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  1. I would suggest talking with Chuni Medeles (for those that don`t know, a huge musical famly), director of the Centro Cultural or Rodrigo the piano player (also part of a musical family).
  2. Ditto going to the Migration window and saying the visa was lost. You might get asked how long you stayed. If you want no problems, you say "6 months". You pay your pesos for a new visa and be on your way. Do it first thing, before standing in line at the airline because the airline will ask you to have a current visa. Very common, happens all the time. Once, when asked how long he had been in Mexico, a friend said "a year" (a 6 month overstay). The man behind the window admonished him and said he should have obtained a new visa at 6 months then gave him a new visa. That`s about as sever
  3. Thanks, Snowco, it`s difficult for a non trained scientist like me to do all the research necessary then express the problems with GMO seeds and food. Thanks for laying it out for us. GMO is a nightmare recklessly being visited upon the earth - humans and non-humans and the earth`s vulnerable soils - by large corporations purely to satisfy their "bottom line" and their shareholders, in other words, for pure greed.
  4. If you`re curious, I`d suggest you look it up yourself. This subject has been discussed and referenced ad nauseum in this forum. I`m not really interested in rehashing it all.
  5. "Doddle", from the 17th century German word "dudeltopf", currently meaning "piece of cake". Love it! Many English speakers here have only a cursory understanding of Spanish. With one`s feet barely immersed at the water`s edge, one can barely feel wet. One cannot feel the wonderful, full embrace of the water around one`s body. So, when one does not really know what the people around you are saying, does one not comprehend the full rich culture of the country one lives in. You can maintain a small transported bubble of air around you and breathe shallowly from it. But you will never tru
  6. Best to contact local firms that sell a variety of insurance policies like Bellon. There are others.
  7. Joanne, monthly policies with $5,000 deductibles range from $100 to $500 or more.
  8. This is not the GMO process. GMO is not the selective breeding process people have been carefully using with plants for thousands of years to choose one desired characteristic over others the plant naturally displays. GMO is genetic modification through splicing of one organism`s genes into the DNA of another organism`s DNA in a laboratory. Since we have no longterm evidence of what effect this could cause to plants or to animals including ourselves, and since the effect could potentially be devastating, most critically thinking people prefer to do very small tests of this process and obser
  9. Well, that`s better than cutting 'em down for cosmetic reasons or for going with the program of making a pueblo magico. Though there`s other ways to deal with roots like that.
  10. Most couples I know live well on less than $2,000 a month. Nice spacious houses rent for $600 a month. Food`s inexpensive. So you go from there. To me, living on $2,300 sounds like high living.
  11. As soon as you can, try to have someone just drop by the house once a week or more with no particular schedule or regularity and stay for a few hours. Maybe the prop management company would do it. You have to assume the comings and goings to all houses here are known to those with good and bad intentions. You are basically dropping a large diamond into a bed of gravel here. Wouldn`t you pick it up if your children had little food? Thievery is unfortunately fairly commonplace here now.
  12. Thanks so much for your stubborness! You`ve been a great help. (Got the email.)
  13. Yeah, things with the new format are pretty screwed up. Don`t we just love programmers who think we "really, really need" a whole different way of doing things? (Not!)
  14. Ferret, do you mean new email? I don`t, actually. Did Doug send it? If he did he didn`t send it to the email I gave you. (Sigh.)
  15. My edit function has not worked at all since the new format.
  16. Another issue - my ability to receive messages, like PMs, has been turned off by the new format. Can one of the site gods turn this back on please?
  17. Apparently, I cannot receive messages. So, a switch must have been activated during the new format change to this site. Can anyone tell me how to turn the switch off so I can once again receive messages (PMs, etc.) ? I cannot find it in my Account Settings. And my Settings bar seems to be grayed out. Thanks.
  18. Ferret, I tried giving you a PM, but a message popped up that your inbox was full. Maybe another new format glitch.
  19. I have tried to find the switch that turns off receiving messages. Cannot see it and didn`t flip that switch. Another glitch in the recent format change, undoubtedly. I`m going to try to give you my email as a PM.
  20. Ferret, I left you a message on your "feed".
  21. Ferret, thanks for the info about the hardwood shop. Sounds like a a great place.  I bought a crosscut saw from Doug years ago and remember his amazing workshop. I lost his number though. I wonder if you would tell him I just need a board foot or so of some nice hardwood and would he sell me some. My email is bdmowers@gmail.com. He might remember me as the weaver.  Thanks a lot.

    Brad Mowers

  22. Thanks, RVGRINGO. Perhaps someone will add a local purveyor to this great list.
  23. Chillin, thanks very much for responding, but it is the interesting grain and colors of the hardwoods I`m looking for. Happy smoking!
  24. Woodworkers! Lend me your ears! I speak of a need for good hard wood. Nay! Not pino, not parota, not even encino. I seek hardwoods not seen in most of the madererias here. Is there rosewood or other beautiful truly hard wood? I am wanting to make small things, actually they are small weaving tools like beaters and shuttles and such things so I do not need large pieces. But I want to make them of beautiful, hard woods. Can anyone steer me to a place that sells such woods? Gracias.
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