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  1. MC, in Chapala, Totalplay put up its cables on my street months ago so installation was just running a cable to the house.  My TotalPlay is running at about 35 mbps according to 5 internet speed programs.  I am supposed to be getting 100mbps.  But the speed I`m getting gives me uninterrupted streaming (no whirling green circles) and all websites come up pretty fast and there has only been 2 very brief interruptions in service in a month (at least one a day up to several hours with Telmex) so I`m perfectly satisfied.  I may get around to calling them about the discrepancy in internet speeds or I may not that`s how satisfied I am.

  2. After 10 years here with cohetes going off every few days, I`ve realized there is no point in asking "Why?".   Could be a birthday, another type of gathering, couple of guys sitting in their car late at night just setting them off, some guy down at the lake ripping a few or it could actually, as the cultural explanation goes, be a fiesta.   At first, I went crazy, asking everyone "Why?" and getting angry each time ("How dare they disrupt my peace?").  The Mexican always just shrugged their shoulders, like "yeah, so what, what can you do about it?".  Now, cohetes are just part of my landscape.  My aural mind has evolved.  But I don`t have dogs or cats so I don`t have that predicament and it must be pretty awful.  So, unless you want to do battle with the priests, and you know the cops won`t do anything and the neighbors won`t do anything, you`re going to have to find a solution for yourself and your dogs.  


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  3. 14 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    There is no government hospital in Chapala. Possibly in the future as it was a campaign promise of the newly elected mayor. 

    The federal website lists hospital occupancy as of July 30   Jalisco at 53.34% and beds with ventilators at 39.70%

    Shows Jocotepec at general occupancy of 60% and zero on ventilators on July 30

    Maps of hospitals beds with ventilator occupation as of July 30  below








    Thanks, ML.


  4. 20 minutes ago, bmh said:

    Yes Natasha you are right Bimbo is the way to go. Meanwhile Martin was vaccinated yesterday without a question bu Pedro was not  and although he had proof of residency, Jalisco drivwers license he was denied the vaccine because of his INE.  I was vaccinated in Chapala although I had an INE from CHiapas and was vaccinated in Chiapas for the second shot although the first shot was done in Jalisco so something changed or they put the geniuses at work this week..

    Every official in government interprets the law /rules differently.  Maybe go to someone different and try again?

  5. Lake Chapala is fed by the second largest river and watershed in Mexico.  The watershed is in 5 states.  When these watersheds begin to dry out we will have a lot of advanced warning.  And along that way, Guadalajara, the 2nd largest city in Mexico (HUGE political clout), which gets a large percent of its drinking water from Lake Chapala, will have something to say about the situation.  I wouldn`t keep up all night worrying about this.

  6. On 7/22/2021 at 2:12 PM, Floradude said:
       2021  2020  2019  2018  2017  2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011
     Total  14.91
     (as of 7/22/21)
     31.26  26.68  32.24  30.29  40.03  41.13  31.15  28.52  29.33  32.84
     January  0.02  0.64  0.20  0.09  0.00  0.23  0.03  0.00  2.28  0.17  0.00
     February  0.00  0.93  0.01  0.72  0.06  0.33  0.74  0.00  0.00  3.31  0.00
     March  0.00  0.00  0.00  0.00  0.08  0.16  3.73  0.01  0.00  0.01  0.00
     April  0.00  0.00  0.00  0.00  0.00  0.14  0.03  0.00  0.00  0.01  0.03
     May  0.70  2.06  0.01  3.90  0.13  1.90  3.48  1.73  0.79  0.36  0.00
     June  4.24  4.12  3.52  6.45  4.72  6.03  9.48  5.69  5.68  7.46  8.73
     July  9.95  7.27  6.84  5.05  8.69  8.06  9.36  7.12  4.53  5.59  13.20
     August    6.60  4.71  3.74  9.36  8.53  3.08  4.00  4.30  7.73  4.38
     September    9.19  4.47  6.50  5.37  8.05  5.96  7.64  6.66  1.82  3.19
     October    0.38  5.46  3.81  1.51  5.16  4.78  3.37  0.51  1.35  3.29
     November    0.00  1.34  1.97  0.37  1.25  0.02  1.43  1.68  0.98  0.00
     December    0.07  0.12  0.01  0.00  0.19  0.44  0.16  2.09  0.54  0.02


    Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted.


  7. On 12/9/2016 at 8:35 PM, sunshine59 said:

    Ok got this one I recorded tonight after a few seconds I zoomed in.  It recorded on my tablet.  


    Perhaps this craft should adjust their stabilizers.  They must be sick to their stomachs in there.

  8. On 1/12/2015 at 6:20 PM, Igottaknow said:

    Anyone seen UFO's in Lake area? I watch them every night. Looking for the lady who was at the Chapala Rotary first event and spoke to Jimmy Barto about coming to her house. She sees them go into and come out of the Lake, had invited him to view anytime. Would like to gather a group and discuss what everyone has seen.

    I believe you saw an unidentified flying object.  People see them all the time.  The ones that bug me are the birds I can`t identify.  Once you identify it and take a picture of it and swear you haven`t uploaded it to a photo editing software, I`d love to see it.  But, otherwise, if you want me to believe there are spaceships flying into our Lake Chapala, noiselessly, you won`t find me with a willing ear.

  9. 7 minutes ago, bdmowers said:

    No, they are yellow-chevroned parakeets.  Monk parakeets have a white front. The aforementioned are all green with a small amount of yellow at the front edge that is often difficult to see.  These have made huge communal nests in the eucalypts at what was called the Old Posada for so long.  They are several years old.  There are other populations of these birds in our area.  One group likes to hang out in Christiania Park in Chapala. 


  10. 2 hours ago, Ferret said:

    If you have a choice between iLox and TotalPlay, choose the latter. iLox customer service leaves a lot to be desired and the actual product is okay (not great). Ilox wifi truly sucks and, I believe, their voip phone still sucks too. I use Telmex landline and Telcel for phone service. Again, it depends on the choices available to you in your location...

    I certainly would choose TotalPlay over Ilox but it seems it might be a long time before it get to Chapala.  I can try Ilox now and when TP comes to Chapala I probably would switch.

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