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  1. Coronaviruses have been around at least since 8,000BC. Some of them cause the common cold.
  2. Hi, Fast Rabbit, same question to you as to Curmudgeon: Is your fiber service in Chapala? How did you initiate your fiber service? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. You´re in Chapala? How did you initiate your fiber service?
  4. Anyone in Chapala have Telmex fiber service? Can you evaluate it yet? How did you get it? Cost?
  5. Bisbee Gal, do you have access to total deaths for Chapala municipio?
  6. Did your friend have surgery for Schatzki´s ring? Do you think she would be willing to talk to me about it? Thanks.
  7. Besides the all-manta store in Ajijic across the street from Farmacia Guadalajara and the store gogirl posted in Chapala, there are no other fabric stores lakeside. The closest going to Guad is Textiles Capilla, a fabric warehouse where fabric is sold by the kilo. The fabric is mostly stacked high on pallets. 99% acrylic. This is on the highway to Guadalajara right after the La Barca highway. Watch for the Pepsi plant on the right and the warehouse is immediately following on the road that exits to the right. After that is Guad Centro near the Cathedral. A couple of dozen stores, a
  8. Ok, men... Where can I get the highest quality saw palmetto lakeside? It´s too hard for me to get to Guad, so please only answer with store names that are lakeside. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know in which part of the sky the Leonid meteor shower is appearing? Which time of night is best to view it?
  10. Gracias, do they have a significant number of used pianos?
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