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  1. I`ve had various things from Amazon delivered directly to my home address. No other charges. The 4.58 is way less than anything they`ve charged me even for books.
  2. They`re where mexicomoose said they are, next to where the Thai place used to be.
  3. Display ads in the start menu?? For me, that alone is a reason not to upgrade.
  4. Sounds to me like going to Win10 at this time is not a great idea, better to wait a while. Many things about Win8 are awkward but I know it well enough that it`s manageable. Win10 was touted as the "fix" for the awkwardness of Win8 particularly around the Start menu craziness, but Win10 doesn´t sound any better generally. I appreciate all the feedback people have given about it especially yours, Computerguy.
  5. Computerguy, what about your customers that upgraded from Win8? What do they say? Are they happy doing away with the Start screen?
  6. For those who have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8, are you glad? Would you use the wayback machine and do it again knowing what you know now? I am contemplating the upgrade and want to hear from those who have done it. Thanks.
  7. Chillin, I order my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Co., Missouri. I haven`t tried growing beans here through the "cold" season but just put in some now (bush type) so we`ll see how they fare through to January. Will let you know.
  8. "Mexican customs has started to Xray all packages...and this kills most of the seeds." For the benefit of other gardeners, I want to recount my experience with ordering and using seeds shipped from the US: I have recently ordered several packages of vegetable seeds from the US. They were shipped to Mexico and the stamp on the envelope shows it went through customs. Some have been planted and they have all germinated and sprouted. So, the above statement may be only true in certain cases or may not be true at all. In my case, the seeds were not xrayed. Perhaps others could share their experi
  9. The OP`s question has been answered: one cannot "register and be covered straight off the plane" to the US. One must pay into the system for a number of years before one can enroll in Medicare.
  10. Chillin, you asked if there is a residency requirement for getting Medicare. The requirements for Medicare go quite a bit deeper than that: you have to have paid some 40 years or so of social security taxes in the US.
  11. So, "I got my information from a vendor whose monthly fees doubled" becomes "the new administration in Chapala has doubled the monthly license fees for all vendors" ?? Man, we sure love our stories here in the shady shores of Lake Chapala.
  12. Hold on, folks, this is one person`s story. Do you vilify a business owner based on one person`s story whom you don`t even know? How can you possibly know this is what happend? Were you there? How can this story possibly be verified enough to comment on it without at least another eyewitness?
  13. These are common metal pots covered with ceramic for cooking. I just don`t want to throw them out if they can be repaired. Chillin, can the auto body filler (fiberglas?) be put on a stove?
  14. The fabric warehouse just described has TONS of denim, sold by the kilo.
  15. Biochar doesn`t actually provide minerals to the soil though it certainly facilitates beneficial soil processes and helps the soil make use of minerals that DO exist whereas rock dust adds minerals to the soil. I know there is rock dust somewhere lakeside because I saw it once here, just can`t find the source.
  16. Anyone know of something you can patch up the places on ceramic pots where the ceramic layer has worn off?
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks! Forgot about Computerland and Ruben. He`s in the `hood, I`ll be dropping by.
  18. Benno is moving, won`t be available until Tuesday.
  19. Unfortunately, computerguy is not responding to my PM. Anyone know of other consultants?
  20. Looking for someone to help de-virus, etc. my computer. I know of Benno. Are there others?
  21. When you register for classes, Jan will give you the address and directions.
  22. Most of the hardware stores, ferreterĂ­as, have vegetable and flower seeds. I`ve been buying and planting these for years here with no problem. I don`t think they`re heirloom seeds. I`ve found that the ferrreterias in San Antonio (like the one near Superlake) and Ajijic (the ones near Pemex) are better for seeds than the ones in Chapala.
  23. camillenparadise, do you know if Territorial seeds are heirloom? Their website does not say so anywhere.
  24. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Ships to Mexico for $3.50! Takes 5 weeks.
  25. Congodog, what is "actively investing"? More than just having some of your bank money in an investment account at the bank?
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