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  1. 3 hours ago, Big Worm said:

    Hello. We are new to this board. We are starting to plan a trip to Lake Chapala in February. from Arizona We would fly into Guadalajara. How would we get to Lake Chapala the best way? Any recommendations on where to stay for 9 days? Finally, where would we meet expats to have a drink and talk or listen to music and talk? Hoping to have a great vacation, meet new people and learn great spots to visit and what makes Lake Chapala so special. Thank you in advance. Scott and Sue

    Gimpy`s right...taxi from the airport.  Nueva Posada is my recommendation. Beautiful setting on the lake and beautiful rooms, OK restaurant, near LCS and the plaza (for meeting expats and socializing). Call now for reservations, the crowd is on its way.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Go Solar said:

    The electric hotplate math works out to 12.6 amps   (1600 / 127).     The question is not if you have enough main panel supply, as with 2 x 50 amp you should be fine,.....however good to check the wiring gauge to where you will plug in the hotplate.      If you've used a toaster, electric kettle, toaster oven or similar in the same location, it should be OK, as a kitchen circuit "should" be setup for and rated for at least 15 amps.....

    Thanks, Go.  I should add that the 2 boxes are widely separated in space and are not connected in any way.  One box serves one side of the house and the other serves the other.  I would be plugging in the hotplates to a thick extension cord that will be plugged in to an outlet that is right next to one of the boxes.  Will that work?  

    Can I plug another of the 2 burners in to an outlet that is connected to the other box, at the same time or is that a bit risky?

  3. I would appreciate some electrical advice.  I want to use a 2-station electrical burner. It uses 1600 watts and is 60Hz. and 127v.   I have 2 electrical boxes. They both say 60Hz and "50 a maximo".  They re both 1 fase and one is 2 hilos and the other 3 hilos.  Would I be able to plug in this 2-burner in an outlet that is connected to one of these boxes without blowing it out?   I donpt know if I gave all of the requisite information about the boxes.  Thank you!

  4. The open mikes are in Chapala Thursdays at 5 at El Patio restaurant on Madero (main street) and in  Ajijic at La Bodega restaurant  5:00 - 7:30 on Wednesdays.  Mostly English language singers.   Same backup band at both.  Pretty good, veteran players from the States.  Otherwise, some oldies English language bands playing around.  And a lot of Spanish language bands playing in the area.  Then, of course, there`s Guad.....

    There`s a huge piano store in Guad but I don`t know the name.  Tim Welch would know.  He`s the choir director at St. Andrews Anglican church in Riberas. He`s the most knowledgeable, most accomplished/professional  musician here.  Directs several choirs here and in Guad and is a highly desired voice teacher.  Accompanist par excellence.

  5. I did it by simply emailing the Guad office:

    FBU Guadalajara <fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov>

    Give them your email address, date of birth, soc. sec. number.  That`s all it took for them to sign me up for Social Security.  They will ask other things like the bank routing number, etc. later.  They may ask you to come in or want to call you.  But you can try the simple way first.

  6. There is a fabric store in Santa Teresita that is all cotton.  Yes, every fabric in the store (small) is 100% cotton. Beautiful little store. Muchas mantas y mucho mas.

    Comercializadora Textil (sign is very hard to see), Joaquin Angula No. 1460.  Tel: 333-826-2302.  Couple of blocks from Centro Mercantil Villanueva.

    I was there today.

    Also, Centro Mercantil  Villanueva has reorganized the store and most of the natural fabrics are now on the first floor, but not all.

    Also, Textiles Capilla has almost nothing but acrylic knits as of yesterday.  Besides the ever-present dark blue thin denim.  Otherwise, I don`t there was a single cotton fabric.  The linens have dwindled to a few.  No thick plastic fabric.  No rayons.  

  7. On 5/7/2019 at 3:40 PM, idocdan said:

    Anybody have a source for Amate/Bark paper panels?

    If you mean amate paper, it can be had at the large Lumen store just west of the cathedral in Guadalajara.  If you mean the painted amate paper artesania (birds, village scenes, etc.) , there is several tiendas in Ajijic that sell them.  If you mean the formed bas relief works, go to San Pablito.  There was a man who made these in the Ajijic plaza but he has been gone for a couple of years.  There was a man in the last Feria who made and sold these, he may be back this year.

  8. On 7/29/2019 at 8:25 AM, virgogirl said:


    BDmowers was a little off on the Chapala open mics. yes the El Patio is on Thursday but my Open Mic which is more in a coffeehouse setting is on Friday at Historica Buenos Ayres Cafe, corner of Morelos and Zaragoza a few blocks before American Legion, same side of street. This Friday, we have open mic from 6-7pm and a special show from 7-8 where James Martin and I are playing country songs in the round. You should come and check us out. it would be great to have a fiddle player around.  also you can go on the following sites to see what's up in the entertainment listings.

    Facebook: Lakeside Open Mics

    Lakeside and Ajijic Entertainment, a great listing by Sharon Stavrof(SP?)

    Teresa Trigiani-vocalist/guitarist/hostess of open mic/student of jazz

    What`s "country songs in the round"? 

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