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  1. My speculation 2 years ago and 1 1/3 years after taking office was spot on. IMO
  2. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/brewery-referendum-inconstitutional-bar-association/ "Mexicali brewery referendum unconstitutional: bar association The association claimed that the results of last weekend's vote were not legally binding Published on Thursday, March 26, 2020 The Mexican Bar Association announced its legal opinion on the legality of a referendum to halt construction of a brewery in Mexicali, Baja California: they say it’s unconstitutional. Nearly 37,000 residents of Mexicali and surrounding areas voted overwhelmingly to reject Constellation Brands’ US $1.4-billion plantover the weekend. The association said in a press release that the consultation violated four articles of the Mexican Constitution, making it illegal to force the company to halt construction. Calling the vote a “participatory exercise,” it also claimed that the results of the referendum were not intended to be legally binding. “… its results cannot be binding because that would mean that the [permits] already issued could be revoked by a groundless participatory exercise, … without due process, resulting in the violation of article 14 of the Constitution,” it said. Citizens of Mexicali have protested the plant for years, citing the threat they say it poses to the area’s water supply, though construction is now 65% complete. Constellation Brands claims that the plant will not negatively affect the water supply and will create 32,000 direct and indirect jobs. Although the National Water Commission and the Environment Ministry had both stated that their inquiries revealed that the plant would not negatively affect the water supply in Mexicali, they will not issue future permits as a result of the referendum. A Heineken bottling plant located in Tecate, which gets its water from the same aquifer the Mexicali plant would use, is currently increasing its output by 25% and has received no opposition at all from the public. The Bar Association urged federal authorities to comply with the Constitution and the international trade agreements that afford certain rights to Constellation Brands, “strengthening our deteriorated state of law with justice.” Seeing Constellation Brands experience so many problems completing the Mexicali brewery, thegovernors of Nayarit and Tabasco have both recently invited the company to visit their statesto find more welcoming investment opportunities."
  3. That was all over the TV news. Disgusting politician!
  4. Quote: "I took part in a U. of Calgary webinar about Covid-19 - 2000 documents online. Pretty grim picture of the weeks ahead. Some excellent myth busting as well. NOT airborne (recent “study” claims it is but they put the virus into a bio-terrorism device that can make liquid concrete into airborne droplets...for the force of even sting human cough it is only carried 1 meter in sputum and then settles). Lives in plastic surfaces for up to 9 days and on wood and metal for up to 6. Killed very effectively with 4tsp bleach to 4 cups water as a cleaning solution though. Nothing heavy duty needed. 10-35x more lethal than the flu, and spreads between people at a rate of 2.5 infected for every one person contaminated on average - measles measures 15 on that scale (hence the decimation of natives when white man came- 50% death rate for them) and to compare the flu and colds are about 1-1.5 on that scale. Ebola is less than 2. Testing asymptomatic people useless as viral load effects accuracy so if people are incubating an infection they will test negative. Incubates for 2-14 days, average is 5-7. Testing and tracking contacts of symptomatic people in the community is highly linked to flattening of the curve and there are real concerns about the US and the lack of testing there - here we test 100x more people per capita than in the US and epidemiologists are extremely concerned about the potential disease spread in the US. (“The US is a time bomb” was the quote). Social distancing and self isolation is how China and south Korea flattened their curves in record time (and they had no warning what was coming even). China went from 4000 new cases per day to under 10 in just a few weeks. The peak is expected here in 40-80 days. Vaccine timeline minimum 9 months." ~ From a friend in Canada. I have seen some parts of it in other mainstream news article but not all of what this individual describes. I don't know how accurate some of it is. Facebook stuff, you know? I thought it was interesting enough to post though.
  5. Google says 4 to 7 percent plus 16 percent IVA depending on factors such as location and price and market conditions.
  6. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/constellation-brands-ready-to-discuss-brewery-vote-with-amlo/ "It also said that the decision is “arbitrary, authoritarian and unilateral” despite the staging of the consultation. “It violates the rule of law, hurts the community and workers and is a terrible signal to society and the world that democratic rules are not respected in Mexico.” The CCE also said that the government’s decision to halt the brewery project will hurt the “most vulnerable” people in Mexico because “they will have less access to opportunities and wellbeing.” “Democracy has rules, the company had complied with all … the permits and obligations that the state asked it [to comply with]. … There is no reason that justifies the cancellation of the project nor the investment. … In addition, the debate about the use of water in Mexicali has been manipulated with incorrect data by activists and malicious authorities. The plant … would only use 0.2% of the water resources of the area and it has mechanisms to treat and return water it uses for agricultural use,” the statement said. The consultation “had no legal basis” and only attracted the participation of 5% of the population, the CCE added, asserting “in no way can it be binding.”
