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  1. Do you know how to do anything else other than be extremely obnoxious and spew conspiracy theories?
  2. You go there between 9AM and 1:00 PM - they close then so earlier. Take a number and wait your turn. Numbers are 2 types. One color for a first visit and another color for a returning visit.
  3. Dia de la ***delet** Batella de Puebla on May 5th. Government, banks and schools will be c****ed open
  4. True, entrance exams for free government state "autonomia" universities funded by the enormus federal government "beca" system is only available to the top ?% scorers of the test and each different degree has different tests and different amounts of open seats per year. A student may write 2 entrance exams only - if the first year they didn't get in the second year if they didn't get in they are not allowed a third chance. The $5,000 pesos I guesstimated per month is a middle of the road private university tution and they are everywhere in large cities and the most common option amongst the v
  5. I guessed it was you who waited and they ran out but was wrong. I think the other lady did get it after she went back later that week. One big problem is the National Guard won't let any vaccine out of their sight for home visits.
  6. Thanks CHILLIN. My wife retired from the Secretaria de Salud 6 years ago as director of Seguro Popular for our state but still has contact with many ex fellow employees which increased since Covid arrived. 2 died from Covid and one's husband. Indeed good advice for gringal or anyone.
  7. Chapala still is waiting to arrange the second dose of Sinovac, correct? Did you not get your first vaccination after the day you were there waiting and they ran out of vaccine?
  8. Not true. Only 50 to 59 year olds can apply online now to get their mivacuna.salud.gob.mx clave number and need to present it to their vaccination center to be vaccinated. If you present your printed out form from mivacuna for 60+ for the first vaccination or second vaccination there you will be turned away. You needed to be vaccinated with the first dose and now need to go for the second dose when and where that is and if the second dose was already given in your area you are out of luck if you didn't go for both. No way to butt in line now. Possibly this problem will be solved by the federal
  9. If you didn't get your first vaccination there seems no way to get it now if you are 60+. If you did get it you need to go to the same vaccination center or wherever they tell you to go when second vaccinations are being given. You can't go when first vaccinations are being given to 50 to 59 year olds and get vaccinated.
  10. The new link is: https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx/index.php It opens. Put in your CURP. UP comes your comprobante not completed.
  11. I tried it and it is the same official comprobante we recieved at both vaccination centers only with my typed in full name , mivacuna.gob.mx folio #, and my CURP nothing else is typed in. The two hand written comprobantes are completely filled out. Jab 1 and jab 2. They kept the copies of them. Possibly one day far into the future someone "might" type these 2 online comprobantes to be complete like mine are. OR it is a PDF that I can print out and take with me to the vaccination center and give it to them to fill out the rest of the information in ink (to late for me). More likely that is t
  12. No arguing just fact. There is no home vaccination program. Another BS from AMLO to make him look sympathetic. Don't believe what they say, instead watch what they do. IMO
  13. That is the common consensus amongst many. They just didn't include it in any situation. One reason is that the National Guard is counting, delivering, guarding every vaccine in Mexico from theft. No one is able to take any vaccine someplace on their own.
  14. I believe it was just an idea not thought through and seeing all kinds of people being brought to vaccination centers on TV news who need up to 3 people to carry, push, lift them it appears no home vaccinations are available at this time.
  15. I doubt it. At least from the Mexican government for free. After in Oct. when private companies can purchase vaccines then it will be possible.
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