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  1. I do hope your rant was not directed at me in particular or am I one of your "special interests" making it harder to judge the truth?

  2. Yeah, gotta be careful where site yourself around here. The other side of the lake is the other side of the moon for internet. I wonder what folks in Mezcala have for internet.
  3. El Saltos, this is bdmowers, my emal is bdmowers@gmail.com.

  4. Ok, so you have to buy extra hardware of at least $200 (giltner68`s router is selling at near $400 at Amazon) to do something that given the eccentricities of the internet signals in this area may or may not work very well. Got it! The overwhelming lesson of life in Mexico is presented once again: acquire more patience and learn to live with less! Thanks everyone for your amazing input on this!
  5. OK, so with 2 connections coming in (to the same router?) if 2 users are using Netflix, we`ll have (something like) twice the bandwidth available. If one user is streaming at a time, no increase in internet power. If 2 users are on email there wouldn`t be much increase in application speed because email uses so little bandwidth anyway, right?
  6. Does anyone know the feasibility of getting both Telmex and Telecable into your house then putting them into the same router so you have twice the internet power as before? Or, maybe someone is already doing this? How is it working? When they are both up and running, do you have available their combined internet signal?
  7. I would suggest talking with Chuni Medeles (for those that don`t know, a huge musical famly), director of the Centro Cultural or Rodrigo the piano player (also part of a musical family).
  8. Ditto going to the Migration window and saying the visa was lost. You might get asked how long you stayed. If you want no problems, you say "6 months". You pay your pesos for a new visa and be on your way. Do it first thing, before standing in line at the airline because the airline will ask you to have a current visa. Very common, happens all the time. Once, when asked how long he had been in Mexico, a friend said "a year" (a 6 month overstay). The man behind the window admonished him and said he should have obtained a new visa at 6 months then gave him a new visa. That`s about as sever
  9. Ferret, thanks for the info about the hardwood shop. Sounds like a a great place.  I bought a crosscut saw from Doug years ago and remember his amazing workshop. I lost his number though. I wonder if you would tell him I just need a board foot or so of some nice hardwood and would he sell me some. My email is bdmowers@gmail.com. He might remember me as the weaver.  Thanks a lot.

    Brad Mowers

  10. I`ve been lakeside for 4 years. By simple observation, it seems to me the expat population is about 90% in their 70`s or older. I`ve seen 10-20 people in their 40`s or 50`s.
  11. WideSky, thanks for the precise list.
  12. Oh yeah, and, unfortunately quite necessary. They get paid very little and have to pay for some of the repairs for the trucks, like replacement for worn tires, and, I think they may have to pay for gas but I`m not sure about that. Maybe someone else knows more about that. Also unfortunately, some of the recyclables are buried in the large trash bags they don`t have the time to get to. So, folks, help out your friendly trash collectors and but your recyclables in a separate bag.
  13. No, dude, it´s not the city dump. It is a recycling facilty. So, you have the choice to take your recyclables to the recycling facility yourself or leave your recyclables on the curb. Either way, recycling is alive and kicking here lakeside.
  14. Dr. Stong is certainly one of the most important sources of information about water is this area. Unfortunately I am unable to attend his talk today but will be communicating with him about the aquifer(s).
  15. I`m interested in the current depth of the aquifer under us here and issues affecting the aquifer. Recently, someone told me it is at 29 meters and that that reflects a relatively rapid decline in recent years. Does anyone have solid data about this? Threading thru information available on the Conagua site and other internet sites has not revealed this specific information.
  16. It might be the place where all the trash collectors take their recycling. It`s not too far after you`ve gone down the hill from Chapala on the carretera towards Guad. It`s on the right and across the street from the booths where people are selling membrillos , etc. But in case you didn`t know, you can also bag it up and give it directly to the trash collectors. They make money from it at the place above.
  17. My experience with Adrian at Sky showed a knowledgable but rather unfriendly person.
  18. Chillin, I order my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Co., Missouri. I haven`t tried growing beans here through the "cold" season but just put in some now (bush type) so we`ll see how they fare through to January. Will let you know.
  19. "Mexican customs has started to Xray all packages...and this kills most of the seeds." For the benefit of other gardeners, I want to recount my experience with ordering and using seeds shipped from the US: I have recently ordered several packages of vegetable seeds from the US. They were shipped to Mexico and the stamp on the envelope shows it went through customs. Some have been planted and they have all germinated and sprouted. So, the above statement may be only true in certain cases or may not be true at all. In my case, the seeds were not xrayed. Perhaps others could share their experi
  20. Garth, I`ve grown most veggies here. Tomatoes are the hardest (hottest months are also the rainy months). One must learn to navigate the cold(er) months (Dec. and Jan.) and the rainy season (June thru September). Otherwise, it´s gardening time year round. Soils vary from place to place. I`ve lived in 5 houses here and not encountered clay yet - pretty good soils on average. I always mix in compost from a large operation in Riberas (Chapala). I pile up good-sized beds with the regular soil/compost mix which keeps the roots away from fungus in the rainy season. I never need fertilizer. Plant
  21. Lexie, Walmart no longer sells the boxes at the back to customers. They sell all their cardboard to an outside buyer.
  22. Peter Panaderia (block or so west of Jaurez on lake side of Carretera) carries sauerkraut and kefir that are highly probiotic.
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