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  1. Yes, it is always good to be generous, especially when it is easy for the giver. However, everything is relative. Mexican minimum wage is about 6 pesos per hour vs. US minimum wage = about 150 pesos ($7.25) per hour. 60 pesos per hour is 10 times the minimum wage, the equivalent of $70 per hour in the US. That is an excellent living wage in Mexico, even if someone is working part-time and even here where expats have driven up prices for everything over the last 30 years and living expenses are higher than in most of Mexico. 60 pesos per hour is among the highest rates paid by expats for domestic work. 60 pesos per hour, quite above a decent wage, is an excellent wage.
  2. Hola, I`m looking for raw gesso (yeso) preferably in the form of pure hydrated calcium sulfate but will take anything that is called yeso here. Know where I can find it? Gracias.
  3. What is the species name of the most common street ficus in our area? Is it native to Mexico?
  4. I moved from Ajijic to Chapala because of noise. My area of Chapala is much quieter. As to cost of living, $1K per month is adequate but I don`t have any of the medical expenses you mention and my house (2 bed/1 bath/large yard) rental is less than 300/month. I moved in before the recent large increase in rental prices. Comparable prices are now double and increasing so $2K might be closer for you.
  5. If you were directing your reply to my post, please observe I did not say it was a male.
  6. It is at least one of the most extraordinary artesania exhibitions in Mexico, if not the most extraordinary. I feel incredibly privileged to see it each year. Bravos and kudos to the volunteers and non-profit organizers who work their arses off all year to make this happen. It is in existence solely to allow the traditional artisans to keep working in their hundreds-of-years-old crafts. Without the feria, many of them would simply not be able to do their art any longer. This would represent a huge cultural loss to all of Mexico. The only people making money in this venture is the artisans. See the 80-peso entrance fee as the entrance fee to one of the most incredible museums in Mexico and just come look. Support the artisans with your pesos if you are able then feel your spirit lift each time you see the best work in Mexico in your home.
  7. Need carpentry advice. I have a large wood table outside (4" legs) that are rotting at the bottom. How best to secure them from the water? Fill them with wood dough and seal or varnish heavily? Doesn`t matter how they look. It`s just a large work table. I just need it to keep working. Thanks.
  8. Gimpy`s right...taxi from the airport. Nueva Posada is my recommendation. Beautiful setting on the lake and beautiful rooms, OK restaurant, near LCS and the plaza (for meeting expats and socializing). Call now for reservations, the crowd is on its way.
  9. Thanks, Go. I should add that the 2 boxes are widely separated in space and are not connected in any way. One box serves one side of the house and the other serves the other. I would be plugging in the hotplates to a thick extension cord that will be plugged in to an outlet that is right next to one of the boxes. Will that work? Can I plug another of the 2 burners in to an outlet that is connected to the other box, at the same time or is that a bit risky?
  10. I would appreciate some electrical advice. I want to use a 2-station electrical burner. It uses 1600 watts and is 60Hz. and 127v. I have 2 electrical boxes. They both say 60Hz and "50 a maximo". They re both 1 fase and one is 2 hilos and the other 3 hilos. Would I be able to plug in this 2-burner in an outlet that is connected to one of these boxes without blowing it out? I donpt know if I gave all of the requisite information about the boxes. Thank you!
  11. Looking for other experienced harmony singers to work up some Carter family/bluegrass/roots songs.
  12. Thanks, will call them. Called today, the owner said the okra guy hasn`t shown up for a while. But found okra at Superlake!
  13. Thanks. Sounds like the time to get it. It was gone by this morning.
  14. Where can one purchase okra lakeside?
  15. Interesting link and set of offers, including a kilo of pure ground stevia leaves for 268 pesos! Mercado libre is amazing. It has just about everything you could imagine.
  16. Are they still there? Last time I looked (last week) I didn`t see them. Maybe I was in the wrong place.
  17. The open mikes are in Chapala Thursdays at 5 at El Patio restaurant on Madero (main street) and in Ajijic at La Bodega restaurant 5:00 - 7:30 on Wednesdays. Mostly English language singers. Same backup band at both. Pretty good, veteran players from the States. Otherwise, some oldies English language bands playing around. And a lot of Spanish language bands playing in the area. Then, of course, there`s Guad..... There`s a huge piano store in Guad but I don`t know the name. Tim Welch would know. He`s the choir director at St. Andrews Anglican church in Riberas. He`s the most knowledgeable, most accomplished/professional musician here. Directs several choirs here and in Guad and is a highly desired voice teacher. Accompanist par excellence.
  18. You never will. They don`t like purposelessly jumping into mudholes. They are too busy enjoying life. What a concept.
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