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  1. There aren`t any studios beyond the nice-mike-connected-to-a-program-on-a-computer type here I know of other than the one Harry noted above (and this little comment will probably flush out any "real" studios that ARE here) but there are dozens in Guadalajara. Just google for them and they`ll pop up. Or ask Jorge Verdín <j.org@icloud.com>, a pro jazz keyboard player that lives in San Antonio. He knows about the Guad scene and speaks and writes English. Galen is a local pro classical pianist (used to play jazz gigs at Number Four) whose partner Dale was the drum player for a local band called the Tall Boys. They were kinda the kings of the rock scene before they stopped playing recently and recorded quite a bit (don`t know where). Galen`s handle on this board is Music Doc. They may be in the States now but could give you some leads. Blue Velvet is another local jazz plus group who are pretty connected. They play at a cafe and gallery at Ocampo 71 quite a bit, or did. You might want to stop in at the Mediterranean restaurant on the plaza and talk with Robert. He knows Blue Velvet pretty well and is probably the premiere teacher of Indian raga music in Mexico. Blue Velvet`s music "guru" (forgot his name) was pretty connected with a recording scene, maybe in L.A (so he says), before moving here and is connected with whatever is here. I`m looking to record a bit myself (Appalachian song) so please let me know when you arrive! One more thing, you`ll want to post this on the main board, Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara. Very few of the audience you want views this board. If you can`t figure out how to move this topic (I sure don`t) just repost to that board.
  2. Agreed, nice quiet clean traditional town. Seems more prosperous than the other lakeside towns, even than Chapala. Can still buy huaraches there made by the store owner. The plaza is so wonderful we used to drive there from Ajijic just to sit in it. The malecon is quite wonderful.
  3. You`re right, lakeside7, I meant a CURP card.
  4. Incorrect. You must have an IFE card to register with IMSS. One gets this when one attains residency status.
  5. Have you actually received messages in your box? I never have since the software changeover, as is true for so many others.
  6. Yo, I tried your inbox again but get the same message that it is full. My email is bdmowers@gmail.com.
  7. I tried leaving a message but the system said "your message box is full", so I left a message on your "feed".
  8. I tried sending a message but a box appeared saying "your inbox is full". I would be happy to meet you anywhere convenient for you to "receive the goods". Thanks so much. If you reply here on your feed I will check in.

  9. That`s been my experience too. I`ve had it shipped from the US many times without problem. Thanks much for your offer if you have extra. I`m getting pretty low.
  10. Nah, pretty harmless stuff used as directed. Not on the Prohibited Items for Importation list. Been using if for 30 years, no ill effects.
  11. Something very obscure called thiourea dioxide, used for reducing oxygen in indigo dyeing. It is a white powder and I think that is why it caused a problem.
  12. Deborah, can you meet me at FitForLife gym, at the entrance to Mirasol on Saturday at 11am?

  13. Well, firstly, none of the items in the package were on the Do Not Import List. So the store, FedEx nor me knew not to send the items. Aduana decided to open the package and call into question one of the items. At that point, the only thing that can be done is the purchaser must hire a broker and/or get papers for the item in question. It is my understanding (and I`ve had a 48-hour crash course in these matters) that neither a store nor FedEx has responsibility for obtaining proper papers. I am guessing at this point, that that is the purchaser`s responsibility. It`s a crap shoot when you order something from the States and have it delivered here. It might get stopped by Mex customs (Aduana) or it might not. One can avoid much difficulty by looking carefully at the Do Not Import List and not ordering anything on the list. But other things are left to chance - whether Aduana decides to hold something back from delivery or not. If they do, it seems it`s basically impossible to regain access to that item, indeed to the entire order as in my case. In the future, I will be having things sent to a broker house in Texas like Sol y Luna and having them clear everything and send it on. The expense is only a little more than having something sent directly from the store in the US to my address, it turns out. And they can get things here faster as well.
  14. The story of my package ends here: after 4 days the package is with Aduana in some kind of warehouse. It will not be returned to sender. To retrieve it I would need a certificate of my status as an official importer, a certificate from the agency that OK`s the items in the package (after the fact since there was no indication upon ordering them that these items are suspicious or not to be imported), and the hiring of a customs broker. I have met the Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland.
  15. Hi, Saltos, any chance I could come and look at your drill press?

  16. A purchase I made at a US online store is being held at customs (I assume Mexican customs). The store sent a message to me about this saying I needed to hire a broker to get it out of customs. It was being shipped by FedEx. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can deal with this? Thanks.
  17. I assure you I have not invested in Monsanto. I have though, invested 30 years educating people about the practices of Monsanto and many other environmental concerns during my 10 years living in, working and teaching in the permacultural ecovillage in Los Angeles, my garden mastering of and teaching in one of the largest community gardens in Los Angeles and my classes in organic vegetable gardening.  I wonder how you have spent YOUR time.




  18. I do hope your rant was not directed at me in particular or am I one of your "special interests" making it harder to judge the truth?

  19. El Saltos, this is bdmowers, my emal is bdmowers@gmail.com.

  20. Ditto going to the Migration window and saying the visa was lost. You might get asked how long you stayed. If you want no problems, you say "6 months". You pay your pesos for a new visa and be on your way. Do it first thing, before standing in line at the airline because the airline will ask you to have a current visa. Very common, happens all the time. Once, when asked how long he had been in Mexico, a friend said "a year" (a 6 month overstay). The man behind the window admonished him and said he should have obtained a new visa at 6 months then gave him a new visa. That`s about as severe as it gets. I believe the official could have fined him, but I`m not sure. He didn`t, thought, just asked him to pay for a new visa. Why so lax compared to the US who would put you in jail for a while? I`m guessing it`s always a win situation for Mexico to have gringos here. They contribute a lot of money to the local economies so it`s not viewed a negative to have Americans here, but a positive so the visa thing is just not important.
  21. Ferret, thanks for the info about the hardwood shop. Sounds like a a great place.  I bought a crosscut saw from Doug years ago and remember his amazing workshop. I lost his number though. I wonder if you would tell him I just need a board foot or so of some nice hardwood and would he sell me some. My email is bdmowers@gmail.com. He might remember me as the weaver.  Thanks a lot.

    Brad Mowers

  22. I`ve been lakeside for 4 years. By simple observation, it seems to me the expat population is about 90% in their 70`s or older. I`ve seen 10-20 people in their 40`s or 50`s.
  23. My experience with Adrian at Sky showed a knowledgable but rather unfriendly person.
  24. Lexie, Walmart no longer sells the boxes at the back to customers. They sell all their cardboard to an outside buyer.
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