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  1. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    Seguro Popular doesn´t exist in Mexico according to this article https://news.yahoo.com/mexican-president-seeks-revamp-health-care-poor-235010474.html;_ylt=AwrXgyIUcBRcJXwA0EPQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg-- " Mexico already has one system for private-sector workers whose employers contribute health insurance payments, and another system for government employees. Farmers, the self-employed and street vendors fall outside those plans. "More than half the population has no health insurance," Lopez Obrador said. "So this program is for them. It is for everybody, but the emphasis is to care for those with no insurance, the poorest people." " Seguro Popular doesn´t exist in Mexico according to this article Obrador stated the Seguro Popular won't exist according to an above news article quoted in this older thread when he takes over and he now confirms it by ..... .? The problem is Seguro Popular does exist and has about 57,000,000 members or almost half of the population. IMMS has about 49,000,000 members close to one half of the population. ISSSTE - Federal Employees health insurance mentioned in the quote has many less.
  2. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/travelers-will-avoid-mexico-city/ " “Mexico City is the second most important economy in the region, it’s a key point for transfers and connections, [the cancellation of the airport] will be a serious problem. A lot of passengers connect there but now they’ll go to Miami, Houston and Dallas and they’ll avoid Mexico. Hubs like Panama and the United States will take advantage of the limitations,” Cerdá said. He added that it was still unclear how the existing Mexico City airport, the air force base and the Toluca airport would function simultaneously to serve air travelers to the capital." Instead, the Santa Lucía Air Force Base in México state will be converted for commercial use and the existing Mexico City airport will be upgraded. That means that passengers could face the prospect of traveling 46 kilometers from one terminal to the other to catch a connecting flight. " What a scew up!
  3. AlanMexicali

    CFE Making Life Difficult

    Being retired it would be extremely easy to go to the CFE building. Online payments are not miraculous. IMO
  4. AlanMexicali

    Seguro Popular Registration

    The fact is the 20 million choose not to join the Seguro Popular. They live in their own mountain subsistance indigenous World and don't want to be forced into being a statistic for AMLO or any other politican. They want to be left alone. Many Secretaria de Salud studies document this.
  5. AlanMexicali

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    The women splasing on an ounce of perfume many times is because they can't smell how very strong it smells to others in range of her. I always thought it was because she hasn't bathed in a couple of weeks or so. The same with men with an ounce of colonge slashed on themselves. Very offensive bad habit. IMO
  6. AlanMexicali

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    A few years ago I went cheap and took a combi back from Bucerias to Puerto Vallarta. A women got in at a stop with a huge amount of cheap smelling perfume and my stomache reacted with heaves and extreme nausea I had to hold back the vomit untill the next stop where I got out and caught a cab. This lady is a jerk!
  7. AlanMexicali

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    I have posted the law in the Secretaria de Salud section in sanitation and have it bookmarked somewhere. No pets allowed in places where food is processed or in restaurants. A federal law.
  8. AlanMexicali

    Quinoa search

    I didn't know it could taste like anything by itself.
  9. AlanMexicali

    Another airport scam pulled on my ex-wife

    Not you obviously just because your post is above mine you jumped up but you know my position on Expats and Mexicans and I support them. I gave your post a Thanks.
  10. AlanMexicali

    Another airport scam pulled on my ex-wife

    Seems being condescending to experienced seasoned Expats also would include being condescending to Mexicans in one shot is obvious to me but some people like to show off. 😊
  11. AlanMexicali

    Peso Rate Alert

    Making Mexico a 2nd. World country again is a huge step backwards. Why anyone would support this type of move is beyond me. The huge asset for the Mexican government and money maker for the next 50 or more years this airport would be is apparent to educated Mexicans.
  12. AlanMexicali

    Peso Rate Alert

    This is what to expect from now on until 5 years pass. Poor Mexico. It was doing so well.
  13. AlanMexicali

    Car title change

    The cost is only the new owners registration fee and the previous owner or the new owner getting a clearance from the municipal police there are no outstanding unpaid transito fines etc. . for no charge - that might depend on which state. The original "factura" is the title signed by the previous owner. You don't need a bill of sale. The plates will be taken off by the previous owner and turned in. No new "factura" is issued. It is not very expensive or complicated. It is more complicated if the vehicle was registered in another state.
  14. AlanMexicali

    Q anyone??

  15. AlanMexicali

    Q anyone??