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  1. Has anyone seen collagen (colageno) capsules in the lakeside area? Thanks.
  2. I hope you grabbed it if you wanted it, since things at Walmart disappear so quickly, never to be seen again.
  3. Has anyone seen wormwood and/or cloves in capsule or pill form in the lakeside area? Thanks.
  4. Yes, found it there, along with a coconut version, which I bought. Thanks again.
  5. Wouldn`t recommend eating, a gov`t study shows contains mercury and is possibly why villages east of Mescala have many people with kidney failures. Mercury concentrations in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Lake Chapala, Mexico: a lakewide survey. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24007438 and https://www.science.gov/topicpages/l/lake+chapala+mexico From 2013, but the situation in the lake has not changed regarding toxic heavy metals.
  6. Is Lakanto a store lakeside or an online store? If lakeside, where, please?
  7. There is also comunidad agraria which holds about 17 % of the socially held land. Also: The lands that correspond to the indigenous groups must be protected by the authorities, under the terms of the law that regulates article 4. and the second paragraph of fraction VII of article 27 of the Constitution.
  8. I asked SS about this and was told via email: My SSA services are currently available to US residents. We are working to provide you with this service in the international arena but at this moment you may still find some restrictions that may include issues with IP addresses. You may want to try creating a My SSA account while in the US. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that in order to create a My SSA account you need to have a US address and the information entered when creating your account must match with your SSA record. In other words, you can`t make this w
  9. No, there was no need for that. All done by email.
  10. I asked them about it and they sent it by email.
  11. I just did it, one form, CMS-1763, filled out by you then scanned then that file sent back via email to SS in Guad. Done.
  12. Anyone know where to get liquid stevia in a bottle, not in packets, in the chapala area?
  13. Immediately east of Chapala (Santa Cruz to Tlachichilco) are a few pueblos where a few American/Canadians live though some with slow internet service. The small villages east of Mezcala have rarely seen American/Canadians and are not well-disposed to have them in their pueblos, even as merely visitors. Some simply do not allow non-Mexicans to live there (including Mezcala). Local ejido/communidad law rules here, i.e., no police force. The large towns in that area, Poncitlan and Ocotlan, would be fine. The villages on the south side of the lake are better disposed to expats, they have
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