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  1. Read this re: bacterial testing. The test is done on the bacteria. The resistance and susceptibility is measured against the bacteria, not the 'person'. ttps://labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/susceptibility/tab/test/
  2. Problem is: tests to confirm exact nature of bug (say, salmonella v. e-coli) takes a few days minimum (culture can't be rushed). Most doctors will give you meds based on their best educated guess given your exact symptoms, how long, how severe. They will send out culture, monitor your condition (the correct antibiotic will normally start working within a day or two). Then they will retest after 2 weeks to see if you're 'cured.'
  3. Do NOT eat any dairy (including yogurt) when you are on Cipro as dairy negates the full effect of the Cipro. it is not a list of antibiotics "you are resistant too (sic)" It is a list of the antibiotics that the bacteria is resistant to.
  4. This from www.mexexperience.com I cannot vouch for its accuracy. One Vehicle Per Eligible Person Only one vehicle can be imported into Mexico per person. If you are traveling with your spouse or child over 18, they may each register one car in their name. There is one exception to the one-person, one-car rule: if you tow a car behind your RV, there is no need for second person to be traveling with you; but you must show proof of ownership for both vehicles, and both vehicles must be taken out of the country together when you leave. Trailers A trailer does not count as a
  5. Ex-owner Cafe Magana. He had opened a natural pet food store here, but has moved (returned??) to Bucerias. He originally lived at a beach town before coming to Ajijic, can't remember if it was Bucerias or not.
  6. Heard it from 4; I trust at least 2 of them
  7. Exactly what my real estate friends have told me. First offer by buyers will be 20% below asking; counter by seller will be 10% below asking. Buyers will counter 15% below and sellers will agree.
  8. The MLS here is very secretive. The listings do not display the number of "days on market." Maybe because there are houses near me in Ajijic that have been on the market for 4 years! And after the sale, the sales prices are not disclosed publicly so no one knows the true market values, only the asking price. I have heard of some tremendous differences between asking and selling prices. Usually 15% lately. It would be better if the Chapala MLS would show this sort of info that is commonly shown on MLS's in the US, so that potential buyers and potential sellers could get a better fee
  9. So your professional advice is to lie to Immigration?
  10. Never understood why patrons want loud music while they eat. Going out for a meal ought to include table conversation, which is impossible at noisy places. Loud music at a restaurant is a sign that good food is not the major interest of the owner.
  11. I just read that and it smacks of a rumor by either a dissatisfied customer or a disgruntled employee. TOB ought to erase it as it includes names of the business and the owner; TOB may find themselves in hot water for allowing this sort of nasty rumor on their site. I would also hope this Board would not allow a reference to a rumor like this to continue here on their site.
  12. What are you going to do with the litter of 6 to 8 pups...sell or adopt them out? You will be extending the time in local shelters of already unadopted dogs and or end up dropping some of your litter at these shelters. Plenty of dogs here available for adoption. While you may think your dog is precious and unique and must be bred, it is a selfish idea.
  13. Artist Elfren Gonzalez runs an art school for local kids at his gallery on Marcos Castellanos, opposite St. Andrews and they make greeting cards and maybe can use these supplies.
  14. I am not saying you made this up, just wondering why you hesitate to show us these mis-added receipts. It is a serious allegation you have made. Not that I'm a fan of Walmart but to say they are systemically stealing via their cash register system is a pretty big charge. And if it's true, ought to be criminally investigated. I don't save receipts but will start adding them up when I get home. As should everyone based on your claims. If you aren't willing (for whatever reason) to share yours, maybe someone else will find similar errors and share theirs. Until then it is an unsubstantiate
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