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  1. Private company? After you read these articles and comments you say this. Why? Private companies that generate electricity legally through the last constutional electrical reform had contracts with CFE to buy electricity from them. CFE bills customers but do not have a monopoly on producing electricity now. Private electricity producers have been in Mexico and selling electricty to CFE for 20 years. AMLO wrote a book on how he will get CFE back to having a monopoly generating electricity in Mexico and get rid of the investors and expropiate or close their generating plants, solor farms, windmill areas, pipelines etc. , both national and international investments like it was before. His book also includes the same plan for petroleum but PEMEX always bought imported light crude to mix to refine Mexico's heavy crude into gas and diesel. Most natural gas they imported and other refined gas and diesel as Pemex could not produce enough for national use especially since Mexico modernized. This is why the Dos Bocas 18 billion USD refinery. It is state of the art and does more barrels per year than Pemex's 5 old refineries combined. It doesn't require light crude oil to mix with the Gulf heavy crude Mexico has to refine gas and diesel. It could be finished by 2026. He also plans to get rid of national and international investors involved in oil drilling rigs already in production in the Gulf, exploration in the Gulf, refining and distribution and have Pemex own and control it. Billions and billions of dollars are needed to pay off these investors to add to Pemex's possibly 1/2 trillion dollar augmenting debt. Recently Mexico borrowed 7.8 billion from the IMF and dropped 4 of it into Pemex's debt payment. None of these plans are very substainable plans.
  2. This was a constitutional reform and 2/3 in favor was needed to pass. The supreme court ruled 2 weeks ago about 1/4 of the reform was unconstitutional not even considering many of the parts of it being against the trade agreement between the US and Canada. The parts that would have made it pass with 50 percent AMLO didn't care about he wants the parts that were unconstitutional so the reform was not ratified to be a constitional legal electric reform. The US investors generating electricity in Mexico alone would loose 10 billion USDs and because of the part the supreme court rejected would allow these companies to sue Mexico for the 10 billion which is one of the reasons AMLO would not ratify the reform that he wrote. The trade agreement can also be used to sue Mexico. The supreme court in this case has saved Mexico many billions of dollars so far.
  3. Probably would end up the same, so yes. Political and Us against Them as always. In the case if it was Liberals the Us would outnumber the Them here, even though that was not in the OP's question. 😊
  4. It is an open forum. Live with it, please. You start a thread with a troll bait question what do you expect, seriuosly?
  5. If the Notario/a didn't do a SAT form for capital gain on your house sale required by the Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público /SHCP he/she is in violation of the said law requiring all Notario/as to submit the completed and accurate official SAT form and withhold and submit the money, if any is required, before closing the sale and drawing up the title (escritura) and you signing and the buyer signing it and transfering the money into your bank account. It has nothing to do with you. If your Norario/a didn't maybe in your case it was not required or you are misunderstanding something. Notario/as are libel to pay all taxes and fees not collected from the seller or buyer if they make an error. I suspect you should not go into any SAT office. Call your Notario/a to clearify the tax owing situation and they will have to deal with SAT. If they refuse you might have to hire a legal attorney, not another Notario/a. This is the way I understand it. Now after thinking about it I am not sure Notario/as are responsible for capital gains taxes for sellers only for other taxes and fees. The seller might be the responsible party after the sale goes through like NOB capital gains tax.
  6. You have no idea at all what truth is, obviously.
  7. Your "truth" is ONLY real in your morbid fantasy world, obviously. Almost all others know truth is not the nonsense you post.
  8. Psychological projection again. Correct. You and your total fraud has been exposed on this site over one hundred times over the hundreds of lies you have posted. Have you NO integrity?
  9. You are using psychological projection to describe yourself and your cult of far right propagandists and your beloved conspiracy theories with zero truths that are only lies and describe a dellusional/morbid fantasy world that does not exist in reality only in your mind. You claim you are special and one of few might be because you are not of this World called reality but of a "fantasy world" where no one knows what it consists of except yourself ( a very special world for a very special person ). Your daughter avoided it because she is normal and well adjusted probably. Smart woman.
  10. She is so lucky considering your influence trying to indoctrinate her into believing conspiracy theories and other nonsense. Smart woman.
  11. I see the exact same thing you do. Thanks for confirming my speculation about what is actually transpiring here. He doesn't even know what video engineers do. A dead giveaway.
  12. You are seeing the same thing here. What is now noticable is many experienced Epats have described " Expat Experience" [ the title of this thread ] from a seasoned perspective and he walks right over these many posters' comments as if he finds them trivial and contuniously talks about finding/creating some pie in the sky "Expat Experience" that doesn't exist, never existed except maybe in his fantasy of what people/viewers want to believe Expats experience when moving to and living in Mexico. A cartoon might be more suitable in this case. The everyday reality of living here has been repeatedly reported by many posters and is being sidestepped as being .... [ who knows what, ]
  13. Quite the billboard to bambozzle us. IMO
  14. Reading all your many, many posts and seeing your massive amount of incoherent thoughts comming through I have to ask: Are you putting us on?
  15. You should stick to being a cameraman and editor and leave the creative stuff to others? You are too confused it seems.
  16. Total bunk. My career as a video engineer taught me what video is technically and the interest level that sells. Your critique of Youtube videos centered on Expats' living in Mexico I view often is so bias it makes me wonder if you know anything or have watched more than a few Youtube videos on the Mexico - foreigner experience. Your continued talking about it also makes me wonder the same thing. Are you putting us on?
  17. No I understood you. I disagree that is all. Ethnic groups have some distinctive similarities amongst themselves which is what this thread has evolved into discussing now.
  18. It has never happened to me in over 40 years in Mexico. Of course you might think it does but you could be mistaken. Common stereotypical urban legend I've heard a hundred times. Once 16 years ago I paid for a rustic dining room set to be delivered that day and 1 hour later I saw one I wanted more somewhere else and returned to the store across the road for my cash and the salesman told me he was keeping $500.00 pesos out of almost $6,000 pesos. The young woman behind the counter, who took my cash, told him to shut up and gave me my money back.
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