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  1. Did you need to show residency papers or card to fill out the papers?
  2. I certainly would choose TotalPlay over Ilox but it seems it might be a long time before it get to Chapala. I can try Ilox now and when TP comes to Chapala I probably would switch.
  3. Chavo at Ruth Papeleria on the corner of Privada Degollado and Flavio Romero is a highly dedicated printer specialist. My printer has been under his care for a couple of years and there is nothing he can`t fix on it. And his fees are very reasonable. Tell him Brad sent ya!
  4. Ilox people installed their cable on my street yesterday. I know there are a lot of discussions involving Ilox on Chapala.com but I did not find what I needed. So, I ask, What is the best way to initiate Ilox fiber optics? What is the best phone number to use to contact someone there for installation? Is it best to let Ilox put in their modem or is there another that is the best one to buy? Should I purchase a router? Is there a best person to approach in Ilox? If so, do you know how to contact this person? Is there anything else, due to your experience, that
  5. They installed Ilox cable on my street, Acapulco, today. Technically, this is Centro but it`s 6 blocks away from the plaza.
  6. Thanks, Alan. Guess I have enough salt in my diet as it is!
  7. Is it possible to pay for a vaccine here? Where can one go to do that?
  8. I need a couple globe-shaped paper wasp nests (vacated) that the little black wasps make. Does anyone have 1 or 2 I could come retrieve? Thank you.
  9. There is no remedy that works universally all the time to stop cutter ants. Every remedy works for a while then no longer works. Cutter ants target a plant one year then the next year one they haven`t touched for years. They will not touch the orange tree in one yard but decimate the one next door. There are things you can do for specific trees like putting Joker Rojo around the bottom of the stem or trunk. Ants stick to this and quickly learn they can`t go over it - until they learn to put a stem of grass across the goo. Putting rice near an entrance to a new home will kill the ants for
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