  7. https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/opinion/antonio-cuellar/en-donde-es-mas-peligroso-el-coronavirus "Where is the coronavirus most dangerous? The Tages-Anzeiger headline that circulated in Zürich on March 17 last asked "Where is the coronavirus most dangerous?" Because of the number of victims who will die from the disease, or from starvation and neglect, we have found the answer this past weekend, in Mexico." "Donde govierna la necedad, el engaño, y la ignorancia." Google Translation: "Where foolishness, deceit, and ignorance rule."
  8. It is dismal. Example: In San Luis Potosi: "The Secretary of Health of the State Government, Dr. Mónica Liliana Rangel confirmed that throughout the state there are just over 100 artificial ventilators of which only 50 are available for the emergency of COVID-19 since the others are being used for patients pneumonia, influenza and other respiratory diseases. Artificial respirators are essential to save the lives of people who are infected with the Coronavirus, however given the possible spread of COVID-19 in San Luis Potosí with the few respirators that exist could collapse the health system. Dra. Monica Liliana Rangel also reported that 20 more respirators have already been requested from the federation to be able to be prevented in case the pandemic spreads through San Luis Potosí territory." AMLO has no financial or logistical plan yet and is telling people go about your business as normal. https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/opinion/antonio-cuellar/en-donde-es-mas-peligroso-el-coronavirus "Where is the coronavirus most dangerous? The Tages-Anzeiger headline that circulated in Zürich on March 17 last asked "Where is the coronavirus most dangerous?" Because of the number of victims who will die from the disease, or from starvation and neglect, we have found the answer this past weekend, in Mexico."
  9. ... and also claims others are clamoring for attention - pyscological projection.
  10. There is no vice president. The Secretaria de Gobernacion - an old woman now - becomes leader until the election.
  11. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/dont-stop-going-out-or-take-exaggerated-measures-amlo/ "‘Don’t stop going out or take exaggerated measures’: AMLO 'I will tell you when we have to stay at home but not yet' Published on Monday, March 23, 2020 Despite the growing spread of Covid-19 in Mexico and the official commencement on Monday of the government’s social distancing initiative, President López Obrador has urged Mexicans not to stop going out. López Obrador made the remarks on Sunday while seated alongside the owner of a restaurant in Oaxaca city. “Don’t stop going out, we’re still in the first stage [of the coronavirus outbreak]. I’ll tell you when not to go out,” he said in a video posted to his Facebook account. “Mexicans, because of our cultures, are very resistant to all of the calamities. We’ve always gotten through them and on this occasion we’ll get through it. Our people are the holders and inheritors of ancient cultures, great civilizations, and in that lies our strength. Let’s not panic,” he added." “If you can do it and you have the financial means, keep taking your family out to eat, to the restaurants, to the fondas [cheap diners] because that strengthens the family economy and the working class economy,” López Obrador said. “We don’t do any good, we don’t help if we bring ourselves to a standstill in an exaggerated way without rhyme or reason. We’re going to continue living normal lives and at the [appropriate] time the president will tell you when we have to stay at home but not yet. With healthy distance, we can continue socializing,” he added."
  12. On another thread the Big Kahuna told people, including me, to post only what he finds acceptable and now we have the Grand Poobah telling you to post only what he finds acceptable. Why all of a sudden this censorship?
  13. https://news.yahoo.com/mexican-president-passes-coronavirus-buck-175325984.html "Mexican president passes coronavirus buck to allies, rivals, business By Dave Graham and Drazen Jorgic Reuters March 21, 2020, 12:53 PM MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - As Mexico scrambles to contain the coronavirus outbreak, many initiatives aimed at tempering the threat have come not from the president, but lesser officials, businesses and ordinary people. Mexico's peso has plunged to record lows against the dollar and analysts expect the economy to suffer a major hit. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says there is no cause for alarm, and is continuing to hold regular public rallies around Mexico. He argues the country must keep going to limit damage to the economy lest it hurt the poor and the elderly. "If I was worried, if things were out of control, I would tell you, because I always tell the truth," he said on Friday in a video posted from his seat on a plane as he prepared to take off for a weekend tour. "But that's not how things are." "Others are taking precautions anyway." "It bothers me a lot when I hear the president," said Alfaro, 35, who fears for his elderly mother. "I can understand worries about the economy and (the poor), but if you're putting many people at risk, it's something that's also bad for the people.""
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