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  1. I once thought that out of tune playing was part of the Mariachi concept but then I heard finely tuned instruments and in-tune singing in other Mariachi bands. Which begs questions like, "Do some Mariachi musicians not hear that they are out of tune with each other?", "Do they not know how to properly tune their intruments?", "Do they not care about the quality of music they are producing?". It is a mystery to me.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, ficklepie. I know Antonietta well and she has no cochinilla here and there is no local source she or I know of. Bmh, Antonietta`s husband, Luis, is sending me a quantity of cochinilla in a couple of weeks. I`m, however, needing a small quantity before Monday. I intend to ask Francisco if he has a "bit of the bug" here. Thanks much for your idea.
  3. Most local Mariachi bands are out of tune. The best are perfectly in tune and play like angels so depends on the band.
  4. Thanks for the reminder about Francisco. Janice dyes with non-naturals.
  5. OK, I know there`s about one chance in 50,000 (population of the north side of the lake?) for this, but here goes: I need some cochinilla dye (the little white dried insects used by rug weavers for red dye from Oaxaca). I will be getting some in two weeks so I can give it back to you then but I need a small quantity now. Or I could purchase it from you. Seller`s market! Thanks!
  6. Fabulous concert. Many kudos to the American Legion and Chapala govt. for putting this on. Got my Mariachi fix. Many excellent singers but the woman who sang Cucucuru gave me chills. A fine inauguration of a new 180-seat state of the art performance space. This was called the First Annual International Mariachi concert so here`s hoping for more!
  7. If anyone sees tin boxes for sale anywhere, new or used, let me know, I`d like to buy some for this project.
  8. Anyone know of a 3 hole punch I may acquire lakeside, even if for only a week? I`ve checked the second hand stores and the papelerias to no avail. Thanks.
  9. House and apartment owners do not rent their places more than a month in advance. If you can`t come back a month before you want to rent, try to find someone who is here at the right time to help you do that. You can look at places online then they could check them out for you, maybe even make some photos to send you. It`s high season, so a little harder to find places than the summer, but there are still places to rent.
  10. Second for Dr. Barragan, a real professional. I trust him utterly.
  11. Moreliana, have the changes to Articles 27 and 28 of the Constitution really allowed foreign oil companies to control production? I have read that it has stipulated that any foreign company who wants to help produce oil must first create a partnership with Pemex for production so that Pemex will control production. After production, the foreign company will be able to own a portion of the produced oil. The foreign companies will bring much needed equipment for oil that Pemex has so far not been able to produce, mostly in the Gulf.
  12. They are still around. Just have to know where to go.
  13. I need someone to collect marigold flowers for me. I use them to dye yarn. I would be able to pay the person for this. It would need to be someone who could distinguish marigold (cempacuchil) flowers from any of the other yellow flowers now extant. I would need them to meet me so I can make this distinction for them. After collecting they would come to my house and I would pay them. I live in Mirasol (San Antonio). It would be a great way for an older child or adult to make some extra money. PM me if you know someone like this.
  14. Good idea, Natasha, I`ve made the thrift store rounds but I definitely will talk to Tom.
  15. Anyone know where to acquire a set of metal, padded folding chairs? We`ve been to Walmart (they have 1), to Coppel and another store in Chapala but no go. Lightly used OK. For a family with very little space so they can sit on real chairs (they have none now). Gracias.
  16. I guess we see different things. I`ve ALWAYS seen devils in Chapala creches. They`re a part I always look for. I love that the devil can be a part of a nativity scene. He`s just about everywhere else in Mexico, why not there? That balance is just so cool to me, so real, so honest.
  17. The devil, skulls, skeletons are deeply part of Mexico`s culture. They appear alongside Catholic religious symbols in every part of the culture. Kind of all in the family. Put all the cards on the table. The "negative" has less power that way. Why hide death or evil or good? They`re all here in equal measure.
  18. Don`t know what they`re called but there`s a toilet that has a sink on top of it. You wash your hands and the water drains into the toilet. And, of course, it`s a good space-saver. Anyone seen these anywhere? Probably need to go to Guad to look but was hoping someone had them here. Thanks.
  19. My experience with Adrian at Sky showed a knowledgable but rather unfriendly person.
  20. I originally understood that the family`s house had only a dirt floor (probably my poor understanding of Spanish) but upon meeting the family yesterday, I found a cement floor (old, broken and uneven, but cement). Anyone know of funding support for building new houses where the old is appallingly substandard?
  21. Thanks, we`ll certainly have to check out about their ownership.
  22. Yes, there are many families needing help here in the lakeside area. We decided to focus on one near Christmas time that our Mexican friends took us to meet. Sylviana and Emilio are two older people living with their daughter and her 3 children in a very small, very old crumbling house with 2 small rooms in San Antonio. Below grade so it floods whenever it rains and the toilet is below the sewer line so problems occur there quite often too, as you can imagine. They have 3 old beds, just pieces of foam, and no other furniture. The roof consists of pieces of corrugated plastic. One of the sheets
  23. For someone with type 2 diabetes where neuropathy has set in, besides getting their medicine and eating the proper foods, what are some other things that can done to help them? I`m thinking about things like diabetic socks, etc. Speaking of which, does anyone know where to get diabetic socks here in the Chapala area?
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