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  1. We went looking for it yesterday, in the "Asian section", and couldn`t find it either under konnyaku or konjac.
  2. There have been numerous posts here about that. Perhaps you could do a search to find them.
  3. Please let me if you find it there. I will do the same.
  4. An internet search said it was at Walmart Chapala so it`s worth checking there.
  5. Where can I get konnyaku or konjac starch in Chapala? This would probably be in the form of noodles. Gracias.
  6. I need an old used bike to make into a stationary bicycle. Doesn`t have to look good at all. One you have around that you thought would never sell, one you were about to throw away, been in your garage forever. It does have to have a back wheel and tire, chain and pedals and does have to work for my size but that`s about it.
  7. I live in Chapala. There are no second hand shops in Chapala. There was one nice one on Morelos for many years but it went out of business a year or more ago.
  8. I have some songs on several cassette tapes I need transferred to a flash drive. Does anyone know who could do this for me? Gracias.
  9. Unfortunately, their site says "permanently closed". Do you think it might have been under 2,000 pesos?
  10. This is the I`ve been using for anything I need from Sec. Sec. over the years. Just tell them what you want to do and they will tell you how to proceed.
  11. Does anyone know where a list of restaurants that deliver in Chapala-Ajijic is online?
  12. MC, in Chapala, Totalplay put up its cables on my street months ago so installation was just running a cable to the house. My TotalPlay is running at about 35 mbps according to 5 internet speed programs. I am supposed to be getting 100mbps. But the speed I`m getting gives me uninterrupted streaming (no whirling green circles) and all websites come up pretty fast and there has only been 2 very brief interruptions in service in a month (at least one a day up to several hours with Telmex) so I`m perfectly satisfied. I may get around to calling them about the discrepancy in internet speeds or I may not that`s how satisfied I am.
  13. Do you have a phone number for an excellent roofing/ceiling repair guy (some English is good)? I have a leak in the house. Thanks.
  14. After 10 years here with cohetes going off every few days, I`ve realized there is no point in asking "Why?". Could be a birthday, another type of gathering, couple of guys sitting in their car late at night just setting them off, some guy down at the lake ripping a few or it could actually, as the cultural explanation goes, be a fiesta. At first, I went crazy, asking everyone "Why?" and getting angry each time ("How dare they disrupt my peace?"). The Mexican always just shrugged their shoulders, like "yeah, so what, what can you do about it?". Now, cohetes are just part of my landscape. My aural mind has evolved. But I don`t have dogs or cats so I don`t have that predicament and it must be pretty awful. So, unless you want to do battle with the priests, and you know the cops won`t do anything and the neighbors won`t do anything, you`re going to have to find a solution for yourself and your dogs.
  15. There is a battery store in Chapala on Lopez Cotilla midblock between the Avenue and Juarez on the south side of the street. Little place. They`ve always had batteries for my watches but I don`t know if they have CR2016 batteries.
  16. Which vaccine brands are being administered in Chapala? Does one have a choice? Can one choose Pfizer? Are vaccines available in a doctor`s office at this point?
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