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  1. Are they still there? Last time I looked (last week) I didn`t see them. Maybe I was in the wrong place.
  2. The open mikes are in Chapala Thursdays at 5 at El Patio restaurant on Madero (main street) and in Ajijic at La Bodega restaurant 5:00 - 7:30 on Wednesdays. Mostly English language singers. Same backup band at both. Pretty good, veteran players from the States. Otherwise, some oldies English language bands playing around. And a lot of Spanish language bands playing in the area. Then, of course, there`s Guad..... There`s a huge piano store in Guad but I don`t know the name. Tim Welch would know. He`s the choir director at St. Andrews Anglican church in Riberas. He`s the most knowledgeable, most accomplished/professional musician here. Directs several choirs here and in Guad and is a highly desired voice teacher. Accompanist par excellence.
  3. You never will. They don`t like purposelessly jumping into mudholes. They are too busy enjoying life. What a concept.
  4. I did it by simply emailing the Guad office: FBU Guadalajara <fbu.guadalajara@ssa.gov> Give them your email address, date of birth, soc. sec. number. That`s all it took for them to sign me up for Social Security. They will ask other things like the bank routing number, etc. later. They may ask you to come in or want to call you. But you can try the simple way first.
  5. Where can one purchase a dust buster / dirt devil type device in lake area (not Guad) ? Gracias.
  6. "all the screaming and yelling by the liberal arts grads" Hey, street theatre, man. Some of the costuming is pretty good. They are actually very fine people.
  7. Yeah, the CEI, whoever the heck they are, vs. NASA. Uh, I think I`ll go with ... NASA. Internationally, all government agencies, all robust scientific establishments like NASA, et al, support the notion that 97% of all climate scientists agree that global climate change since the Industrial Revolution has been human-caused. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Hurricanes more violent because of warmer oceans, rising seas, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, the majority of people across the globe agree with this (including 60-some percent of US citizens). So, let`s get on with it! We need to declare all fossil fuel operations illegal and to be immediately destroyed. Right? Of course! I know EVERYBODY agrees with this because I`ve talked with all my friends about it and told them I`d stop paying for their lates if they disagreed. This is a very large and viable population sampling!
  8. Uh, NO! Not really! We`ve had ... umm ... a few problems with hurricanes last coupla years.... You might want to turn your TV on? .... Just sayin'.
  9. I will be extracting the amate-like inner fibers and making paper and sculpture. (The original amate was made from ficuses.)
  10. I`m looking for ficus logs from trunk or branches, relatively newly cut, preferably 4" to 8" in diameter. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. Actually, in the last month I`ve learned all I need to know by trial and error.
  12. No, is anything? I found out there`s lots of little things you have to know after trying this and was hoping someone would enlighten me.
  13. There is a fabric store in Santa Teresita that is all cotton. Yes, every fabric in the store (small) is 100% cotton. Beautiful little store. Muchas mantas y mucho mas. Comercializadora Textil (sign is very hard to see), Joaquin Angula No. 1460. Tel: 333-826-2302. Couple of blocks from Centro Mercantil Villanueva. I was there today. Also, Centro Mercantil Villanueva has reorganized the store and most of the natural fabrics are now on the first floor, but not all. Also, Textiles Capilla has almost nothing but acrylic knits as of yesterday. Besides the ever-present dark blue thin denim. Otherwise, I don`t there was a single cotton fabric. The linens have dwindled to a few. No thick plastic fabric. No rayons.
  14. If you mean amate paper, it can be had at the large Lumen store just west of the cathedral in Guadalajara. If you mean the painted amate paper artesania (birds, village scenes, etc.) , there is several tiendas in Ajijic that sell them. If you mean the formed bas relief works, go to San Pablito. There was a man who made these in the Ajijic plaza but he has been gone for a couple of years. There was a man in the last Feria who made and sold these, he may be back this year.
  15. They act so offended! Wild eyes and upturned noses!
  16. Ah, statistics! Your figure of .8% is for plastics now in use. I might submit that a statistic for percentage of plastic bags that make their way into the oceans where they enter fish and animal digestive systems and do other harm might be significant. Here are a couple of statistics regarding this: On the Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup day in September 2017, 789,138 volunteers in more than 100 countries collected about 20.5 million pounds of trash. 7% of this were plastic bags. The American Chemical Society says that 6.5% of plastics in the oceans are plastic bags.
  17. Gracias, Bandol, I will check it out soon. Did you mean that the lavanderia is on the road down from Ishop (Gonzalez Gallo)?
  18. Amazon no hay. Thanks, saw the ML offer. Trying to find a local outlet so I don`t have to pay shipping.
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