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  1. This is highly pulverized rock used in the garden to re-mineralize soil. Anyone know where to get some locally?
  2. Major thoroughfare, lots of trucks blasting their spiels about fruit/veggies, gas, wáter, etc. Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles. Noise from plaza coming straight down the street.
  3. Holdjra, can you share with us what kinds of fabric are at the Ocotlán store? Natural fiber fabric or just acrylic? All Mexican fabric or from other countries as well (Guatemala, etc.)? Just manta or fabric from other regions of Mexico? Thank you for your post.
  4. Looking for powdered tin. I use it for natural dyeing, but it might be used in other applications.
  5. The fabric stores I know of lakeside: The one in Ajijic across the street from Farmacia Guadalajara, almost all manta. Some fabric at the mercería on Juarez. A couple of tiny ones in Chapala, including the one near the bus station, all acrylic. The fabric warehouse just off the Carretera to Guad near Iztlahuacan. This IS pretty fabulous, huge place, buy by the kilogram, a lot of cotton, mostly acrylic. After that, you have to be bound for Guad.
  6. I`d add to RvGringos tour: Erongicicuaro (on Lake Patzcuaro) for fine embroidered cotton textiles, Capula just off the lake, Izhuatzio for finely made straw animal figures (have to ask in town for the family that makes these).
  7. Youcha, definitely. He`s the best here, a technician. Getcha up and running quick. Permanently. And has a sense of humor.
  8. Second on the no-preaching. A bit tiresome, don`t you think? Ever heard of just having a conversation? If you don`t like my post, go back to the US. (kidding)
  9. Second that. The Feria is one of the best collections of the best art in the country. Another would be the national show in Pátzcuaro around Day of the Dead. Near Pátzcuaro is Capula for some of the best pottery and the home of the best Catrina art. Oaxaca of course for rugs and alebrijas. Puebla for talavera pottery. This, of course, is just a partial list. Sorry, can`t name specific artists.
  10. Does anyone know of any situation where a tourist in Mexico is required to show the 180-day visa document other than when crossing the border?
  11. Garth, I`ve grown most veggies here. Tomatoes are the hardest (hottest months are also the rainy months). One must learn to navigate the cold(er) months (Dec. and Jan.) and the rainy season (June thru September). Otherwise, it´s gardening time year round. Soils vary from place to place. I`ve lived in 5 houses here and not encountered clay yet - pretty good soils on average. I always mix in compost from a large operation in Riberas (Chapala). I pile up good-sized beds with the regular soil/compost mix which keeps the roots away from fungus in the rainy season. I never need fertilizer. Plant
  12. Most of the contractors who understand the importance of working within a particular time frame have worked in the US for a period of time. And, of course, these people have some understanding of English as well.
  13. Lexie, Walmart no longer sells the boxes at the back to customers. They sell all their cardboard to an outside buyer.
  14. You don´t need to subscribe, it´s on the part of the Reporter site that lets you see the Letters to the Editor.
  15. Stong´s comments are most enlightening. Makes the proposed project seem like a practical joke. I attempted to copy and paste but no luck. If you go to the Chapala Reporter, go to News-Ed then Letters to the Editor then to the letter beginning with "The Lake City complex is said to be" then to "Read More".
  16. And the feasibility study for the project was done by... Guad. University. Beautiful! Absolutely no conflict of interest here! Nosiree!
  17. I have, and deserve, a voice by virtue of my investment in this community. I speak Spanish.
  18. Sometimes anger is appropriate, as in this case, towards a group of ultra rich people who want only to line their pocketbooks and who have no care about us, our land, our community, our economy, our way of life. I hope to see anger focused against these thieves and rapists and further hope to see their backs, never to return. Their arrogance is absolutely astounding. Their project has nothing to do with the local Mexican community or culture or with us expats who have made our last home here. "We seem to forget that we are guests here." I`ve had quite enough of that hogwash! Some of us have li
  19. Looks like you have little impartiality on this issue, Lisa, and next to none as a reporter. Not sure I'd quite believe anything you'll be printing in your magazine or saying on this forum from here on.
  20. This is the last house on the right, corner house, on Colon, at the lake.
  21. Peter Panaderia (block or so west of Jaurez on lake side of Carretera) carries sauerkraut and kefir that are highly probiotic.
  22. Is the price 1,300 or was a "1" inserted in front of 300?
  23. For anyone who has an adjustment from him, can you give your experience? His manner, did he help you, did you get from him what you wanted, if your Spanish is somewhat limited, how was it to communicate with him, would you go back to him?
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