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  1. Most or all of the flocks of "big black birds" near the lake in Chapala municipality are Crested Caracaras. These have white wing tips. Black vultures do not. Caracaras are nesting in La Floresta in the eucalypts.
  2. I`m looking for an old acoustic (upright) piano. Just needs to work, I don`t care how it looks. The soundboard needs to be intact and the hammers, etc have to all exist, however.
  3. I need old blue jeans. The older and more faded and worn the better. Unwearable? Fantastic! These are for a rag rug. Your old duds will live on! Thank you!
  4. According to the Reporter June 4 there are 2 cases in the town of Chapala. According to many reports including the office of Hector Espana, Expat Liaison, there are a total of 11 cases spread throughout the municipality.
  5. No, never did. I went to the medical supply place just north of the main part of Ajijic where everyone said to go but they didn`t have it. I was going to use it for home gym purposes, bought some from Mercado Libre which never came (from China) then found bicycle inner tubing and have used that to contruct my home gym. Thanks for asking!
  6. The will only take what they can sell easily - aluminum and other metals and plastic bottles. No glass. I believe no cardboard but will check.
  7. The case of the doctor in the Reporter article case was not confirmed. She tested negative twice. It was a man that she said she contracted the virus from. He left immediately for the States. All the doctor`s patients were tested and none were positive.
  8. I don`t see the link.... Otherwise: Bjorn Olsen, a professor of infectious medicine at Uppsala University (in Sweden), told Reuters, "I think herd immunity is a long way off, if we ever reach it." Business Insider, May 22: Sweden's Public Health Agency last week released the initial findings of an ongoing antibodies study that showed that only 7.3% of people in Stockholm had developed antibodies against COVID-19 by late April. Herd immunity requires at least 60% to 70% of people to achieve immunity. May 14: With 39.26 deaths per 100,000, Sweden's mortality rate is
  9. So far, herd immunity (spelled without the "a") has been tried without success. It was tried in Sweden recently, without success.
  10. It is called science. Do you recognize the word? S - C- I- E -N- C- E. Look it up, you may find it illuminating. Or not. Sadly, by your posts, I would guess most likely not. Or, of course, you may be one of the most decidedly not illuminated folk who is trying to claw their way back to a time before science. Good luck with that. Once out of the box and all that.
  11. From the New York Times science section (link below): The soap dissolves the oily membrane of the virus. This is the layer that, when combining with the oily membrane of a cell, allows the virus to work its way inside a cell. Once there, it releases its RNA coding and away we go. It is not that the soap "attacks" a virus so that the virus does not survive. It is, indeed, not alive. It is simply rendered unfunctional. Here is a great but simple explanation of how Covid-19 works: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/03/11/science/how-coronavirus-hijacks-your-cells.html?auth=login-
  12. No "reported" cases. This may be because there has been almost no testing. Best to be safe.
  13. All information, including from SSA itself, says that won`t happen until 2035. Then it will go to a 21% reduction of SSA benefits. Unless the 68 million who receive SSA monthly checks have something to say about it.
  14. Monday: has anyone been there today? Is it open? Anything left?
  15. Is this a group of women in Guerrero, a cooperative, and what is your role with them? What do you produce?
  16. That is interesting. I haven`t found green different in the spinning from brown. Perhaps there is some other part of the work with green that is difficult.
  17. The brown cotton from Peru, gossypium barbadense, was indeed brought to the States and was the basis of all the long-stapled brown cottons now grown mostly in Arizona and Texas. Peruvian white cottons were the basis of all the long-stapled white cottons, like Pima cotton, Egyptian, and Sea Island, the finest of the cottons. However, native Mexican cotton, gossypium hirsutum, is the basis of the world-wide cotton industry, comprising 95% of the cottons now grown for clothing. Sea Island was tried in the Sea Islands off Georgia and then on the east coast of the US but were destroyed by weevils
  18. This cotton is still being grown and seed being sold in the south. I am growing one variety, Arizona green, here. A beautiful little green, it will wind up in a shirt or two and in scarves for sale. Acadian cotton is a different variety from the others grown in the south. The main reason the plantation owners let the slaves grow colored cotton is that the they didn`t consider the colored cotton valuable.
  19. Ruth Papeleria on the corner of Privada Degollado and Flavio Romero in Chapala fixed my inkjet. I don`t know if they fix lasers.
  20. Unfortunately, I have seen no source for ordering seeds from Peru. Of course, that would be the easy way to obtain fiber from there. Dr. Nunez says there are many artisans in Morrope that work with the colored cotton but lists no contacts. There are many reports and pictures as well as garments of blue, red and yellow cotton. At least, I`m willing to go to Peru and see what I can find! Will let you know when I get back.
  21. Yes, they have it on their site, but it comes from China. On the slow boat. And I just got a note from them that the slow boat just got slower because of a particular virus that is they're having a bit of problem with. Thanks, both, for looking out for me!
  22. I know those cottons well. (Been at this for 40 years.) I`ve grown their cottons from their seeds, spun it, wove it. I have plants here on my property from Guerrero. Some of the cooperatives from Guerrero have been to the Feria. Brown and green cotton is common but the blue, red, yellow can only be found in the mountains of Peru. Thank you for your suggestions, bmh.
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