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  1. this happened, but days ago! today I do not know anything yet!
  2. What is the bus schedule at the Jocotepec bus station. To go to Guadalajara and from Guadalajara to Jocotepec. TIA
  3. we only use credit cards here with no problems!
  4. the alternative solution for break ins, could be furniture with hidden places to hide valuables. Most of mexicans have them.
  5. Mexicans live like that...is the only way for them. police does not care about complaints. The other alternative is furniture with hidden places to hide valuables...
  6. Taxi drivers here, will not permit uber, tuk´s tuk´s or any other kind of different transport. They are a powerful organization!!!
  7. Is there a change in the address to send the Marital Status Certification Survey? I am sending this document by UPS and they say that the address is not correct, and I am sending it to the same address to the OPM in Washington. Thanks in advance.
  8. HELP. URGENT! the dog is now tied and crying...what can we do? Help please!!! all the fraccionamiento can hear it!
  9. Hi! where to report a dog tied with a chain under the sun, with no food or water. This happens now in Fracc. Mirasol. The dog has been crying for several hours. No shade at all for the dog. The owner is inside, but does nothing. Proteccion Civil says that government have ANY organization to protect animals. TIA.
  10. Can a Mexican widow to fill a 1099R form if she does not have SSN? she lives here, she is Mexican, but she was married to an American Citizen and she gets widow pension. TIA.
  11. No, Pedro, this is a TOWN of cash, but the rest of the country, specially CDMX is a CC Country, I never travel with cash for security reasons, I pay all the time with CC.
  12. yes, I know that after 60 we are not subject for credit....
  13. Besides all of this things. In this Beautiful Country, if you are celebrating a private party like a wedding or a birthday, and have the money to buy cohetes, you are free to burn cohetes....enjoy!
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