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  1. Am I supposed to to pick one I like? I pick "unmuzzled".
  2. $300.00 for the job not per hour.
  3. Correct Without funishings and turned into a one room museum - which is small and OK but not impressive - and 5 room art gallery full of gloomy/ugly paintings it isn't nice. The others mansions and grounds are nice.
  4. This mansion was in the news 1 1/2 years ago.
  5. Correct. I thought it would be easy. Finnished in 1764.
  6. The opera house is next door in Plaza del Carmen.
  7. This should be easy because I took the photo this morning.
  8. Most supplies for them are readily available here in Mexico unless it is an off brand. Try using Google Translator and Google.com.mx. in Spanish and you probably will get a few results. Using English to find stuff in Mexico limits the results by many times I find. Using Google.com.mx gets more results on many subjects specific to Mexico. Good luck. As someone noted medical devices have problems at ADUANA often from many posters' reports over the years.
  9. Twice I had my Maxima stored at a horse ranch for a year each time and the owner had a portable power booster and it started right up. Then I took it for a 30 minute freeway drive and it never acted up at all. 3 to 5 months many times I left it in my carport in Mexicali in 100+ heat when down south and it started up no problem before selling my house there. I didn't disconnect the battery because I wanted the alarm to work.
  10. "President López Obrador presented a plan on Wednesday to reform Mexico’s pension system to avoid what he called a crisis in which current workers would not have a “dignified retirement.” Under the plan, which was to be sent immediately to the lower house of Congress, obligatory pension contributions will increase from 6.5% of a worker’s salary to 15% over a period of eight years. Employers’ share of the contribution will increase from 5.15% to 13.87%" "What is the maximum Social Security withholding for 2020? For 2020, the maximum limit on earnings forwithholding of Social Security (old-age, survivors, and disability insurance) tax is $137,700.00. The Social Security tax rate remains at 6.2 percent. The resultingmaximum Social Security tax for 2020 is $8,537.40. https://about.usps.com › info_002 2020 Social Security and Medicare Tax Withholding Rates and Limits" The US which is the richest country in the World charges 6.2 percent to employers and 6.2 percent to employees. [12.4 percent] Charging employers 13.87 percent and employees 15 percent in Mexico sounds like a wierd move. [28.87 percent] IMO
  11. Santa Lucia military base, Estado de Mx..
  12. The 17 times police in Mexico have stopped me they all asked to see my drivers license and registration.
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