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  1. My buddy had his wallet lifted at an OXXO. We had to go to the Ministro Publico to report it. Both needed the report to replace his drivers licence and INAPAM. INM also needed the report.
  2. The TIP will be valid after the 30 days with your "tramite" temporary legal immigration status your local INM office issues you no matter how long it takes for them to finish the "tramite". What might be gone is your deposit on the TIP. The TIP is valid as long as your immigration status is valid until you become a Residente Permanente as far as I understand it.
  3. Seguro Popular has diagnosis and treatment for over 286 illneses comparable to as much as the IMSS and is a huge part of Mexican Socialized medicine with about 59,000,000 members and hundreds of newer clinics and state of the art hospitals and equipment. The last three governments invested many billions of dollars creating it in the model of other socialized medicine in sucessful social democracies which the current government denies happened and your 16 percent IVA tax supports it. Your informaion isn't close to the truth.
  4. Correct. Multiple exits and re-entries within one year for a total of 6 months total time inside Mexico before turning the TIP in.
  5. A Mexican citizen with a US Permanent Resident visa or dual citizenship can get a TIP for up to 1 year good for multiple exits and re-entrys. The TIP has to be turned in before the 1 year is up.
  6. Correos de Mexico - Mexican Post Office - certified mail gets there in about 3 to 7 days and for a letter costs a year ago to San Diego $34.00 pesos. They gave me a tracking number. https://www.correosdemexico.gob.mx/SSLServicios/SeguimientoEnvio/Seguimiento.aspx
  7. We wouldn't consider doing this and would walk a block or two to park BECAUSE we know there is a chance our nice paint job might have a screwdriver scratch all along one side of it. Maybe this person is ignorant of this common act of revenge.
  8. https://mexlaw.ca/will-inherit-property-mexico/ " A foreign Will is legally valid in Mexico. However, it is inconvenient and it can be costly to have it recognized and acknowledged in this country. The process to have a foreign Will recognized in Mexico is as follows, the steps need to be done consecutively and in order: the Will needs to be probated in the jurisdiction or residence of the deceased; once probated, the Will must be legalized in Canada, or apostilled by the Secretary of State in the United States. Other countries have the same process but different government authorities will have the documents apostilled. " I might guess a Mexican will is valid in another country where there are assets but might be difficult to execute there. We have two wills with no mention of foriegn assets in either country. We don't want to complicate matters unnecessarily.
  9. Mexico has laws that reflect a low liability country being a semi industrialized or newly industrialized country - NIC. This is one of the main reasons many services cost much less than in a fully industrialized country that has laws that reflect a high liability country where services will cost much more to cover the costs of operating in those countries. This includes Mexico's government and services that private individuals/companies offer. If it is much less expensive there is a good reason besides the obvious. It will be difficult to understand these things without educating yourself to what constitutes low liability in most segments of a culture not concerned with causing costs to rise because of a higher liability written into their laws when a large portion of the population needs inexpensives services - government and civil.
