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  1. Looking for a Graphic Designer who has electronic publishing experience for a e-journal. Need to get a quote on how much it would cost to electronically publish locally. MUST HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE. Journal is quarterly. Please respond here or call me at three-three-three-953-8620. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a Graphic Designer who has electronic publishing experience for a e-journal. Need to get a quote on how much it would cost to electronically publish locally. MUST HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE. Journal is quarterly. Please respond here or call me at three-three-three-953-8620. Thanks!
  3. So much mis-information here. So sad. Educate yourself. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319692488_Water_Quality_Index_of_Lake_Chapala_in_Mexico_and_its_potential_risk_to_public_health
  4. Call me... I may have something in the works. Three Three Three 953-8620. Cheers, Chris
  5. Puritan Poultry... the only way to go! (For chicken anyway... and lately sausages!)
  6. Hello All... it's been a while since I have posted but I need some help and don't know where else to turn. I have bought a used American style jacuzzi hot tub which I am installing in my back yard. It came with a working pump but no heater. I am having it installed under a tiled roof, and I was thinking the best way to heat it would be with one (or two???) stainless steel cylinder type solar water heaters. They could sit on the tiled roof directly above the tub. My question is... I work as a real estate broker... yet I have never seen this application. Is there a reason that noone does this? Can it be done? If it can be done... are there any local examples and or references I can buy the water heaters from and have them installed? I would like this project to be a green as possible... and also would like to take advantage of our daily (not lately, lol) sun. Cheers, Chris
  7. Computer Guy: Have you ever set up a VPN Router here (Asus or similar) with a good success??? I am really interested in doing this to at least get my Apple TV and X-box behind a US DNS. Cheers, Chris
  8. I am currently looking for someone to help me set up a VPN router to put my entire house behind a VPN network... I have a smart tv, apple tv, x-box and laptop I want with a USA IP address. There is obviously a market for the service of setting these up here at lakeside. I hope some computer nerd steps up to the plate... Cheers, Chris
  9. Bringing up an old topic because I want to submit a story for Guad Reporter. Thanks in advance. Chris
  10. Thanks guys... I will look into both the handymen and the carpenter. I don't care if they speak English, as I am fluent in Spanish, I just want them to show up! Cheers, Chris
  11. Hello Fellow Lakesidians: I am looking for a carpenter who is too busy who can do a couple small jobs at my house and my office. Our regular guy is too busy and won't take on any "small jobs". Also, I am looking for a good handy-man and plumber that can install some lights and some shower heads and the insides of a toilet. Also a dishwasher. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. With best regards, Chris Gruenwald
  13. I am a real estate agent and have worked with commercial properties in Mexico... mainly in Guadalajara, as locally there isn't much except for small store fronts and multiple "bungalows". That being said... shoot me an e-mail and maybe I can help. cgruenwald AT switaki DOT com Cheers, Chris
  14. Hey all... I am looking for a local web designer. I would like someone local or from Guadalajara preferably, although I could potentially work with someone further away depending on their willingness to work. Must speak some English and some Spanish, let's say at least 50% knowledge of their non-native language. Must also know PHP and be able to program a basic database. Price low - moderate, depending on their skill. I have a few projects that need to get off the ground so it is not a full time job but not a one-off two week type thing either. Any leads please contact me by email cgruenwald AT switaki DOT com or by cell phone 333-953-8620. Cheers, Chris
  15. There is so much mis-information going around lakeside on this topic its really kind of sad. The finiquito (when you terminate them, with chance of re-hire, house sale for example) laws in Mexico, as well as the liquidación (when you send them packing for good) laws were designed for full time workers. Gardeners and maids who either live in (usually) or work full time on a property. Full-time gardeners makes significantly less than most gardeners around here, usually somewhere between 3000 and 5000 pesos a MONTH, often they live on the property rent-free in exchange for a lesser salary and occasionally they even get food from the owners. These people, when terminated, have to start from scratch and thus will need months to adapt. Liquidación is calculated for them, so when you calculate the liquidación for someone who was making $3000 a month, you should specifiy if that was all he was making or you were one of 10 houses he was doing. Most gardeners around Chapala and Ajijic work on an American model. They will do your yard two hours a day, three days a week, and charge you maybe $500 pesos a week. That's two hundred pesos a month. However, they are not doing only your house, they are doing 9 houses at the same time. So they are making 18,000 pesos a week (this number can vary obviously, but you get the point). They are not working for a monthly or bi-weekly wage, they are basically getting an hourly wage, and they do not have a single employee, they have nine. These guys are not entitled to the same liquidation as a full time employee, because when you fire them, or sell your house, they are only loosing 1/9th of their income (or whatever the breakdown was) and won't be on the street for months looking for new work. The problem is many people at lakeside (normally gringos and canucks, but also some tapatios) do not understand this and just have their or realtor or accountant calculate their severance pay, and have been WAAAY over paying. So now many gardeners and maids think they are entitled to way more than they really are. To make matters worse, a lot of the pseudo-lawyers around here will egg them on with the hopes of scaring a few bucks out of a former (often expat) employer. So when calculating your finiquito, please make sure it's done right. The calculation should not be done by a realtor, or by a notario, it is a licensed accountant (contador) that should be doing. This accountant needs to know they time worked by the employee (i.e. when you hired him), how much he made per week, was he hourly or did he receive a salary, were you his only employment, and most importantly how many hours a week he worked, others they will assume he was full time YOUR employee only. Hope this helps... I am not a lawyer, or an accountant, but I have helped many of my clients through terminating their help upon a house sale. Cheers, Chris
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