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  1. My neighbors were afraid my very tall palm trees were going to blow over and I kept hearing things blowing or thumping over my roof.  Not tiles, but sort of like a giant walking over my roof. My cushions were blown all over my yard and things were blown over in my garage.At times it felt like they were near-hurricane strength winds and they seemed to shift direction almost like a large whirlwind. Yes. We certainly did notice them in the Raquet Club.

  2. Yes. It is fully operational. They serve in the covered outside area of the restaurant--to the east of the older part of the restaurant--and have larger spacing between the tables. They are closed on Thursday.  

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  3. What in the world are all the fireworks for---on May 1, I understand, but they went off all day May2 and have been going off on May 3--at first around midnight, then started up again at 3 a.m. What is the occasion? I live in San Juan Cosala but I can hear them going off farther away as well.


  4. Joco Gal, I recently had a very bad few bouts with asthma and actually ended up going to hospital in an ambulance and spending the night on oxygen in the emergency ward.  Friends purchased a plug-in oxygen fabricator at Guadalajara Farmacia and since battery-powered machines are so expensive in Mexico, ($5,000 American) I bought a little machine at the auto supply place near Walmart that plugs into your cigarette lighter in the car and allows you to plug in electrical devices. There are two medical supply places where you can buy or rent oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators as well. 

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