  10. https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html " Formato para solicitar trámite migratorio de estancia Importante: Para generar la solicitud, desactiva el bloqueador de elementos emergentes del explorador y verifica tener instalado Acrobat Reader. Es indispensable que dispongas de una cuenta decorreo electrónico. Tipo de trámite ¿Qué deseas hacer?*:SeleccionaExtender la estanciaCambiar condición de estanciaCanjear o reponer documento migratorioObtener permiso para trabajar Notificar cambios (residentes temporales y permanentes)Regularizar situación migratoriaObtener permiso de salida y regresoObtener certificado de condición de estancia Especifica*:SeleccionaNotificación de cambio de lugar de trabajoNotificación de cambio de domicilioNotificación de cambio de nacionalidadNotificación de cambio de estado civilNotificación de cambio de nombre Datos del extranjero (conforme a pasaporte o documento de identidad) Conozco mi NUE ` Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP): Nombre(s)*: Apellido(s)*: Sexo*:SeleccionaMujerHombre Fecha de nacimiento*: Nacionalidad actual*: Estado civil actual:SeleccionaCasadoDivorciadoSolteroUnión libreViudo Lugar de nacimiento País de nacimiento*:Selecciona Estado, provincia o departamento*: Pasaporte o documento con el que se identifica el extranjero Documento de identificación*:SeleccionaPasaporteDocumento de identidad y viajeLibreta de marForma migratoria (con fotografía)Otro Número de documento*: País de expedición*:Selecciona Fecha de expedición: Fecha de vencimiento: Domicilio del extranjero en México Deberá anotar el nuevo domicilio en esta sección. Código postal*: Estado*:Selecciona Municipio o Alcaldía*: Selecciona Colonia*: Calle*: Número exterior*: Número interior: Lada: Teléfono fijo: Correo electrónico para notificar al promovente Agrega la dirección de correo electrónico en donde se recibirán las notificaciones asociadas a tu trámite. Correo electrónico*: Correo electrónico (confirmación)*: En su caso, persona autorizada para tramitar, oír o recibir notificaciones" Here is the online form you print out and take into the local INM office. Notice the form has no space to enter your previous address or when you moved out because they already have that address. They care about where you live only when in Mexico not where you are or where you were living - address - when you are/were out of Mexico.
  11. I have read several times INM wants you to use the address they have on file for you even if you no longer live there and no matter how long ago you moved, even if to your home country and there is no need to date your move away from that address on any form. Once you are living at your new address you have 90 days to go online and fil out the change of address application "tramite" and print it out and take it into your local INM office and submit your change of address where you have included the date you moved there. The INM rules state this is legal or at least not against any rule. https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/notificacion-de-cambios-al-inm-por-parte-de-extranjeros-residentes/INM829 https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html
  12. I would guess your statement would be true in all countries and in many 3rd World countries you might not even have a good selection in many large urban areas possibly. Good point. Living next to Guadalajara certainly is wonderful, don't you think?
  13. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6122668/ " The anti-vaccination movement was most strongly rejuvenated in recent years by the publication of a paper in The Lancet by a former British doctor and researcher, Andrew Wakefield, which suggested credence to the debunked-claim of a connection between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and development of autism in young children. Several studies published later disproved a causal association between the MMR vaccine and autism. Wakefield drew severe criticism for his flawed and unethical research methods, which he used to draw his data and conclusions. A journalistic investigation also revealed that there was a conflict of interest with regard to Wakefield’s publication because he had received funding from litigants against vaccine manufacturers, which he obviously did not disclose to either his co-workers nor medical authorities. For all of the aforementioned reasons, The Lancet retracted the study, and its editor declared it “utterly false”. As a result, three months later, he was also struck off the UK Medical Registry, barring him from practicing medicine in the UK. The verdict declared that he had "abused his position of trust" and "brought the medical profession into disrepute" in the studies he carried out." Maybe they are full of it. That major anti-vaccination website I read some of follows what the UK's Socialized Medicine National Health System has debunked every fraudulent claim it makes. The history of this movement is included in the link if you are really interested. All of mudgirl's claims are debunked as well including the false claim about polio. Check it out. It is a scam!
  14. " Also, vaccines do not make a child sick with the disease, and they do not weaken the immune system. Vaccines introduce a killed/disabled antigen into the body so the immune system can produce antibodies against it and create immunity to the disease. That said, it's not uncommon for a child to develop a mild runny nose and/or cough after receiving the flu vaccine. This does not mean, however that your child "got the flu." Also, because it takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to become effective, and because flu symptoms do not immediately appear, a person could unknowingly already be infected with the flu when receiving a vaccination. Someone in this situation might assume that the flu vaccine gave them the flu, but this is not possible or true." https://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/immunization/vaccine_safety/misperceptions.htm
  15. Most know not owning anything or making any money ever is your own fault and not our fault. Lack of responsibility and trustworthiness ones whole life has its consequences.
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