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  1. We never did that but makes sense. It took 3 to 3 1/2 years from the first fix to the second fix but we waited until well into dry season and it looked very bad in spots by then. In the photos of the repair last year the damage was above the last repair except on the bottom of the corner of the garden wall which was not there 5 years ago. He removed the plaster from the last repair on the house where it was sealed with black waterproofing because he felt like it.
  2. We used the method of removing the plaster, then sealing it and replastering it. Yes, it appears further up in a few years and we did that piece but it is usually smaller in area. Twice we have had to do it and our house is less than 10 years old. The membrain was only installed about 5 years ago and that area was good when we had it done about 1 1/2 years ago on other parts. Almost every house I have been in has the problem.
  3. I had a house in Mexicali with 8 inch saltillo tiles and wide grout lines that eventually did the same thing. I think it happened after the house was 30 years old. The finish wore off and the white fuzzy stuff probably was from mopping. I had a guy with an industrial buffer come in and wash the floor with a brush on his buffer with the furnishings out in the covered patio. The next day he rolled on a sealer which was slow drying. I think he said it was an epoxy sealer not regular sealer you do often. The next day he buffered it and it was shinny. It lasted almost 2 years before it wore off in
  4. "SALITRE IN YOUR WALLS? The real term is efflorescence, this occurs due to a change in the pH of the surfaces, or the presence of mineral salts and is a very common problem and difficult to eradicate, here is the definitive solution from a professional specialist in finishes: FINAL SOLUTION: 1: remove loose material. 2: Wash the surface with a 1 part hydrochloric acid to 5 part water solution. 3: rinse with purified water and repeat step 2 the next day. 4: let it dry and apply a solution of 1 part of white vinegar for 10 of purified water. 5: apply vinyl sealer (NOT ACRYLIC)
  5. My wife filled out her application on their website for her US B-1 visa in March and they gave her an appointment for the interview on March 23. Then they posponed that interview until July 10th. by E-mailing her. Then in June posponed that interview until Oct. 9th. in an E-mail. Then on Sept. 20th. E-mailed the confirmation to her again reminding her to printout the confirmation and show up 15 minutes early. Her required personal documents they requested were scanned and sent to them by E-mail and approved back on March 15th. It appears for citizens to renew a passport there is no system
  6. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/89143-passport-renewal/ We were taken care of by the Guadalajara Consulate on Friday. First fill out all the renewal forms online then request an appointment. They opened about 3 1/2 weeks ago.
  7. The US Consulate in Guadalajara opened about 3 1/2 weeks ago. My wife and I were there on Friday. She did her 10 year B-1 visa - first everything by their website and the appointment they confirmed by E-mail was at an office several blocks away, not in the consulate, for her interview. The small office had painted on the window Austrailian Government and the sign with the American Consulate General outside stated it was temporary.
  8. If you need emergency yes. If you are away and need your medicines no. You need to go to your appointed local clinic to the administration office and tell them roughly where you will be and what dates and they will prepare a form with your data to take to a clinic they choose in that area to get an appointment to get your medications or if you have to have a follow-up for some treatment you are still doing etc..
  9. There is a service desk only for luggage forwarding, nothing else, as you enter the baggage claim area at the CDMX airport that gives you up to date baggage forwarding status by giving them your boarding pass. If, for some reason, your luggage didn't get forwarded to your next flight they tell you it will be coming down to there and pick it up. My wife obviously doesn't trust airlines so uses this service everytime. It only takes a few minutes.
  10. I had an acre and had two piles of cutting etc. Huge mistake. Mice took it as their home and my Siamese cat, at the time, only liked canned cat food and canned tuna and half cooked meat. They were a nuisance. When a few years later I had it hauled away the mice were gone.
  11. AeroMexico never didn't check our checked luggage through on an international flight from San Luis Potosí through CDMX to Madrid - so far.
  12. Not true at all. "plastic is plastic" is Fake News!". 😅
  13. Everything you mentioned is packaged in recycable plastic. Bags are not.
  14. My wife's family has 4 doctors and our 4 friends are doctors 1/2 a day at IMSS. They are top notch specialists in their fields and their private practices are booming. Anyone who makes statements about how lousy IMSS doctors are is uninformed and ignorant of how the socialized medicine in Mexico operates. AMLO cut socialized medicine bugets by up to 35 percent in 2019 and up to 40 percent in 2020 and plundered, in 2019, the Seguro Popular trust fund for catastrophic illnesses such as cancer, open heart surgery, organ transplants etc. which was built up yearly for over 15 years and over 15
  15. Don't bother doing the payment page. When your application is approved at your local IMN office they printout the payment form which you take to a bank and pay. Very straight forward and simple to do.
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