis automobil in GDL, just across the street from the tapatio hotel, they are about 200 pesos, or across from the last KFC coming up the hill leaving GDL
  6. Diesa iluminaciones,,,,, Wasington con 8 de julio , 35 mts thats almost a box, save money and get in in GDL
  7. I have been to your restaurant 3 times for your breakfast hash browns and not one time are you open, have you closed? today was one of those days!

  8. I got a good laugh out of the posts! Next step will be asphalt or concrete topes, Just like in San Juan! I hope they put the ones like those that were in front of the old Army check point! A traffic light would be great , but that is just wishful thinking! Who other than some crazy Kervorkian Candidate would ever stand in the middle of that street and be a Cross guard? You guys are really funny! Suspension repairs? LOL Wow, who cares about repairs! Great, We need to do our part to support the local economy, Right? You guys are such hypocrites. Remember what your home taxes pay for in the states? Yes, Schools! How much do you pay in property taxes here ? I'll bet that you could repair the suspension in your car every year and still not get even close, to what you spent on your property taxes up North! My wife made me laugh after she read some of these comments. She said that "Most of you old gringos wouldn't even be allowed to drive back in Canada or the States. You want to live North American rules? Give up your driving rights!!!!" LOL By the way, The traffic Police here, are State Officials and not local employees!
  9. So basicaly what has been said here is that, cars and time are more important than saving one kid or family? I spoke with the Comandante and they will be replaced. They had permission and I believe the city installed them. Rattler speed bumps have been in place for years but no one cares. Yes I hate speed bumps, but no one respects traffic laws here including the gringos and Canadians! Speed bumps get put up by popular demand because of the disrespect for human life. I thought most North Americans that lived here, were liberal and people friendly? I guess not! If we all went the speed limit topes wouldn't damage our cars. The cobble stones hurt our cars ten times worse than the speed bumps!!! The man that removed the speed bullets should be held acountable if anyone is injured or killed! What kind of people are we, when you care more about your cars than a human life? Sad world we live in!
  10. what restaurant is this? La mision? where are you located?
  11. Has anyone had any experience with printer repairs on the lakeside? Does something like this exist or should I just get a new one?
  12. Looking for a campsite or camping area with bathroom for about 30 youth for two nights, Has anyone seen or heard of something like this close around chapala? thank you
  13. New topes were placed infront of the two primary schools leaving Ajijic beore you get to Villa Nova, they lasted two days before some fool with a screw driver pulled a few up! This is a very dangerous corner, Loyola school has a traffic light, imagine, this is two schools! If someone sees anyone doing this please take a picture of his plates and of him and lets get him arrested! Little kids are going to die here sooner or later! We are not a quite little village anymore! Thank you
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