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  1. AlanMexicali

    Q anyone??

  2. AlanMexicali

    Q anyone??

  3. AlanMexicali

    Potholes riberas

    We had it over here several months after last years rainy season and the potholes are still like new, Maybe SLP borrowed it from Jalisco for about a month and it is a very impressive looking machine. Maybe it belongs to the feds.?
  4. AlanMexicali

    Potholes riberas

    I'll mention this to the guys we have here there are no private sector pothole fillers in Lakeside. Maybe some will try it over there. Here they are allowed to have a load of ashfault beside the area of potholes. They shovel it into the pothole a bit at a time. When enough "tips" are collected in goes another shovel full. They all stand around with thier hand out. It could take all day to do a small area but that's business. Only on main thoughfares though. You would think cold ashfault would't stick well but it appears the city uses cold ashfault also because it lasts the same amount of time in rainy season. The new large state of the art ashfault repair truck were their patches last much longer seems to have disappeared this year. Maybe it was a yearly lease. Typical.
  5. AlanMexicali

    Psychiatric hospital in guad

    Seguro Poular treatment: 119.- Diagnosis and treatment of depression (mood disorders). 120.- Diagnosis and treatment of psychosis -including schizophrenia-. http://www.seguropopular.org
  6. AlanMexicali


    I doubt it. The above list of illnesses that exclude people from joining are severe illnesses not common easy to control medical conditions. I didn't know it is considered a chronic illness.
  7. AlanMexicali


    All pre-existing chronic illnesses. No - I have posted the list here above what illnesses excludes people from joining. There are various waiting periods for other chronic or temporary illnesses. You can join singularly also. Not everyone has a family. Find a different rep and lawyer is my advise. They don't know the rules if they told you this.
  8. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    Don't worry about that. Federal law de salud prohibits discrimination. Federal immigration law gives all legal residents the right to use Mexico's public resources. Just drove past the SLP state university and saw the progress on our new 7 story state of the art SP hospital being built on the same lot as the old SP hospital. Huge and being built as fast as lightening. SP hospitals help train medical students next door. Artist's drawing of our soon to be completed World class Seguro Popular hospital. http://planoinformativo.com/603120/hospital-central-sera-de-primer-mundo-slp Google translation: " State Governor Juan Manuel Carreras López and Federal Health (Secretaria de Salud) Secretary Jose Narro Robles, formally started and presented the project of replacement and equipment for the new Central Hospital "Ignacio Morones Prieto", with an unprecedented investment of more than 1,333 million of pesos. With this important work is achieved, fundamentally, the strengthening in the care of people with a more dignified service, the improvement of services with cutting edge technology and the promotion of teaching and medical research. The head of the Secreteria de Salud stressed that this important project will have a coverage of 1.5 million inhabitants, so it has the support of the President of the Republic Enrique Peña Nieto, who allocated the resources for the development of this modern hospital infrastructure that will have a important impact in our entity and neighboring states since we treat patients from Zacatecas, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Hidalgo, among others. "
  9. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    Look, the Seguro Popular as an institution is not going to end or be changed much. It is modern day socalized medicine recognized and modeled after all socalized medicine in all successful social democracies Worldwide and has proven itself to function well and plus the people need it and are using it. The speech was what bothered me not you posting it. Your link had almost no information regarding ending the SP but my link has lots of information of the proposed changes. If the Morena Party have decided to change the Seguro Popular' s name - If so why not just say so. What the Morena Party says and does will be interesting with this huge issue but I know they will leave it alone as it is with the minor changes to mark their territory but it still doesn't make it their own. It belongs to Mexicans whether they know it or not and the ones who do don't need any politican claiming he owns it now after Mexicans have paid IVA taxes and invested billions of dollars creating it. It is close to being finished.
  10. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    So you read my critique of the substance of the speech with the opening lines that I will paraphrase: Peoples' Health Insurance (Seguro Popular) is not health insurance nor is it the peoples'. Armageddon is coming to the Seguro Popular Dec. 1st. . It will no longer exist and will be gone. When actually the Morena party is simply planning to change a few things. All health care providers World wide concentrate on primary care. Nothing new there or Earth shattering Dr.s and nurses get a raise and administrators get a pay cut or leave if they don't like it. More medicines and a better supply. Dr.s get a tenure. 20,00,000 citizens need access to health care through the Seguro Popular that don't have it now in isolated rural areas. Anything you found out differently from me? Your link didn't say much about the SP and was more about school children getting paid to attend school and the amounts and university scholarships and the amounts and citizens 65 and over getting their SEDESOL check for $1,274 pesos every month soon instead of that amount every 2 months as it has been for decades.
  11. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    The 20,000,000 poor Obrador's future secretary of health was saying are not getting SP because the SP doesn't have the resources in the news article posted above in reality haven't even tried to join because they live outside of areas were SP is located, are indigent with no means of travel and/or communications so don' t know how to join or know what it is or don´t want to join - probably the vast majority , only speak an indigenous language, have no government credencials, etc.. . SP does not discriminate against anyone. This is federal law and studies show these 20,000,000 haven´t joined. SP and DIF has tried to get them enrolled and DIF has a program in isolated rural areas trying hard for free to help them sign up even if they do not have any government credentials required to sign up with limited success. http://elmanana.com.mx/noticia/144563/Sin-acceso-a-salud16-de-mexicanos-SSA.html " Without access to health, 16% of Mexicans: SSA. [Secretario de Salud] [21,280,00] The Secretary of Health affirmed that some minority groups such as the indigenous population and the LGBTTTIQ [gay] community have not been included in the reality to the health services MEXICO CITY.- Although the population lacking access to health services decreased 4.6 percentage points in three years, 16.9 percent of Mexicans still have no medical coverage, said José Narro Robles, Secretary of Health. [Secretario de Salud] When giving a lecture at the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM), he noted that in 2012 25.5 percent of the population lacked access to health and, by 2015, the percentage decreased to 16.9 percent. However, he said, there are still gaps that must be closed. "If we are not able to close the gaps that indicate the differences between those who have and those who lack, we will not get ahead, we have to work on inclusion," he said. The Secretary of Health affirmed that some minority groups such as the indigenous population and the LGBTTTIQ community have not been included in the reality to the health services. "We have not resolved, only in the discourse, the issue of inclusion, we have to be honest, we are not inclusive of the LGBTTQQ community," he lamented. "We have to open ourselves, it can not be that we have closed doors when what we need is to be inclusive, at the time of service, at the time of access, we are no longer consistent," he added. Narro Robles said that it is necessary to combat poverty, inequality and strengthen the public health system in order to face the demographic challenges that lie ahead and chronic diseases. "We need a strong system because we have levels of poverty and inequality that can not stand us without those public services," he said. He pointed out that by 2050 about 32.4 million adults over 60 will require health services, which will put more pressure on the demand of the health system. "Either we pay attention to the demographic issue, or we prepare ourselves in the matter of geriatric and gerontology services or we are going to make a mistake". He also considered it important to combat corruption in health services with better measures of accountability, transparency and oversight. "It hurts a lot that the public money is diverted [STOLEN] but also when the money is for health, it hurts much more, it is not valid because it is affecting the lives of people directly," he said."
  12. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    So now all 59,000,000 members of the Seguro Popular and all 54,000,000 members of the IMSS are poor? That is 113,000,000 poor Mexicans out of a population of 133,000,000. I very much doubt it.
  13. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    https://regeneracion.mx/desaparecera-seguro-popular-ni-es-seguro-ni-es-popular-amlo/ "Desaparecerá Seguro Popular; “ni es seguro, ni es popular”: AMLO " There is no longer going to be Seguro Popular because it is neither medical insurance nor is it the peoples´. President-elect López Obrador announced on 29 September 2018) at a press conference in Pachuca, Hidalgo that Seguro Popular will not exist after November 30, 2018. The day President López Obrador takes office (1 December 2018), Seguro Popular is gone. " For those who do not understand Spanish. Seguro Popular means the peoples´ medical insurance. So Obrador is saying the Seguro Popular is not medical insurance and it is not the peoples´. This doesn´t makes sense because that is exacty what it is the peoples´ medical insurance. Then he says it will not exist on Dec. 1st. and it will be gone. Again not true. It will still exist and will not be gone. Morena´s plan is to change a few things not delet it from existance.
  14. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    Try telling that to a person making $8,000 pesos per month supporting a wife and 2 children. They are very good and free. Alot depends on what you consider "very good".
  15. AlanMexicali

