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  1. Alan, "labor laws ...include IMSS payments as an employer" Is this only for full time work? By law, is all of what you have said above for full time workers only? Everything else is discretion by employer?
  2. Perros de agua are black-capped night herons, the largest white water birds are great egrets. They usually nest together.
  3. I searched the Home Depot Guad sites and found no Baston de pino solido or molduras madera duro or palo de madera (how they`re usually called here). Do you remember which HD you searched?
  4. Yes, apparently the only places dog owners are strongly being asked by the "tourist inspectors" to leash their dogs (no tickets being issued yet) are on the Chapala and Ajijic malecons. But perhaps officials regulating the park can be persuaded to post a sign and the ticket taker can be persuaded to gently admonish dog owners to leash their dogs for safety to other park users. Not sure if at this point, more can be done legally or administratively.
  5. Apparently, Christiana park administrators allow dogs offleash in the park. I will be advocating in Chapala government to change this but it will be helpful if people who come into the park will simply say to the person who takes the admission (there is no other person of authority in the park on a daily basis) to please not allow dogs offleash in the park. Maybe this will filter up the authority chain. " Por favor no permita perros sin correa en el parque. Es peligroso. Gracias."
  6. The bending of the jet stream has caused warmer weather in the west and colder weather (the polar vortex) in the midwest. This bending is thought to have been caused by the warming of the Pacific over the last few decades by climate change.
  7. They are not prompt. Wait a bit longer. I have always been able to effect what I need from SSA through them if I wait long enough. The only other alternative is to go to SSA in Guad.
  8. When I couldn`t access MySocialSecurity, I contacted Guad SSA by email (FBU Guadalajara <fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov>). Here is their response: My SSA services are currently available to US residents. We are working to provide you with this service in the international arena but at this moment you may still find some restrictions that may include issues with IP addresses. You may want to try creating a My SSA account while in the US. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that in order to create a My SSA account you need to have a US address and the information entered when creating your account must match with your SSA record. In any case, our office may verify the information in your SSA record and provide assistance if there is any action needed. Please provide us with your SSN (or the last four digits + DOB) and a contact number, we will review your record and contact you as soon as possible.
  9. Ah, so there really is Neanderthal DNA in modern humans!
  10. Beware! 8-10 dogs attacked me at the entrance of Parque Cristiana in Chapala today as I was coming in for my daily walk. The dogs belonged to 2 older gringas, one with white hair and the other with dark hair. The dogs were not on leashes. Most were small, black, Terrier-ish dogs. I was able to keep them at bay with my foot and cursing but one bit me (and broke the skin on my leg). This one was a medium-sized white bulldog/pitbull type. If you see them, beware, and perhaps prevail upon the owners to keep them on leashes. I did nothing to provoke them, they simply attacked as soon as I entered the park. To add insult to actual injury, one of the women ungraciously suggested the attack was my fault, although she did offer to pay any medical expenses I might have (there were none due to the immediate attentions of my housekeeper/medico).
  11. Members of Health House Fitness in Chapala: what hour corresponds to the least number of patrons? Bonus question: what hour is the quietest? Gracias.
  12. Thanks, Zeb, living in Chapala, I forgot they were there. I`ll check them out.
  13. The first article on this screen is the Yakult website explaining why their yogurt is probiotic and really, really wonderful. The second article is a rather full and I have to say quite convincing explanation of why Yakult is utter crap. First ingredient is water, second is sugar and quite a high dose, 3rd is skim milk (high inflammation), 4th dextrose (more sugar). Then we go to homogenization, artificial sweeteners, etc. So, the same as the other worthless candy yogurts on the market.
  14. Opportunity for a local recyclables entrepreneur to make some money.
  15. Thanks for the reminder, michael, I`ll try to get over there.
  16. Anyone know where to get probiotic products lakeside, especially yogurt or kefir?
  17. It`s senseless to use dollar comparisons. We`re in Mexico and 100 pesos is a large amount for taxis here. The Ajijic and Chapala taxi drivers have been inflating their fares outrageously over the last 2 years.
  18. I just took a taxi from Ajijic plaza to Chapala. The cost was 100 pesos. Is this the new regular fare? Or was I gringoed?
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