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  1. Yes, Nephila clavipes. Also look for yellowish fibrous material on some of the strands. The webs are marvels of construction with much buttressing, sometimes being several feet in total length. The main spider`s young will hang around and make smaller webs themselves. A community perhaps all descended from one spider has sparsely populated my yard. The silk (web strands) of Nephila clavipes has recently been investigated to evaluate its usefulness in surgically improving mammalian neuronal regeneration and their silks are 8 times stronger than steel. They are absolutely fascinating, our v
  2. Thanks, Chillin, I am aware of Wayne`s work. It is very beautiful, accomplished and inspiring and it is very cool that he is working with amate. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  3. I have not seen them the last 2 years and no one I have asked has seen the maps at the feria. Where were these maps distributed? They were not at the entrance or at the feria table inside the feria. I would like to see a map this year. Would anyone be able to tell me where to get one at this year`s feria? Thanks.
  4. Thanks! Is this new? i don`t remember getting a map in previous years.
  5. Thanks, that led me to the genus and species, Pistia stratiotes.
  6. Does the Feria make a map of where each vendor will be? Do you know where in the Feria he will be, that is, which row? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know the non-water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) plant in the lake (the lettuce-looking one)? I suppose this might be considered the other component of lirio. Thanks.
  8. How much rain have the local weather stations had so far this year?
  9. I bought one at Coppel recently. There were a dozen or so different models available.
  10. Dr. Barragan in Mirasol is the other recognized best dentist (along with Dr. Haro). I used him for an implant. Everything went perfectly, I always felt I was in the hands of a very competent professional. 6 years on, no problems. Fees were higher than other doctors.
  11. I know perhaps the only woman who plays her instrument, an electronic piano, locally, in restaurants. She plays for tips. She is Mexican. Tips per person who is tipping (10 percent of the patrons on a good day) range from a couple of pesos to perhaps 20. She does it solely for the love of doing it.
  12. Thanks, Alfa, for your response. But, I hate to break it to you, Norm has never been to San Pablito.
  13. Does anyone know the rainfall amount so far this year? Where can that be found?
  14. Oh, the weather station located somewhere in Ajijic where I also live shows 65% at the moment. Am I an expert on the subject? Good gracious no Where can I find that weather station?
  15. Does anyone have contact info for John Pint? Thanks. I want to ask him a question about the obsidian in Navajo.
  16. In Chapala, there is a watch battery store on Lopez Cotilla between Juarez and the beginning of the plaza on the south side of the street, about midway. Tiny place, been there forever. The young woman behind the window will take your watch, take out the battery, put in a new one. The price is so small I don`t even remember it. It says "batterias para reloj" just outside the shop.
  17. Anyone ever gone to San Pablito in the mountains of Puebla to look at amate mandalas?
  18. How much does it cost to get a taxi from the airport these days?
  19. Thanks, Ferret, that is quite a nice selection.
  20. Anyone know a place that will do laser cutting on a band of metal?
  21. You were told these things by someone you spoke with or you looked up Mexican law? I`ve never heard of anyone who pays "vacation pay" to houseworkers or gardeners.
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