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  1. AlanMexicali

    Telephone Connections

    Is your spouse using AT&T Mexican cell service in the US? AT&T Mexican cell service does what you explained in Mexico, USA and Canada constantly. It doesn't matter who calls who it will drop the call many times in 30 to 40 minutes is my experience - always has and still does.
  2. AlanMexicali

    Telephone Connections

    AT&T does that. Telcel no. I have noticed.
  3. AlanMexicali

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    When talking to locals there it appears the social democrats keep getting voted in so I asume these were decades long projects not tied up by a 2 party system the US has which obviously prohibits budgets being alloted for many many years to undertake huge projects with tax payer money. Thier taxes are obviously higher in Spain but the civil projets all over the country show how investing them can Benefit more people especialy those without a car. The whole city is apartment buildings so the density is high and public transport is ever expanding. Centro Madrid only allows buildings to be built is the classic arqitecture so you don´t know which building is 10 years old or 200 years old. The have granite curbs in the cities so they don´t crumble when trucks hit them and granite sidewalks everywhere that are level.
  4. AlanMexicali

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    In Madrid centro a 10 lane freeway is underground all the way to the suburbs more than 10 klm.s long. Above on the surface the original antique streets and buildings are undisturbed and a gorgeous setting. The bus and a couple train stations are underground and the surounding areas on the surface are undisturbed except where the 100+ year old small train stations were built of stone and are there restored, one inside is a indoor botanical garden - beautiful to see, and nice to walk around and tableside restuarants etc.. Plaza del Sol the plaza at the exact center of the city has the large multi line subway stop, a train station and underground parking underground and it is visible above in the plaza only by elevators and stairs and escalators exits and entrances but down below it is huge. Social Democracy at work.
  5. AlanMexicali

    180 Day Tourist Visa Calculation

    Airlines give the stack of FMM cards they collect to the INM office at the airport, probably daily. The INM enters the data into their data system. If you overstayed the date entered and the airline staff doesn't notice INM will collect a fine sometime in the future when you are at an INM desk, I think. If the airline staff noticed you overstayed they won' t let you board. You will need to go to the INM desk to get a valid FMM card and then return to the boarding gate. FMM cards are serial numbered and have a bar code so some of the info. doesn't need to be typed into their data system, it is already there. FMM tourist cards are tied to your passport. This is how I understand their system.
  6. AlanMexicali

    IFE Office

    They changed their name from IFE to INE. Try Googleing the INE website and get the address of their office nearest you. Ubica tu Módulo de INE JOCOTEPEC VICENTE GUERRERO PONIENTE 99 EL SANJÓN 45800 https://www.ine.mx
  7. AlanMexicali

    INAPAM card

    To explain better the above poster mentioned when they open at 8am the tickets they hand everyone in line is numbers 1 thru 100 for example or how many cards they will be giving out so people can't save places for others and people don't wait after the numbers are given out. The staff at the door let about a dozen in at a time by calling those numbers out loud and collect the numbers which are laminated. Not that bad. We came at 6:45 and were #9.
  8. AlanMexicali

    INAPAM card

    That is probably false info. Smaller cities get very few cards per month. In Puerto Vallarta last June we went because my buddy lost his card when he lost/lifted his wallet in OXXO to DIF. They sent us to the Ministero Publico to report it stolen. Went back to DIF with the MP report. They said on Monday morning at 8am. they have 20 INAPAM cards to hand out. This was In June. I asked when will they have more and how many. She said the last 80 cards they got was at the end of January and these 20 I have here go to the first in line Monday. Here in the city of San Luis Potosi [ 1.4 million ] I have helped people at the INAPAM office and they always have a stack of them. Try Guadalajara or Zapopan and forget Chapala.
  9. I don't understand paying $400 USD to San Diego when GUADALAJARA to TJ return is cheap and easy. I just looked up Volaris on Sept. 11 and returning on Sept. 12 round trip for $124 USD. Two carry-on bags included.
  10. AlanMexicali

    If I get pulled over by policia

    That might be true in some states and some cities but not true in the states of Baja and San Luis Potosi. There municipal and state police have the authority to ticket traffic offenders. Ask people who were stopped by the SLP state police for traffic offences on the MX. 57D southern bypass in the more than ridiculas slow speed limit (50 klm./hr) by the industrial parks on that cuota where the highway is wide open.
  11. Hello my friend,

    I need some help about mercadolibre.com.mx 

    Could you please get back to me soon?


  12. AlanMexicali

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    We were in Spain for 5 weeks this summer. Another thing is there the government has set it up that employees get 4 weeks of paid vacation, not 2 weeks which is common in the US if you are not in a union I chatted with a couple from Poland that were in thier late fifties and at that age they get 5 weeks paid vacation. I also chatted with a retired couple from Ireland and in thier late fifties got 5 weeks paid vacation. I wonder if they are/were happier and healthier than I was with my 2 weeks vacation and working most of the time?
  13. AlanMexicali

    Northbound refugees in Chapala

    Real refugees cannot go to a proper border entry point and apply for refugee status. They have to apply to an American government human rights official abroad after getting a UN type application approved from the UN refugee program. The US official will interview them and if they qualify will give them a refugee status visa to enter the US and apply for refugee status. Without a refugee visa if they try to enter at a US border point they will be turned away. If they cross over the border and get picked up by the Border Patrol they used to be able to appear before an US Imigration judge for a deportation hearng and plead their refugees status case. The Trump admnistration passed a law that instead of adult people entering the US not at a controlled entry point from being a civil offence to being a crimminal offense and they cannot apply for refugee status in criminal court without all the documentation proving their life is in danger in their home country and pay a lawyer to represent them. They don´t get to see an Immigration judge for a deportation hearing anymore only children do now. Most if not all refugee status visas are approved for people who´s home country´s government is documented by the UN human rights commision carrying out violence against their citizens for religious or racial discrimination or are in a civil war not because their govenment is not able to control civil violence and provide security for their citizens from criminals. Mexico has similar refugee status visa requirements as do all UN member countries. The US is breaking UN protocol by doing what it is doing since the Trump administration changed the rules.
  14. RV has it correct. The others don't. If your RT or RP card doesn't have your CURP alphanumeric number on the front under your name only by law can INM assign a valid CURP to all legal foreign residents of Mexico. No bank [they make one up but is invalid], no online federal government website, no Registro Civil can assign a valid CURP to a foreigner as others have suggested.
  15. AlanMexicali

    Temporal Visa and Airplane arrival question

    You don't need a permanent address. People have used hotel addresses INM needs your Mx. Consulates 6 month preapproved RT visa in your passport stamped by an INM official when you entered Mexico and your 30 "canje" FMM card you recieved when entering Mexico. Then you fill out the online form and print it and take it to the INM office to exchange the 30 FMM card to have them process your RT visa/card and need to show up there within the 30 days. If you don't have time then wait until you can spend about a month for them to process your 6 month Mx. Consulate visa to a RT visa/card in Mexico. Don't get it until you get back from your 10 day trip. You don"t have to rush to rent a place. You can change addresses at the INM office within 90 days of moving easily. You will get a 1 year RT visa/card and in 1 year you can renew it for 1, 2, or 3 years for a total of 4 years.