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  1. Is this a kind of technology that can be extended into other areas?
  2. The Telex site actually told me I have the fastest speed available in my area and don`t need to upgrade!
  3. Just saw this tooling around. Anyone know what a reputation point is or how you get one?
  4. Has anyone upgraded their telmex service to next level? How do you do that? Has anyone in Chapala done this and found their internet service became faster?
  5. I`m sure these are great places but my question regards breakfast places in the town of Chapala.
  6. Only products non-harmful to life were used.
  7. I haven`t experienced a single doctor here in Mexico like this. Quite the opposite.
  8. Or the roses, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers.......
  9. Is this speed consistent? Where do you live?
  10. I lived in the LA Ecovillage for many years and many people there piped their grey water directly into the garden areas and we all survived! You will want to use biodegradable soaps in the shower though. There was a project in Malibu that piped both black and grey water into the landscaping. The fruit trees with black water applied grew twice as fast as those without. Glad to see you are using outside-the-box thinking.
  11. Is anyone getting 20mbps with the 499peso Telmex package?
  12. Most of Chapala gets 20mbps? I`ve never received above 11mbps 6 blocks north of the plaza. Do I have to get 2nd tier Telmex to get the 20mbps?
  13. So I guess I should stop saying, "monsoon season".
  14. I think I have been given to understand that the rainy season is defined by a particular storm system not by a particular humidity or dew point having been reached. Do any others have that understanding? We have some real experts here like Mainecoons.
  15. Ah, thank you for that clarification, Fine Print Reader! Re Telcel, do you think I should understand that my 50p monthly recargandos are not a "plan" and thus do not allow no charge calling NOB?
  16. I sure love getting some nice early rains. The plants are very happy.
  17. I would echo this with one caveat: he loves those tests, so be a bit discerning with that.
  18. I knew my sleuths would come through! Thanks everyone for exploring and getting to the nitty gritty of this fascinating topic. So, despite the nearly opaque Telmex site verbage, we have determined that on a $389 package, one can call LD for 100 minutes per month on their landline (thanks, johanson). I had heard it was unlimited so thanks very much for that clarification. And I got Telmex and Telcel mixed up thinking that cel phones were unlimited calling to the states we well. So now I have to find out from Telcel about calling LD on my 50 pesos a month saldo I get at Oxxo. Any ideas on
  19. It`s hard to find this info - is it free to call USA with Telmex for both me and who I am calling? Is this just for landlines?
  20. Know if he lives in Chapala? I need a gardener for my place in Chapala.
  21. Though Mudgirl said sinks and showers were on the grey water system, she also said "´╗┐Only my two toilets and one shower are connected to my septic" so maybe there`s a typo in there somewhere. With grey water systems the big captures are showers and clothes washer, as you say the sinks are not really worth it, not enough water to capture to make the plumbing worthwhile. Depending on how much showering goes on in the household, just conducting the showers and washer water directly to landscaping usually works fine. Would be nice though to have a cistern for water capture, maybe combined with
  22. Why did you not put your shower in your grey water system? Too far from your grey water pipes? The shower is usually the first water to put into a grey water system since it involves so much of the house`s water and is relatively clean for landscaping.
  23. I am glad to hear this. The aquifers under the area are diminishing quickly and unless people use less water there will be a crisis soon.
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