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  1. There is a battery store in Chapala on Lopez Cotilla midblock between the Avenue and Juarez on the south side of the street. Little place. They`ve always had batteries for my watches but I don`t know if they have CR2016 batteries.
  2. Which vaccine brands are being administered in Chapala? Does one have a choice? Can one choose Pfizer? Are vaccines available in a doctor`s office at this point?
  3. Here, on Chapala.com with her user name of Bonbelle.
  4. Have you tried searching for her here?
  5. Does anyone know the hospital room occupancy percentages in Chapala municipality? Are we at 50%, 70% ? I heard Jocotepec is at 100%. I see Puerta Vallarta is at 100%. Thanks.
  6. Every official in government interprets the law /rules differently. Maybe go to someone different and try again?
  7. Lake Chapala is fed by the second largest river and watershed in Mexico. The watershed is in 5 states. When these watersheds begin to dry out we will have a lot of advanced warning. And along that way, Guadalajara, the 2nd largest city in Mexico (HUGE political clout), which gets a large percent of its drinking water from Lake Chapala, will have something to say about the situation. I wouldn`t keep up all night worrying about this.
  8. The "small" river is the Lerma, the second longest river in Mexico. Almost all of our lake water comes down the Lerma. Whatever water is deposited as rain directly into the lake is evaporated.
  9. Where can one go to get rainfall numbers for Lake Chapala? Is there a good website for that?
  10. Perhaps this craft should adjust their stabilizers. They must be sick to their stomachs in there.
  11. I believe you saw an unidentified flying object. People see them all the time. The ones that bug me are the birds I can`t identify. Once you identify it and take a picture of it and swear you haven`t uploaded it to a photo editing software, I`d love to see it. But, otherwise, if you want me to believe there are spaceships flying into our Lake Chapala, noiselessly, you won`t find me with a willing ear.
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