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  1. Most know not owning anything or making any money ever is your own fault and not our fault. Lack of responsibility and trustworthiness ones whole life has its consequences.
  2. There are federal and municipal zoning laws in Mexico. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mexico.leyderecho.org/zonificacion/amp/ Google Translation: " Type: Federal Publication Date: 07/21/1993 Zoning in the Local Administration Concept of zoning in the context of municipal government and the local Mexican public administration: Process that allows to regulate and govern human activity in a broad sense. The municipality, through Article 115 of the Constitution, has the possibility to intervene directly in the orientation of the growth of population centers and centers of economic activity with the aim of restoring its social function to urban and rural land. (Vlmedo, The engineers, p 57-59) This article gives the authorities retardation the powers to assume the tasks of zoning, formulate development plans, regulate land tenure and carry out the creation of territorial reserves and administration of the ecological zones. The municipalities will have to formulate, approve and administer the zoning of the population centers located in their territory. For this purpose, zoning shall be understood as: 1The determination of the areas that make up and delimit a population center; 11 The determination of the predominant uses in the different zones within the areas referred to in the previous section, and III The regulation of uses, destinations and reserves through the corresponding declarations. (Official Gazette, February 7, 1984, p 20) "
  3. Jonny: Get rid of this - your sock puppet. - very, very pathetic of you to attack all of us Expats this way. Resentment is eating away at you it seems. Get over it if you can. You will get more likes if you are more honest and less if you are less honest. IMO. Smarten up old man!
  4. You obviously don't own anything or belong to any institute in Mexico then.
  5. He couldn't get enough attention he desperately needs to satisfy his growing hunger so created a sock puppet to fill up more threads with him taking over even more. Goofy stuff doesn't always get many responses. Now he will get at least one responder [ himself ] no matter how silly he gets.
  6. You like your sock puppet Jilling. Maybe you can jilling together. Wait, that will only be you doing it alone but happyjillin'.
  7. Jonny and his new sock puppet are discussing things by them/him/selves/self. Can it get any more lame than this. HaHaHaHa! Be prepared for a duet and double ganging up and lenghtly posts between himself. HaHaHaHa!
  8. Jilling - Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Now that is humorous Jonny. Can't you get rid of this/your sock puppet now?
  9. Couldn't handle it on your own so it appears you created a sock puppet an hour ago. HaHaHaHa!
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