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  1. AlanMexicali

    Friendly Factor

    Also medicines can cause "Bad moods" especially long term use of serotonin receptor blockers - tanquilizers. Studies show that mood changes from normal good moods to angry, irritable and even rage in some users.
  2. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    https://www.saludiario.com/los-problemas-del-sector-educativo-le-han-quitado-reflectores-a-la-salud-publica-amlo/ This is the latest from him. I have been in dozens of Socialized Medicine hospitals and clinics for 25 years. They are not as described here. More hype and disinformation. How is the new hospital in Joco and the ones in Guadalajara? The last admimistration spent billions of taxpayers dollars on them and did a great job. Now this type of public statement from the president is outrageous. "Today in SaludiarioNews The problems of the education sector have removed "reflectors" to public health: AMLO The president said that the education system and the Mexican public health sector were abandoned by past administrations. By Rodrigo Rojas 02/20/2019 Among the various problems facing our country, one of the most serious is related to public health. All that is required is to go to any unit and observe the facilities and equipment they have. If you work in some of them, you may notice that it is a situation that is increasingly critical. In this regard, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reprized the subject. He reiterated his comparison between the educational system and the Mexican public health sector. He explained that both were abandoned by past administrations and now face severe challenges. Similarly, he said that while the issue of education has received media attention, health has been forgotten. I have argued on several occasions that the public health system is worse than the education system. What happens is that in the issue of education there was a lot of ideological charge, it became polarized. In contrast, the problems in the health sector were never discussed. In this regard, he noted that public hospitals are in poor condition and lack of medication and healing material. Although he assured that this will not be repeated because it is already working to find a solution. Another aspect that he mentioned was improving the working conditions of health professionals. He promised to change the situation of more than 80 thousand employees hired for fees or part-time. He mentioned that providing them with full time work certainty will help improve their professional performance. " Everyone know the Doctors work 4 to 5 hours per day Mon. thru Fri. and then go to their private practise the rest of the day and sometimes on Sat. Why would they need a full day for low wages at the IMSS, ISSSTE or Seguro Popular? Diversion and irrevelant thing to say as if they go home with nothing to do the rest of the day and with no money. Why not tell the truth?. IMO
  3. AlanMexicali

    Passing on highways with paved shoulders

    True that some Mexican drivers have no idea what the parameters are of the vehicle they are driving. This is why they come very close to you on your side with 2 meters of clearance on the otherside when passing. They have to be thinking their clearance is a couple of feet only not a couple of meters or why would they do it? I see this phenomenon often in Mexico. Cities and highways. Ever watch some drivers leave or enter a parallel parking spot? Back up one meter from the car behind, stop, go forward turning the wheel to one meter to the car in front, stop, go back again turning the wheel to one meter from the car behind, stop, go forward turning the wheel to one meter to the car in front, stop, go back turning the wheel to one meter to the car behind, stop, then pull forward slowly to about 1/2 a meter to the car in front and park. There is about 2 1/2 to 3 meters behind their car and the one behind.
  4. AlanMexicali

    Passing on highways with paved shoulders

    It is only done on very long stretches of open highway with the extra wide shoulders. Don't do it where you suggest it could be done where there are: gas stations, busses, motos, bicycles, pedestrians, roads entering the highway, businesses, houses, driveways, curves, hills, debris on the shoulder, livestock nearby and no one else is doing it. IMO
  5. AlanMexicali

    need info on renewing US passport

    I renewed in Guadalajara early this Wednesday morning without a "cita" just by showing up. FedEx charge was $153.00 pesos to San Luis Potosi. They only wanted to hold it at their FedEx office close to my house not deliver it to my house. I didn't ask why. 2 to 4 weeks ETA.
  6. AlanMexicali

    Health Care Costs in Lakeside ,Mexico

    You have no FULL TIME maid or gardener so don't compare apples to oranges. Full time is not a cleaning lady a few hours per week or a gardener for even less hours per week. Full time is all the time and the salaries reflects that. Don't be condescending towards workers who need to fit into their enviroment and work with the skills they have to make an honestl living without some people looking down on them. Some of them can tell.
  7. AlanMexicali

    Health Care Costs in Lakeside ,Mexico

    Morality is a private choice. $1,995 pesos cash per week or $8,645 per month in Mexico for this service is acceptable for them. IMO. Free meals and perks usually are included. Sitting around and watching TV. etc. My mother in law had 4 of them before she passed. Brick and cement laborers get about the same but work usually 5 1/2 days not 7 days per week. They work much harder and no free meals or perks. Possibly you don't know what they do compared to where you came from and maybe your judging this is inappropriate without first knowing "what it is".
  8. AlanMexicali

    Has cost of electricity gone up lately?

