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  1. I presume you didn't read my post. They - tradesmen - know how to communicate with their clients. It appears the OP doesn't know how. That is his problem that has him so frustrated probably.
  2. Fill out the one you have. Rip off the lower smaller half. If you want when you pass through Immigration at the airport you could mention you lost the other FMM half and this is another FMM form. If not I feel it won't matter one way or the other. They have all your data they need. Don't worry it is common.
  3. I don't think it matters if the FMM form is in the same series. Them entering all the above data I mentioned into the INM data system is what matters, I suspect. Having the same FMM form number on that form' s barcode when exiting and entering Mexico probably is not important. I wouldn't give it a second thought. Just fill out the new form correctly for being a Residente Permanente. Alan
  4. I don't think it matters if you take a new FMM form from the airline attendant on the plane and fill out the larger upper half and hand that in at Mexican Immigration when you land in Mexico. They scan your RP card and take the FMM and take your photo and scan your passport so know who you are and when you returned to Mexico in their data system. The smaller lower half you left with the airlines at the boarding gate and when you got it stamped by INM at the airport is entered into their data system. If they stamped your passport out then in that also indinates when you left and when you returned
  5. Taped to the window of the "farmacia" at our ISSSTE clinic.
  6. I only installed Windows 10 over Windows 7 and it got rid of the virus it had for months but was faster than I remember it being on the internet than before it got sick. I didn't add a SSD drive. It wasn't that old and has a large hard drive.
  7. I did the same thing. The old laptop had a bad virus the slowed it to a crawl I couldn't get rid of. After the install it was faster than ever and still is after many years. It was a free install back then.
  8. The other great advantage to communicating with WhatsApp is if you are an English speaking person and they are a Spanish speaking person using Google Translator to send text messages in Spanish helps a lot. If they reply in Spanish translating to English gives you the exact meaning. Some Mexicans understand some English and speak some but many don't or pretend they do understand when they really don't and this could be a reason some of them don't answer phone calls from foreigners. IMO
  9. Tradesmen phoning you LOL. and getting an angry rude foreigner´s remarks WILL be avoided possibly. We use tradesmen all the time with the many rental properties we have and this summer our house to repaint the roof and replace the solar hot water system. My wife and I know what "educado" is. We are friendly and polite with everyone no matter what. We say good morning and how are you and your familly etc. in person or on the phone. It is considered very rude to phone someone and start bitching first. This is why you use WhatsApp to connect. Your message Will be read! We always are polite when writing a message. Example: Good afternoon Arturo. I hope you are doing OK and know you and your crew are always very busy. We will wait for you until 3 o' clock today and tommorow is not good for us. I hope to hear when is good for you to come and do the job for us, Thank you. Alan. This works every time and we never are out of communication with anyone when using WhatsApp in Mexico. Old fashioned calling on cell phones was obsolite years ago here in San Luis Potosí. Only family and close friends use them to call or call to get information from a service desk etc.. You just don't know how!
  10. Dish Mexico and paid on our TelMex bill.
  11. No tourist can join any socialized medicine plan. One has to be a citizen, Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal even if the spouse joins one of them.
  12. Dish technicians come to your house and repair it for free even if they replace the reciever and/or remote with a brand new one. Took them about 3 or 4 days to show up after we called their service number. Why pay someone when you don't know for a fact the dish needs alignment when it might be the reciever?
  13. http://www.homedepot.com.mx/jardin/maquinaria-de-jardin/podadoras-y-tractores/podadora-de-cesped-electrica-13-11-amps-132633
  14. As far as I know you have no real reason to change your name on your Mexican birth certificate therefore you can't. You can go to the American Embassy or an American Consulate in Mexico with a letter explaining you go by 2 names and have them verify your name in the USA by providing documentation and they will notorize the letter adding a letter that you have an alias [AKA - Also Know As] which will be the name on your Mexican birth certificate and Mexican passport. This is all you need. Remember when in the US use your US passport and legal name and when in Mexico use the Mexican passport and that name.
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