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  1. I am about at wit's end.  Two weeks without wifi, I have called tech help twice, been to Telmex and still no one has come to fix my line.  Tonight I've been on the phone for one hour trying to get tech help and every time they disconnect me, even though I asked the tech help in Spanish to stay on the line until I'm connected to the English tech help.  Do you know anyone who could check my line?  One techie said it was probably in the logic board... but don't know where that is.  I do know for the past two years it has gone off and on whenever there is wind or rain, but this time it is off for good, even when no wind or rain.  The problem is not in my computer as I've been using my phone hotspot as a router and the computer (a Mac) connects to it, but it is getting expensive!!! I went and got a new modem but it only shows power light and the SPS/WLAN lights.  Rest  of the lights are off. I leave in two days and want to get this up for my house sitters.  Desperate in the Raquet Club!!!  Any advice? Is there anything you could do if it is in the line or do you know someone other than Telmex capable of checking this out?  Time is running out.  Thanks.

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