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  1. The group was demonstrating in CDMX last week for getting screwed over. They are in a bad mood probably.
  2. The civil agency for criminal intelligence funded by the Mexican federal government in place for maybe 15 or more years were fired the first month AMLO took over. The well trained Federal Police that many reported were feared by many of the criminal organizations were fired and replaced by military trained soldiers.
  3. We have lost 8 healthy friends to Covid-19. You don't want to joke around with keeping away from people. All of them went to the INSABI Covid-19 hospital - one of the 3 federal government socialized medical system hospitals here in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. None of their family mentioned any medicines given - not that they were not given any - only that they were on ventilators. 3 in one family - the son and 4 days later the father and 3 days later the wife, two in another family - the mother and 10 days later the son, our close friend, after 12 days in the hospital and two others, one close friend of my wife a Dr. the other the husband of my wife's friend and one of my sister in laws - I have 6 here - her and her husband were fighting it at home and she is over it after 2 months of being very sick. Both were on oxigen concentrators and a heart surgeon friend attended to them with medicines. I find bobby brown malicious in his numerous lies and anti-compassionate and he disgusts me.
  4. Not the same in many ways. The Federal Police had to graduate from one of three Federal Police universities with a 3 year criminology degree. All three are now closed. The Federal Police were autominous. Now the National Guard are part of the military. The federal Secretaty of Public Security is a retired general. The party in power is their commanding force. No autonomy left.
  5. Airlines usually list the FMM card as a tourist tax when looking at the list of charges. I have yet to see it listed as a non-resident fee or a non-citzen fee.
  6. Airlines, by law, have to only consider the passport passengers are entering another country under and not any residency a passenger has. It is not illegal or unethnical only the law. What is illegal is falsifying an entry FMM form stating you are a Mexican citizen to save $30 dollars. Very bad advice.
  7. You can go back and forth there if you are an American with no problems. I imagine Canadians can also. You might need a Covid-19 test not over 3 days old. My friends in San Diego cross back and forth with no test often. The border on the Mexican side was never closed to anyone. They just said it was.
  8. Mexico's death rate currently is 8.8 percent down from a high of 12.4. Where is this .02 percent death rate. In your dreams? LOL https://ourworldindata.org/mortality-risk-covid?country=~MEX
  9. 3 palm frons fall per year? Seeds once a year for a month?
  10. The only way to get from TJ or Mexicali is that highway. It is very busy at times. Some trucks drive too fast and cause accidents. Drunk ranch hands come onto the highway at night without stopping. There are accidents along that route sometimes. Robberies are not a problem. Driving at night might be more problematic than driving during daylight. I would just take it easy. It is a flat staight highway along the desert floor and some drivers drive too fast is the only thing I have ever noticed. Mx. 3 from Tecate to Ensenada goes through Valle de Guadalupe which is wine country and I haven't driven it in a couple of decades but when I did it was beautiful to see everything once you got into the valleys.
  11. I lived in Mexicali. If you want to stay in Mexico and save a few hours crossing the border twice and many miles you can get off the Mx. 15 at Santa Ana onto the Mx. 2 and go straight towards Mexicali on a good highway. Bypass Mexicali just a short distance from town and take the Mx. 2D to the Mx. 2 45 miles ahead which joins at the foot of the mountains on the west side of Mexicali and take this called La Rumorosa which is a divided 4 lane freeway with many curves and hairpin turns to Mx. 3 in Tecate. Take this into Ensenada. It might save you 6 or more hours.
  12. Sounds like a "no masker" tactic in reverse. Don't hit them!
  13. Crackles (large black birds) make that type of noise. They flock to large trees at sundown. If you keep on lights at night outside they will move.
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