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  1. Unfortunately, there is no one who can work the lathe HH. Need to find another shop.
  2. Have rented 5 times in lakeside area, never a credit check or checks of any other kind, no documentation of any kind. Nothing but the cash in hand and signed lease.
  3. Thanks, bmh, what a great response!
  4. I know of Have Hammer but I find their prices high.
  5. For me, there is nothing like holding a book. I have tried, again and again, to use the book-displaying computers but always return to the feel of the book whose pages I must continually and delightfully turn. I feel I am holding the very story in my hands. I know what I have consigned myself to and fully accept the consequences.
  6. Anyone know of a carpenter shop in San Antonio or Ajijic that has a lathe? I need some wood turned. Thanks.
  7. At a slightly oblique angle to the subject of book trading but not so on the subject of attaining books inexpensively, I would suggest Better World Books where one can purchase used books from a selection of millions of titles and without incurring shipping costs. Yes, no shipping costs to Mexico.
  8. bmh, do you know the street(s), and best cross street, where the Santa Teresita fabric stores are?
  9. The best store in Guad Centro (near the Cathedral) that I have found for natural fabrics, including real linen, is: Parasina, Pedro Moreno # 402 in Colonia Centro, 333-613-4899. Parasina is a chain of stores and there are many in Centro. I say real linen because there is a type of acrylic fabric called "lino" that many stores have. You have to explain you are looking for the natural fabric with no acrylics when you are asking for "linen". There are perhaps 2 stores total in Guad Centro that have actual linen, or any other natural fabric, including cotton. The other area for
  10. Flight to L.A., half the price of other airlines, very professional amd courteous staff. On time, no delays.
  11. Antonietta sells rugs that her husband Lucio makes in Oaxaca. He can make any size rug, any colors/designs you desire. The rug can then be shipped from Oaxaca. He uses only natural dyes. Lucio is here now for a short while and can talk to you about specifics including price. Antonietta has her booth in the passageway from Ramon Corona to the plaza. Bring someone to translate for you.
  12. I`ve been lakeside for 4 years. By simple observation, it seems to me the expat population is about 90% in their 70`s or older. I`ve seen 10-20 people in their 40`s or 50`s.
  13. Anyone know where to get these? For marking fabric that then will wash out.
  14. Benno is now in the Laguna Mall. Or hit up Computer Guy on this forum.
  15. Does anyone have 4 tickets for this event available? The event is officially sold out but maybe there`s someone who has tickets that can`t go, or...? Thanks.
  16. WideSky, thanks for the precise list.
  17. OK, off topic, but may I ask if Those Who Know would recommend using one`s own modem rather than the modems Telecable provides? Or do you have to use their`s? We got our modem from TC 9 months ago.
  18. I know, it`s so wonderful, I just keep driving back and forth across it! Ohhhhhh, smooooth road!
  19. Oh yeah, and, unfortunately quite necessary. They get paid very little and have to pay for some of the repairs for the trucks, like replacement for worn tires, and, I think they may have to pay for gas but I`m not sure about that. Maybe someone else knows more about that. Also unfortunately, some of the recyclables are buried in the large trash bags they don`t have the time to get to. So, folks, help out your friendly trash collectors and but your recyclables in a separate bag.
  20. No, dude, it´s not the city dump. It is a recycling facilty. So, you have the choice to take your recyclables to the recycling facility yourself or leave your recyclables on the curb. Either way, recycling is alive and kicking here lakeside.
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