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  1. Have done my scouting. As many have found in their area, there are no worms on my property.
  2. I use Chrome. Any ideas for translating the Mercado Libre site?
  3. I didn`t see a pm. I`ll be ordering the worms as soon as I can figure out the Spanish on the mercado libre site! When I have them, I`ll try to pm you.
  4. Cronopio, happy to go in with you on an order from mercado libre. I don`t need even their minimum order amounts of 1 kilo.
  5. Wow, Tiny, thanks! I didn`t know the right words for Mercado Libre. Ordering now.
  6. Does anyone have few composting worms they can give me for starting a very small vermiculture system for my kitchen waste? Gracias.
  7. Yeah, what a weird combination, huh? All 3 are for creating an indigo dye bath. I`ve used the usual US-purchased materials up to now but getting them from the US is expensive so I`m trying out the local versions. Hope they work, the internet literature says they will.
  8. Can fructose be purchased lakeside?
  9. Any know of where Rit color remover can be found lakeside?
  10. Thanks, found out all I need is standard cal.
  11. What is the difference between the kind you cook with and the hardware store kind? Are these calcium hydroxide? Gracias.
  12. Where can I find cal locally? And, is this calcium hydroxide? Thanks.
  13. The first two weeks in June are hot like May is, but the last 2 weeks are cooler because of the rains.
  14. Only immediately around the plaza. 10 mbps everywhere else.
  15. Does anyone have a phone number for one of the Santorini water truck guys for Chapala? Not the office number, the personal number? Gracias.
  16. "the lake is toxic, children are dying and crime is rampant" The lake right now is so full of fish they jump out of the water. Fishermen are having a great time throwing their nets in and in a matter of 30 seconds coming out with a dozen fish big enough to eat. These were my observations last Sunday sitting by them for a while. They had big smiles on their faces. Is the lake toxic? If you dived down to the bottom of the lake and sucked in the muck, you probably wouldn`t live long but heavy metals are...heavy. They don`t migrate much. But you don`t get a fish year like this with a toxic lake. Some of the children in the east villages are dying of kidney disease. My husband works in those villages and he says that so far there isn`t a consensus about what is causing it. The drinking water is inadequate, the carp in the lake have been reported containing mercury and the nutrition of these people is piss poor. These things are known. There are people working on this, there have been studies done but much more needs to be done. Why isn`t it being reported? Because here, the problems of the poorest of the poor don`t get reported. You have to go to these places, speak Spanish and come to be trusted to find these things out. Rampant crime? You`d have to point it out to me because I haven`t seen it. None in the area I live in. There`s been a few murders reported in the larger area. More than anywhere else? The statistics don`t show it. As far as I know, the impact on people`s lives is about nil. I`m happy as a clam here and nothing in recent memory has affected this one jot.
  17. Maderería y Carpintería Real Ortega Phone: 376 765 2404
  18. Sapote and persimmon are in the genus Diospyros, family Ebenaceae. They are not related to avocados which are in the family Lauraceae.
  19. No, black sapote is not a form of persimmon. They are 2 very different plants and 2 different species in the same genus. As the potato and eggplant are 2 species in the Solanum genus. The potato is not a form of the eggplant.
  20. https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/ : Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.
  21. This three-afternoon workshop will cover everything needed to make paper from discarded paper scraps, banana leaves, flowers and other natural materials. With the paper you make, you’ll be crafting your own paper for drawing, painting, and note cards. We’ll make boxes and bookmarks. We’ll also be adding color to paper with pigments. Monday March 25th, Wednesday March 27th and Friday March 29th, 2019, 2pm - 5pm The class will beheld at a private residence in Chapala. The instructor, Brad Mowers, is a fiber craftsman with 30 years of experience . He has been making his own paper and teaching the craft to children and adults for several years. $600 p per person. ($300 p deposit required). Send me a PM if you are interested.
  22. There`s only a very few, the same ones every time, that spout up this way on certain topics.
  23. Brave man, Kyle, for broaching the subject. You won`t get an answer to your question but all the neanderthals will come out of their caves swinging their clubs!
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