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  1. I have received notes from a number of people that got my name from friends about the problem that they are having now that some/all of the tax preparers for Canadian Income Tax have headed back north as requested by the govt. I am not soliciting new business BUT I am indeed still doing both Canadian Tax Returns for Lakeside residents, both Canadian Residents and Canadian Non-Residents. I also complete US Tax Returns, but I understand that there is at least one other preparer still at Lakeside, so the need may be less urgent. In any event, if you need your returns completed, contact Bri
  2. Just a caution on the liability rider in the US on your Mexican policy that most people do not know about. Your liability rider may be for only $100K and may actually specify the states where it is valid, so read it! This is legally sufficient in southern states like TX, NM or AZ BUT you may find that the minimum required by law is higher in other states. When I drove up north there were many states, plus Canada, that required minimum liability of more than $100K, so I had to buy a rider for $300K. You can check state by state online that you are visiting to verify minimums in the states w
  3. I entered Mexico on a tourist card and got a TIP for my foreign vehicle. The TIP clearly states the max return date of 180 days and has no info on it regarding the serial no. of my tourist card, though a copy of it had to be provided at the Banjercito to set the max return date of the car. Nowhere on the front or back of the TIP doc does it say that you cannot travel ouside Mexico, only that the car must be returned to a border point by the max return date. I would like to fly from GDL to Canada for a couple weeks in the middle of the period identified on the TIP. Of course, I will need to
  4. I have unfortunately also gained too experience with on demand water heaters. One of the biggest problems is that they do not work well with a shower tap that has a pressure control valve. This means that, if your shower has a single tap vs a dual tap (one for cold, one for hot) you are far better off with a traditional or even a hybrid on-demand boiler. Single tap usually has a pressure control mixing valve and you just will likely never be happy. I have also found that the city water is fairly hard and the boiler and thermostat need to be cleaned every year or so to remove scale and sedim
  5. I drove down to Chapala last Oct and the Hwy from Nogales to Navajoa was a complete mess. Almost all the way, the 4 lane was closed on one half side leaving only a 2 lane, 2 direction road with no shoulders. Very dangerous and irritating. Was so bad, that they didn't even collect tolls!! Has anyone used this route in the last few weeks and can give me an update on current situation? I am driving down again at end of Jan and have to decide whether this route or taking a longer alternative route. Don't need route instructions, just current conditions of Hwy 15/15D from the border. Thanks
  6. Soleil: I travel 650-700 Miles per average day, so Laredo route to Ajijic means and extra half day for me over the Nogales route. At 350-400 miles per day, it will likely add a full day for you unless you do 2 days in US at 500 miles per day. Your choices seem to be Nogales route to Ajijic = 1 short day US plus 3 avrg days Mexico VS Laredo route to Ajijic = 2 long days US + 2 avrg days Mexico (cross at Columbia Bridge and stay at Matehuala). Note that the road from Nogales to Navajoa is NOT just under construction here and there, it is a mess all the way. Crossing at El Paso is a third
  7. Just drove down from British Columbia last week thru Nogales, AZ. I make the trip from Nogales to Chapala in 2 days with an overnight stop in Los Mochis. The Carretera and Autopista (15D) was completely ripped up throughout all of Sonora and most of Sinaloa. 15D was one lane in each direction on one side of the highway, with the other side (2 lanes) closed for maintenance/rebuilding, and switching from one pair to the other pair of lanes every few kilometers. Strongly recommend that you choose a different route. Construction appears like it will continue for months or even years!! NOT sa
  8. Check the Efficient Wealth Management ad in the Ojo del Lago.
  9. I would strongly recommend Dr. Ricardo Acosta at Puerta de Hierro 333-848-4040. He specializes only in cataracts and lasik, rather than any eye treatment that you will pay for, as is common practice at Lakeside. Suggest that you get a couple of estimates as well to avoid lakeside gringo price gouging.
  10. Check out the Chapala.com classifieds for high quality furniture, artwork and other treasures for less than replacement value. Have been renting unfurnished and now moving to furnished, so everything for sale at less than replacement value.
  11. I think some people are missing the point of my reply, The issue is whether you are a Canadian "resident" or a "non-resident". A Non-Resident can indeed drive their Mexican plated car into Canada with absolutely NO problem. As long as you say that your permanent home is in Mexico, you will get through. They can ask strange questions (eg. proof) but normally just take you at your word. However, a Canadian resident cannot legally bring a Mexican plated car into Canada without importing it, and this is no longer easy. Rules for US plated cars (or any car that was ever US plated, even if con
  12. I have recently been discussing with Transport Canada and Border staff the issue of importing a Mexican plated vehicle into Canada. First, if you are a Resident of Canada, you CANNOT bring your car into Canada on a temporary basis but must import it through the proper process. Second, no car purchased in Mexico will meet the necessary requirements for importation unless you specifically had the dealer provide a vehicle that is compliant with Canadian specifications, and this request is very unusual, to say the least. So, the answer is simple: If you are a Canadian Resident you
  13. There are no restrictions on trading with Schwab International or TD Ameritrade accts. I have financial planning clients who use both of these firms with Mexican addresses. I have also heard that there Is no problem with Interactive Brokers either, though I do not have any clients who currently use their services.
  14. The Banamex USA situation was very different as Citibank, the most recent owner, was closing those particular branches and did not provide a vehicle for transferring these branches accts to different branches. Clients were therefore required to find a different US bank to deal with instead of Banamex USA.
  15. The wording in this article is unnecessarily inflammatory, possibly to get you to come to the "Info Session" and sign up. This is also NOT new news and has been going on for years. Not all brokerage companies take this attitude of dropping low balance, non-resident, clients because they don't want the hassle of Govt reporting when they already have relatively small margins of profits on these few clients. Other brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, are happy to take you as a client with no hassle even if you have a Mexican address and no US (eg. Laredo or family) mailing address. I have help
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