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  1. I need a couple globe-shaped paper wasp nests (vacated) that the little black wasps make. Does anyone have 1 or 2 I could come retrieve? Thank you.
  2. There is no remedy that works universally all the time to stop cutter ants. Every remedy works for a while then no longer works. Cutter ants target a plant one year then the next year one they haven`t touched for years. They will not touch the orange tree in one yard but decimate the one next door. There are things you can do for specific trees like putting Joker Rojo around the bottom of the stem or trunk. Ants stick to this and quickly learn they can`t go over it - until they learn to put a stem of grass across the goo. Putting rice near an entrance to a new home will kill the ants for
  3. Complete stupidity with a total lack of regard for his fellow citizens and lack of leadership. The man is showing himself to be more of an imbecile each day he is in office.
  4. Coronaviruses have been around at least since 8,000BC. Some of them cause the common cold.
  5. Hi, Fast Rabbit, same question to you as to Curmudgeon: Is your fiber service in Chapala? How did you initiate your fiber service? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. You´re in Chapala? How did you initiate your fiber service?
  7. Anyone in Chapala have Telmex fiber service? Can you evaluate it yet? How did you get it? Cost?
  8. Bisbee Gal, do you have access to total deaths for Chapala municipio?
  9. Did your friend have surgery for Schatzki´s ring? Do you think she would be willing to talk to me about it? Thanks.
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