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  1. We have come in contact with a family who is in incredible need and we have decided to try to help them. What we need at this point is advice from those - individual people or groups - who have helped in this way. We will be finding out soon exactly what they need and will try to get these items to this family. The advice we need is more cultural. What issues have you found to be involved besides the simple needs someone has and getting items to them? We are expats who have lived here for 4 years so we have some cultural knowledge but maybe not much after all (we had no idea there are people i
  2. Anyone have Access VB experience? I have a database needing some fairly simple code. What`s your hourly rate? PM me, thanks.
  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the street the main Chapala post office is on? Gracias.
  4. Well, it`s been 8 months since the announcement that Lake City was going to bulldoze their way in. Anyone heard a peep from them lately?
  5. CG, when I copy from Word then use the "paste from Word" function here, the text does not appear. Any ideas? I can copy and paste anywhere else on the web and from any program, just not on the webboard.
  6. A natural remedy that is working for us is rice. We put hills of rice at each ant mound. We seem to have disabled two hills so far and the other ants do not attack the garden plants any longer. I was told the ants explode when they eat the rice. I can`t confirm this by observation. The Grower`s Group recommends Ambush.
  7. I will be regularly posting musical events on the Events Board occurring at the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo (locally called "the train station") being put on by the municipality of Chapala.
  8. I will be posting musical events on the Event Board, mostly free, that will be happening at the Chapala Train Station (Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo). They are put on by the municipality of Chapala purely for our enjoyment. See you there! ____________ Whoops! I guess I`m not as clever as I thought! Forgot to go to the right board! Moderators, feel free to delete this post. Thanks.
  9. I used to be be able to copy text from Word or websites, etc. into messages posts here but can no longer. The old "Ctrl-V" just doesn`t happen. Any suggestions? I`m using Windows 8.1 on my laptop. Thanks.
  10. These events are at the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo (old train station) in Chapala. They are put on by the Municipality of Chapala. All events are at 7 pm unless noted otherwise. December 1 Paulina Aguilar, guitar, free. December 3 Conception Jazz Trio free December 6 Mexican music concert with Marco Antonio Rodriquez 80p 4pm December 8 Moises Sigala, guitar free December 10 Erick Gonzalez, guitar free December 13 Ukelele concert 200p 4pm The following is at the Auditorio de la Ribera in La Floresta: December 5, 10
  11. Roy videos the LCS Open Circles. Pro for many decades.
  12. Powell`s charges $6 per book to ship. BetterBooks has free shipping. Their books cost the same.
  13. Wow, ComputerGuy, thanks for the message about BetterWorld Books! I just ordered and they`re on their way!
  14. Just answered my own question: Barnes and Noble does. Any others?
  15. Does anyone know of US bookstores shipping to Mexico? I need to order several books without paying multiple shipping charges so Amazon won`t work. Thanks.
  16. The "San Andres Fiesta Schedule" at Ajijic.com lists the sponsors of each fiesta day and contains a general idea of what is happening but little specifics. Does someone have a schedule of the actual events for each day?
  17. Chillin, do you have to apply the epoxy you mentioned at high temperatures? Or does it achieve high temps by itself?
  18. There is a great old hotel in Guaymas called Hotel Playa de Cortes. It was so good we didn`t want to leave, we stayed 2 nights! As you first come in Guaymas there is a huge sign, take the first right. It is on the bay with a beautiful view. Best though, to Google it and find it on a map. In Los Mochis, it`s Tres Rios. Beautiful old/new place with a pool. Don`t know about dogs. You`d have to call.
  19. Telecable internet in Mirasol, (east San Antonio) is very slow but we Skype regularly. We`ve been on the list for a Telmex account for several months but Telmex tells us they have no lines currently available for internet.
  20. Thanks, Chillin. Is epoxy putty kind of like "Bondo"?
  21. Unfortunately, Amazon US won`t ship to Mexico and the same product on Amazon Mexico is $1,200 pesos! Local Home Depot doesn´t have it.
  22. Good luck on the 9-12 days delivery. I`ve never had anything delivered from the US under 4 weeks.
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