    IMSS vs. SP

    https://www.google.com.mx/amp/s/adnpolitico.com/presidencia/2018/07/15/el-gobierno-de-lopez-obrador-preve-reestructurar-el-seguro-popular%3f_amp=true The Seguro Popular is not going anywhere obviously. Read this article and you will see what really their plan is. Google translation: " The government of López Obrador plans to restructure the Seguro Popular The future Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, said that the changes seek to improve medical care. He also said that it is expected to raise the salary to doctors and nurses. July 15, 2018 03:30 PM  Jorge Alcocer The future official attended Sunday a private meeting with the virtual president-elect. (Photo: Elvia Cruz) DNApolicy The future administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans to restructure the Seguro Popular, mainly to focus the resources currently allocated to improve care and supply of medicines, said the next secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer. In an interview outside the house of transition of the virtual president-elect, he indicated that among the agreements that took place in the private meeting on Sunday is to fulfill the campaign commitment on raising the salaries of nurses and doctors. Regarding area directors, he said salaries will be adjusted and warned that those who do not agree should look for other work options, since the reduction of perceptions to senior officials is contemplated in the Republican austerity plan promoted by López Obrador since your campaign "It will also regularize the positions of doctors and nurses who are in hiring instability and (there will be) a rapprochement with the union," he said. It may interest you: The cabinet that AMLO profiles to govern Changes to Seguro Popular Alcocer avoided specifying if the Seguro Popular will change its name, but announced that it will change its method of operation. "It restructures and many of its attentions and budget are reimbursed to primary care, to medicines," he said. Questioned about what will happen to the money that is in the Seguro Popular trust, he explained that the Treasury is studying it, because we also have to know what to do in the present and the future of pensions. On another issue, he acknowledged that there are not enough resources to provide medical attention to 20 million Mexicans, so his main challenge in the next six years is to end this inequality. The future administration, which will start on December 1, has not yet made the appointment of undersecretaries in the health sector, unlike what has happened with other secretariats such as the Interior and Culture. " This is just the way Obrador communicates to people. "Desaparecerá Seguro Popular; “ni es seguro, ni es popular”: AMLO " There is no longer going to be Seguro Popular because it is neither medical insurance nor is it the peoples´. President-elect López Obrador announced on 29 September 2018) at a press conference in Pachuca, Hidalgo that Seguro Popular will not exist after November 30, 2018. The day President López Obrador takes office (1 December 2018), Seguro Popular is gone. "