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  1. Thanks, amb, this looks like a great solution but the cost is more than this project can afford. Also, I have to think about whatever is installed may be "lifted" from the site so, at least at first, don`t want to invest a great deal of money (6,000 pesos is a vast sum for this project).
  2. Snowy, can you tell me the brand of this lighting? Is it outside walkway kind of lighting? Thanks so much.
  3. Thanks, everyone, for your inputs. Generally, since I will have to fundraise for funds for the lighting, I will need to keep costs prretty low.
  4. Thanks, Ms. Mysterious, I will check these out.
  5. Yep, this is how it`s done in our little corner of the world. Gotta go to the Big City.
  6. Clarification: "Under Mexico’s Federal Labor Law, employees are entitled to one paid day of rest for each six days of work in addition to the required seven paid holidays. This seventh day can fall on any day of the week, however, employees whose regularly scheduled work shift falls on a Sunday must be paid a premium of 25% above what they are paid on other days. This is known as the Sunday Premium or “Prima Dominical.” Workers required to work on the seventh day, holiday, or any other rest day are entitled to double pay. If that day falls on a Sunday, the worker is entitled to double pay plus the 25% premium." So, if someone is working Sunday, 1 day a week, they have to be paid 25% more for Prima Dominical, not double time. The "double time for Sunday" is a long-held misconception and does not exist in official law.
  7. Yes, I have Prime and have seen the very small number of programs available. Netflix has turned on a super snoop and can now see if you`re using a fooler so no watching US Netflix from Mexico currently unless someone has found another solution.
  8. I`m investigating tiny solar solutions for a local person who has no electricity and uses candles for lighting. Installing electricity for her is not currently an option. I`d like to provide her with small scale solar lighting in her house so she and her children (5) can at least see their way around the house at night without using candles (which almost burned down their house twice). I was thinking of a small panel for the roof with a battery powering a few 12 watt bulbs or solar walkway lighting that could be taken in each evening. Does anyone have helpful advice about those 2 options or suggestions for something else along those lines? Does anyone know where to acquire a small 12 watt system or solar walkway lighting? Thanks.
  9. Gracias, gfresh, would you recommend AirVpn?
  10. When I try to stream videos from Amazon Prime they won`t come thru. What can I do to make them stream?
  11. Or they put blades of grass on the tape and make a bridge.
  12. Right, I barely remember the last 10. The previous 99,999,990 is all just a blur!
  13. I wouldn`t put much hope in Telecable. In Riberas, it took them a year, dozens of office visits, dozens of home visits to get us from 1.0 mbps to 5. After that, it sorta kinda stayed there for a while.
  14. Strom (correct spelling) Movers, Ajijic. Big trucks, big warehouse, big blankets, big muscles, big boxes (and small). Big fees? Not really.
  15. Wikipedia says 99 million years. Close enough for gov'mint work, I`d say.
  16. They don`t eat the rice. They wait til fungus attacks it then eat the fungus. As they do with anything they take into their nests, as jrm30655 has said above. One more ant solution. If it`s one or few plants, you can wrap a piece of duct tape, sticky side out, around the trunk of the plant, say a foot or so up the trunk. They mostly avoid this (must smell really bad to them) but when they venture across, they get stuck.
  17. Tianguis Baratillo. 2 and a half miles directly east of the Cathedral in Guad. in Colonia Oblatos. 2 miles long. Google provides a map. Prepare to spend the day in order find what you are looking for. You need to ask, and ask, and ask....
  18. Thank you, lumieretoo. Are you a filmmaker? Your informational offering is greatly appreciated.
  19. If this bit of info helps anyone, maybe those still looking where to rent or buy, internet speeds in Chapala in my area are, according to Speedtest, 10-11 mps, night or day. This is with the lowest cost fee from Telmex.
  20. I belong to the Grower`s Group. Many of the members of this group have said the method worked with new infestations. I`d say to those with new ant infestations, try the simple, inexpensive test. If it works, it works, right? If it doesn't, "fugetaboutit". Try something else. Why argue about it? Look at it this way: it will give you a way to have a relationship with some of the other earthlings who live with you. Ants are amazing. Maybe you`ll learn something, could happen. if DeborahM tries this, perhaps she would report back, one way or the other, and add to our community knowledge.
  21. This worked well for us with a new ant invasion. We had 6-7 nests within a few days and upon a recommendation from a mexican gardener, we used this method. We bought a lot of rice (the basic 20 peso per bag kind) , put a big handful of it at each nest (as long as it is somewhere near, they find it) and after replenishing the rice as soon as it was taken by the ants for a week long period, all of them were gone. If I had put one of those nano cameras down the hole, I would have seen thousands of ants with X`s over their eyes. This was a year ago and there are still no cutters on the property. People with long-established ant nests report that this method does not work for them. The use Trompa or other products. The rice method only appears to work on just-established nests.
  22. Thanks, MtMama, for your recommendation. I appreciate it. Maybe he will be a " second opinion".
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