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  1. I`m looking for color remover for clothes. Some of the Mexican marcas would be El Caballito Decolorante or Mariposa Decolorante. US RIT Color Remover. Perhaps there are other brands that do the same thing. Soriana, who had it for years, has discontinued it. La Parasina in Chapala does not have it. I have tried all the ferreterias who carry Mariposa colorantes. Has anyone seen this exact product, the decolorante, not the colorantes? Gracias.
  2. It`s most likely the larvae of some flying insect. In the US there were "moths". It wasn`t the moths (no mouth parts) eating clothes, it was their larvae. To eradicate larvae on clothes I would dry clean all the clothes of that fiber or even all natural fiber clothes near your blouse.
  3. I need to learn how to do this well (already tried and had a non-optimum experience) for a non-profit enterprise. Thanks.
  4. As was said, they don`t stop. All newbies ask your question. After a while, you stop asking. BTW, fiestas and cohetes are not always related. There are cohetes during fiestas (not just the once a year patronales like in SA now but all through the year) but also for birthdays and other parties and when a couple of guys want to just pull over to the side of the road, drink and set off cohetes. All these I have personally experienced. My construction earphones saved my sanity the first few years here but I don`t wear them any longer and the cohetes now are just a part of my aural life (with the loud musica on weekends, barking dogs, speakers announcing fruit and vegetables, water, gas, et. al.). Cohetes are Mexico. Mexico is cohetes. You`ll adjust and hopefully you`ll be able to help your dogs adjust as well. For now, for you, you might want to invest in good earplugs and construction earphones.
  5. It always starts on June 13 despite the perennial speculations.
  6. Good luck on your worm and mulch venture. Have you contacted the worm people in Guad and environs (they`re on the internet under "lombriz roja californiana")? One is "Lombricultura Guadalajara" in Zapopan. Also, reportedly and confirmed by the woman in the plaza tienda in Tlachichilco, there is a worm farm a kilometer or so outside of Tlachichilco on 16th de Septiembre (the main road in Tlachichilco). The road becomes nearly impassable a half a klick out except to 4-wheel drives. Haven`t made it past the rough spot yet in our van. GPS: 20.335515, -103.078470
  7. Now we`re cooking! So many possibilities for new products in the new no-plastic-bag world! Love the shipping suit! timjwilson, composting worms can be had at the Tuesday market from Anna Luz (don`t remember her company name) and Juan Diego at Galo Goat Farm. I think a well-labeled vermicomposting bucket on the malecon is doable! Just tell the malecon gardeners what you`re doing.
  8. I replied to your message, look in your message box.
  9. Don`t know how long it`s been since your SUV passed that way but it was simply not possible for our van to pass down that road after the first half of a kilometer. My experience, maybe yours has been different. Yes, I think if we want worms that badly from the guy, we would walk from town. As you say, it wouldn`t be that far and it is a rather bucolic scene - old abandoned adobe houses, animals everywhere, quiet. For now, we`ll be ordering worms from Mercado Libre.
  10. For those considering going to the worm guy outside of Tlachichilco: we tried getting to him today, confirming in a tienda in town that there is indeed a worm guy just outside of Tlachichilco on 16th of Septiembre. We drove down 16th de Septiembre going out of Tlachichilco. However, our van had to stop about halfway there due to the road becoming slowly but surely impassable. The rest of the "road", actually a rude pathway, would only be traversed by foot, horse or someone taking a chance with their small 4 wheel drive vehicle. We could not find the road that is shown on Google going from the carretera to this person`s house. If anyone finds a local supplier for red composting worms or worm castings, please let me know!
  11. Yes, will do. Have you been there yourself or heard about it from someone else? Thanks for all your help, GS.
  12. Yes, will do. Have you been there yourself or heard about it from someone else?
  13. Finished black earth as in worm castings?
  14. The gate is on 16th de Sept.?
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