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  1. Is the Joco plaza still filled with vendor booths or were they taken down already? Do you know how long they`ll be there?
  2. You indicate your interest is in the natives. Most plants in gardens here are non-native. Of the flowering trees only one is native to this area, the plumeria. The nonnatives (most notably the bugambilea and jacaranda) are from south Mexico and South America. Many of the fruiting trees are native, like the aguacate, mango, pecan, guayaba. Obviously, the citruses are not native. Very few of the flowering shrubs are native. There are many books on the native plants of Mexico but none just for this area that I know of. Here is an all-Mexico book: Ornamental Plants and Flowers of Tropical Mexico by Linda Trapp
  3. Yes, this store which says "Panales" is there. It sells only diapers.
  4. Where did you buy your heaters? Are you saying the heaters are only 750 watts? What is a 2 power 750 & 750 switch?
  5. I don`t have any of those things, just lights mainly and a refrigerator. I have breakers for each circuit, one 40 amps and the other 50.
  6. Thanks for this explanation, Johanson. By that measure, a 1500 watt device might be a bit iffy given the age of the wiring?
  7. As I said, I`m concerned about the wiring in the house, not the amperage.
  8. Can I safely use my 1000 watt heater? I have a 50 amp breaker but I`m more concerned about the wiring. I live in an older house. Will the wiring handle the heater? Thanks for your advice!
  9. Seriously now, Mitch, I second or third or fourth the idea of instead of merely listening to others` views of Mexico, come for a long stay and see it for yourself then decide if it is for you. It is much more different from the US than you have imagined. For instance, the culture almost totally precludes natives making a time for something then adhering to it, including an electrician coming at a particular time to work on your lighting. Doesn`t happen. He may show up 2 hours later. Can you deal with it? Many cannot and end up in the local sanitarium. Go to the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic which was created for orienting expat newcomers. Start with the information desk there and ask any question you may have then branch out to talking with the dozens of people milling about, walking through the exquisite gardens and sitting in the cafe. From there, you can make explorations around the village and hear a great deal of English spoken. Most of these English speakers will politely listen to a question from you and answer as best they can. Unless they just arrived, like you, which will be true for hundreds of English-speakers in Ajijic, the launching place for most Americans and Canadians first arriving on these shores.
  10. I knew it! There is a secret community of black licorice lovers! OK now, we just need to keep our community informed of where the real thing, the blackest, darkest-tasting licorice can be acquired. The kind that makes the average mouth devolve into a shriveled prune shape. I`ve pretty much scouted out the local haunts and was buying the long sticks at the Cremeria on Juarez that wasn`t too bad but I think I was the only buying it so they discontinued the item: the Community hadn`t found this cache yet, I suppose. But an informant from this very topic has said there is another version there now to check out so I`ll be swooping in to sample it very soon. Any other sightings from the Community? Must we stoop to viewing what Amazon may have to offer?
  11. Cool! I`ll look for it. The had the strips for a while but I think I was the only one buying them so they discontinued them.
  12. It`s usually what we end up doing. So, does anyone know where to get real black licorice? I mean the really dark-tasting kind most people make a nasty face at. The good stuff.
  13. Of course not! We only need The Leader! He knows everything and is the only one that can fix everything! He doesn`t anyone`s help with the answers! Remember, he`s a genius!
  14. Right! No more politicians! Wait, why do we need a government at all?! No more governments! Down with government!
  15. Does anyone have feedback about the arts & crafts fair at the Legion in past years? As a potential vendor, I`m interested in the quality of the items you encountered, the number of vendors, the number of people that appeared to be buying. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. It is what I have read from people on the internet too. Do you think 5 grams would give any benefit?
  17. Thanks, Natasha. Have you noticed an effect since you`ve been taking it?
  18. HarryB, perhaps you would like some answers to your question. A search in Google, "how climate change affects Mexico" showed hundreds of articles. A few are here: http://www.worldbank.org/en/results/2013/04/17/mexico-seeks-to-adapt-to-climate-change-and-mitigate-its-effects EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS OF THE SOUTH‐EASTERN UNITED STATES AND THE GULF COAST OF MEXICO: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/(SICI)1099-1085(19970630)11:8<949::AID-HYP513>3.0.CO;2-G https://www.climaterealityproject.org/blog/how-climate-change-affecting-mexico https://reliefweb.int/report/mexico/climate-change-threatens-mexican-agriculture
  19. Tom, Cedros, Harry, traderspoc, and mkshawn: do you know if I can put polyurethane over oil stains? Or something else beside an oil cover?
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