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  1. No, my gardener has always used one spray and I`ve had 75% worm-free mangos for 3 years. My problem this year is my gardener has disappeared so I`m trying to find the spray myself.
  2. That seems unlkely. Every flower that is sprayed prevents a wasp worm from entering a young mango fruit thus giving you a worm-free mango. I`ve experienced this with my mango for 3 years.
  3. Where can I find pesticide spray, preferably relatively bird non-toxic, for mango flower wasps? My mango has begun flowering early and I need to spray the flowers before the gusanos overtake the young mango fruits. Is there a place in Chapala that sells the spray? Or, failing that, Ajijic. Thanks.
  4. Bravo for your work, Tim. The (small) organics and permaculture community supports you. We`ll definitely be coming to you for your products. Brad Mowers, for: The Grower`s Group Poco A Poco
  5. No, they`ll coexist. So, don`t let the reds escape. Put them into a completely enclosed, except for the top of course, container, like a 20-liter water container. Give them soggy newspaper and cardboard and decomposing leaves and food scraps for food, and sand, for their gizzards. And make sure their environment has some moisture in it.
  6. Both types will make worm castings. Red wigglers eat faster than earthworms (and thus make more worm castings) but they must be contained or they will escape. I`ve never heard of red wigglers referred to as "pests" and don`t understand the reasoning. You want reds for making compost and earthworms for your gardens.
  7. Great reporting! Thanks. It would be great to have a working worm farm in the area. If he has some worms it would take finding a hundred kilos or so of cardboard, as many leaves as could be found and maybe a hundred kilos of newspapers. The worms would reproduce quickly with the food and the farm could be producing a small amount of castings in 6 months or so.
  8. I rent for a low price and do ALL the maintenance and repairs. This is a common arrangement in predominately Mexican areas where the rent is in pesos. If the rent is in USD then the arrangement is more like in the US where the owner pays for all repairs.
  9. There are no music stores here. You must go to Guad.
  10. Anyone heard of Medicare Part A being used in Mexico? Someone told me this was being done.
  11. Can you describe these, Harry? I`ve never heard of them in 8 years of living here. Gracias.
  12. If you do, are you willing to share how life is with it, or what you have done to cope with it, including medical procedures? Thanks.
  13. Ferret, it would help me if you could be more specific about the location of 1 or 2 of the places you mentioned. Thank you.
  14. Up to now, I`ve made all my nonplastic papermaking equipment - moulds, deckles - because they can`t be found here but I just had a carpenter make some bare frames - ah, that was nice!
  15. Ah, thanks for this, could be perfect! I will go looking. You`re certainly right about the DIY version. I used to. I used to make everything when I was in the States and enjoyed it - clothes, food, furniture, etc., ad nauseum. Now that help is available rather inexpensively, I find myself taking advantage of it, and am enjoying that quite a bit! Another wonderful gift from Mexico.
  16. I have quite throughly researched Youtube about this subject. I may have to try the fire method. Thanks, happyjillin.
  17. I need the entire volume vacated down to the bottom 2 inches inside the log and retaining only the outside 2 inches. I doubt the kids would want to do that or that a lathe could do that but thanks for your suggestions.
  18. I need to hollow out a part of a log to make a beating chamber to macerate fibers for papermaking. Anyone who has done this or has similar experience have any suggestions, or want to help? The log piece, any tree species, should be a couple of feet in length and 10-12" in diameter. The fastest way to hollow out a log appears to be using the tip of a chainsaw but I don`t have one nor do I have the experience to do this. Drilling wide holes into it with a heavy duty drill then cleaning out between the holes has some promise. As does cutting it in half lengthwise, hollowing it out then gl
  19. Chapala festival just ending today - what was it? It had cohetes every day at 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am (plus all day) sent from the soccer field at Miguel Martinez and Guerrero.
  20. Well, not quite. Both are calcium compounds. Cal is calcium hydroxide (CaOH2). Yeso or gypsum is calcium sulfate (CaSO4). I`ve tried cal for my work (coating amate "paper") and it is not satisfactory.
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