    The DAC rate in Chapala cuts in only after the 12 month total KWHs exceed the subsidized 3000 KWHs and stays there until your 12 month average goes below 3000 KWHs not everytime you go over what you described as causing the DAC rate to cut in. When in the DAC you have no subsidized KWHs at all. You pay about $0.32 dollars per KWH on what you consume. Example 500 KWHs for 2 months will be about $3000.00 pesos. That usage is what the maximum average usage is to keep you subsidized when averaged over 12 months. 3000÷12= 250 × 2 = 500 KWHs per billing period if it is every 2 months. You can go over the 500 KWHs sometimes as long as you go under other times in 12 months and get an average of 250 KWHs per month with no problem. The chart on the bill shows where you are at every billing period. The part where it turns red means you are over that billing period. Watch the chart and keep the bills and add up your total comsumptipn to see how close you are and adjust usage accordingly. Your last 6 - 2 month bills will tell you without messing with the CFE website.
  9. Once every 3 years now. I didn't know they changed it from 5 years. Sorry. Google Translation: "23 dic. 2018" "The sale of a property involves the payment of some taxes, here we tell you how you can exempt them or deduct them. The sale of a property involves the payment of some taxes for both the buyer and the seller. In the case of the latter, it is possible to exempt or deduct taxes, but there are some conditions that must be met and that involve having documents that were issued at the time of purchase or that accumulate during the time that the property is inhabited. Given this panorama, the National College of Mexican Notaries shares some key questions with our Vivanuncios readers:  What are the costs of deed? Normally they are paid by the buyer and are: property acquisition tax (it is local and, in some places, it is called domain transfer tax); public registry rights; rights for the obtaining of certificates or certificates of various dependencies (such as the certificate of freedom of encumbrances, proof of non-payment of contributions, proof of land use, cadastral plans, etc.); disbursements (payment to managers, transfers, appraisals, travel expenses, etc.); finally the notary's fees and the corresponding VAT. In the case of the seller, do you have to pay any tax? When a person obtains income from the alienation of a property, that is to say his sale, he must pay the Income Tax (ISR). This tax is only paid by natural persons and, in many cases, it is the notary himself before whom the sale is made who retains it. "There are some cases in which it is possible to exempt the ISR payment or deduct expenses that are subtracted from the profit from the sale of the property and, as a result, a lower tax is paid or nothing is paid. In the case of legal entities, income is also taxed, but it is accumulated together with other income. It is worth mentioning that there are also non-profit moral persons forced to pay this tax as if they were natural persons, there are also cases in which some individuals who are taxed with the business activity regime although they do cause this tax, the notary does not keep them ; in these cases in particular, due to the complexity of the subject, it is appropriate to go to a notary to ask for advice, "says Mr. José Antonio Manzanero Escutia, President of the National College of Mexican Notaries. How can the ISR payment be waived? Are exempt from this tax the income obtained from the sale of housing for up to an amount of 700,000 Udis (approximately 3.9 million pesos), for each of the vendors in question; this is for each person who sells, provided that proof that it is precisely the house in which they live with the following documents: Tax receipts of payments made of electricity. Tax procurements of payments made by telephone. Bank account, commercial or of non-bank credit cards. Voter registration card that states as the address the house that is sold. The aforementioned documents may be in the name of the taxpayer, his spouse, his ascendants or descendants in a straight line. every 3 years  What can be deduced in the ISR? In cases where it can not be exempted (for already having done it in a period of 3 years, for exceeding the amount established by law or not being a room) some concepts that the notary will take into account to calculate the corresponding tax may be deducted. . To do so, invoices and tax receipts must be delivered to the notary for these concepts. It is very important to say that some of these invoices are obtained at the time of purchase and others during the time that the property is inhabited and can not be recovered if they were not requested at the time. 1. Proven cost of acquisition (what the seller cost to acquire the property). It is credited for properties acquired before April 2014 with the corresponding writing and thereafter with a supplement to the Notary's invoice (CFDI) with said information. It is very important to ensure that you have the notary's invoice from the purchase of the property, otherwise it can not be deducted at the time of sale. 2. Investments in buildings, improvements and extensions. They are credited with the corresponding invoices with the notice of completion of work or with an appraisal (in the latter case only 80%). The recommendation here is always to have the bills in order and give all notices to avoid any problems in the future. 3. Notary fees. These, as stated before, are credited with the corresponding invoice. 4. Commissions and mediations. This refers to the amount paid to real estate brokers or "brokers". Before it was established that to deduct these expenses an invoice must be required at the time of purchase; if you do not have it, there will be no deductibility of this concept. It is advisable to ask the notary everything related to the exemption and deduction of the ISR from the acquisition of the property, because if you do not have this information and, where appropriate, documents, you may not be able to get the necessary elements later. Follow us at @notariadomex and @ Vivanuncios to see more notary tips for your daily life." https://blog.vivanuncios.com.mx/bienes-raices/abc-exentar-deducir-isr-al-vender-casa/
  10. Once in 5 years not once in 3 years.
  11. A Residente Permanente card is green and a Residente Temporal card is also but if he was comparing it to a US green card they are white and have been for a decade or more and a US temporary resident card is red. So "green card" is a bad choice of words in this sense. One should state which Mexican resident visa they have. RT, RP, Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente.
  12. AlanMexicali

    The weather here makes me happy

    Grouchy old lady/man syndrome is universal. Sometimes their meds have side effects especially those that are serotonin receptor blockers. Some people are in a bad mood and sometimes can go into rage mode over seemingly litte things.
  13. AlanMexicali

    The weather here makes me happy

    Cabin fever. You can get a bit deranged in the middle of winter in much of Canada.
  14. AlanMexicali

    Transfer to US Bank

    You go into your Mexican bank and do an international wire transfer which cost me the last time $450.00 pesos and $15.00 USD at my US bank no matter the amount. Hope this helps.
  15. AlanMexicali

    dog attack in Parque Cristiana in Chapala

    "Most of us live in an area similar to the top 20% of Mexicans, and our "real" Mexico is quite different. Most of us would not care to live as over 50% of Mexicans do. Some of us care nothing for the life that most Mexicans live and are not interested in hearing about it. Our "real" Mexico is the lifestyle similar to the upper classes here, only a few deviate much. " In 2017 Mexican middle class households were about 27 percent [ some statistics state up to 39 percent combining lower middle class and upper middle class ] with upper middle class and wealthly added it is more than 20 percent of Mexicans now. "Without defining the income threshold between both social classes, the SE makes the following percentage stratification: 20% of the population (around 24 million inhabitants) belong to the "lower middle class" and 14% (around 17 million) to the "upper middle class" https://www.sdpnoticias.com/nacional/2017/12/23/la-clase-media-continuidad-o-cambio-en-el-2018