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  1. When my wife was alive, we would drive to Costco for supplements. I do not use them, but I did notice that Costco has online shopping within Mexico. See if their items are what you want, here: PS: you can change language to English. I have not used this service (online) but it may be helpful to you. http://www.costco.com.mx/view/c/salud-y-belleza/vitaminas-y-suplementos
  2. What is the name of the Hotel in question and where is it located??
  3. Keep in mind there are few zoning laws in Mexico; it's possible the hotel appeared after Texmextwo moved in. Or, more likely, that the hotel was a quiet little space that is now not-so-quiet. La Bodega in Ajijic wasn't always a music venue, now it is. Presto chango. Yes there are new noise laws; and yes, enforcing them is indeed another matter at this time. The smoking laws took awhile to iron out and for the most part they are being obeyed. Maybe noise is the next frontier. My Mexican friends and workers mostly think that noise should be abated on weekdays because they worry their kids don't get enough sleep and they too are tired when they have to go to work. But universally they agree that noise restrictions should NOT be in effect Fri and Sat nights or at holiday times. Maybe that's a flaw in the law, that it treats all noise on all days the same.
  4. Xena makes a good point about coffee makers--they do not boil the water and therefore you must use either UV treated or bottled water. Using a disinfectant for washing produce is very important. Also ask for well cooked meats and poultry (especially ground meats). This is especially true in hotter weather when meats can sit out too long in restaurant kitchens and in their ride to the restaurant. High heat and longer cooking times can kill off much of the bacteria. Food borne illnesses in Mexico can be very very dangerous especially to newbies or anyone whose system is anyway compromised.
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