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  1. The rule states you can not get a first vaccination then go get another first vaccination of another make pr place and recieve a 2 jab comprobante for both vaccinations because you did not follow the rules. You will only get a comprobante for 1 jab. You have to go for the second jab when and where they tell you only.
  2. No it is all cell phones. I just watched a new Youtube video of a national news segment with several specialists in Mexican telecomm explain it in detail. To purchase or keep your present Simms chip activated. All chips in all cell phones.
  3. The new law applies to all phones and the exact same information is needed to keep your service activated (cell servive providers have the next 2 years from now to complete the list of required data of all clients/users to the national federal government data system) and includes an incredible amount of personal data including index fingerprint, voice print, eye scan, nationality, INE photo and much more.
  4. Natasha today in our beautiful city of San Luis Potosi INSABI is vaccinating 60 and over in alabetical order since Tues. (ends today Fri.) for 4 days at 5 centers like our football stadium and fair grounds and found out many people are not showing up so took the extra Pfizer vaccines to the newer large state university auditorium without notifying the news but notified INSABI and state health workers that anyone with their MIVACUNA.gob.MX printout over 60 quickly come and get the first vaccination and we will stay until the last senior is vaccinated who comes today or we run out. Huge parking
  5. The solution to this Worldwide disaster is obviously to vaccinate populations as fast as humanly possible - correct? People who think like you are the stumbling stone to the solution for the greater good of humanity. Ethics and morality my goodness. IMO
  6. WHO stated vaccines will not be sold to the private sector until Oct.. Now only federal governments can purchase them.
  7. The WHO stated no vaccines will be sold privately until Oct.. Now only to federal governments.
  8. Not first/second jab but a roll out of a complete second "round" of first and second jabs for 60 and over citizens.
  9. A couple of weeks ago AMLO stated the 60 and over will be a month later than he promised which was the end of April and said it is extended 30 days until May. Then in May, with no date given, the 50 to 59 will start their turn. He also said private medical Dr.s and nurses will have to wait their turn by age. The private Dr.s and nurses demonstrations in Mexico City might have reversed that as here in San Luis Potosi private medical Dr.s, Dentists and nurses were vaccinated with Pfizer at the miltary base yesterday. I drove past there and the line was 3 blocks long at noon.
  10. The Mexican government has stated nothing about doing a complete 2 jab second round of vaccines for 60 and over so people who do not accept it's roll out now may have to wait until Oct. to buy a vaccination from private clinics and pharmacies. To me this is a bad idea.
  11. Page 2: all of your posts. Again all crap. Conclusion: You mainly post crap and insults.
  12. Page 1 all of your posts except the one you quoted: all crap
  13. I presume you are claiming not to be like this but are the opposite but again it is your psychological projection of what you are doing here constantly but this time just onto me obviously. After days/weeks of being obnoxious here you still can be funny but in a sad way like some over the top hypocritical posts ,for example: - a favorite of yours - there are so very many - stating you have a very keen perception about everything of all of the important topics being discussed, but others don't. All of it is Funny
  14. Gain = you disappear back into your own little world and stay there OR stop behaving extremely annoying and attacking posters.
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