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  1. $300.00 USDs exempt on "new" items per person. It does not consider your suitcase full of stuff or your used cell phone or laptop etc. in the $300.00 USD exemption. After $300.00 you might pay duty and IVA depending on the ADUANA setup at that crossing.
  2. They tile everything. Before cement tile was available for patios, sidewalks and carports they would use indoor tile for outdoor patios, driveways and sidewalks even many would tile the public sidewalk outside their fences' on the street. When it rained and was wet I would slip and slide and some people I saw ended up on their knees and butts. I might guess that they really like tile.
  3. It is an interesting fact based debunking of the OP's link with links to some articles on both sides which also debunk some added links and some posters' opinions which cannot be avoided. Some of those might be called a rant.
  4. Is this called a "red herring?" Dropping out of the conversation aren't you?
  5. 13 hours ago, Upfront said: Sonia I think your info on permanente is mssing some info. Once you have a valid temp you can apply for a perm without more proof on income, corect? You did not have it right all along. You had it wrong.
  6. If a person with a Residente Temporal wants to apply for a Residente Permanente before their 4 years on a RT they can at anytime by providing financial statements of monthly retirement deposits of 500 times the CDMX minimum wage inside Mexico which adds 100 to the 400 times minimum wage required to apply for a RP at a Mexican Consulate.
  7. This site might have a bad reputation amongst internet trolls because we taunt the crap out of them usually. Sincere people like this site and they say so often. 😁
  8. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html Her website states exactly that. Do you have trouble reading as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation? ☺
  9. Yes they do if you show them the 6 month preapproved visa and they will then have you fill out a FMM card by checking the "canje" section and getting it stamped at no cost. Without the entrance stamp in your passport and the 30 day FMM "canje" card at the local INM [ Immigration ] office they will not process your Residente Permanente visa/card. Don't assume they will do everything for you at the immigration desk entering the TJ airport from the CBX. You have to pay attention and get it done correctly. ☺
  10. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=582445912290002&_rdr 2 cycle scooters are big polluters, aren't they?
  11. Google Translation: MIGRATION LAW New Law published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on May 25, 2011 CURRENT TEXT Last reform published 04-21-2016 On the margin a seal with the National Shield, which says: United Mexican States.- Presidency of the Republic. FELIPE DE JESÚS CALDERÓN HINOJOSA, President of the United Mexican States, its inhabitants know: That the Honorable Congress of the Union, has served to address the following: "SECOND TITLE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF MIGRANTS SINGLE CHAPTER RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS Article 6. The Mexican State shall guarantee the exercise of the rights and freedoms of foreigners recognized in the Constitution, in international treaties and conventions to which the Mexican State is a party and in the applicable legal provisions, regardless of their immigration status. Page 5 of 49 Article 7. The freedom of every person to enter, remain, transit and leave the national territory shall have the limitations established in the Constitution, international treaties and conventions to which the Mexican State is a party, this Law and other applicable legal provisions. Free transit is a right of every person and it is the duty of any authority to promote and respect it. No person will be required to prove their nationality and immigration status in the national territory, more than by the competent authority in the cases and under the circumstances established in this Law. Article 8. Migrants may access the educational services provided by the public and private sectors, regardless of their immigration status and in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions. Migrants will have the right to receive any type of medical care, provided by the public and private sectors, regardless of their [legal] immigration status, in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions. Migrants, regardless of their immigration status, will have the right to receive, free of charge and without restriction, any kind of urgent medical care that is necessary to preserve their life. In the provision of educational and medical services, no administrative act will establish restrictions greater than those generally established for Mexicans. Article 9. Judges or officers of the Civil Registry may not deny migrants, regardless of their immigration status, the authorization of the acts of marital status or the issuance of certificates relating to birth, recognition of children, marriage, divorce and death . Article 10. The Mexican State shall guarantee migrants who intend to enter the country on a regular basis or who reside in national territory with a regular immigration status, as well as those who intend to regularize their immigration status in the country, the right to the preservation of family unit. Article 11. In any case, regardless of their immigration status, migrants will have the right to the procurement and delivery of justice, respecting at all times the right to due process, as well as to submit complaints regarding human rights, in accordance with the provisions contained in the Constitution and other applicable laws. In the procedures applicable to migrant children and adolescents, their age will be taken into account and their best interests will be privileged. Article 12. Migrants, regardless of their immigration status, will have the right to recognition of their legal personality, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and international treaties and conventions to which the Mexican State is a party. Article 13. Migrants and their families who are in the territory of the United Mexican States shall have the right to be provided information about: I. Your rights and obligations, in accordance with current legislation; II. The requirements established by the applicable legislation for..." All socialized medicine systems in Mexico are available to legal residents - if they qualify for IMSS - if not they qualify to join the Seguro Popular - under rights of legal immigrant residents in the SEGOB - INM 2011 Immigration Law. This includes Residente Permanentes and Residente Temporal residents. Any state, city or hospital where Seguro Popular is denied to any legal resident is breaking this law and the federal Secretaria de Salud federal law and federal anti-discrimination law. Report them to the Secretaria de Salud administration office in the Seguro Popular hospital you are applying at. You will need the place, date, time and the employees name to report them. Take a copy of the above law with you. Even if the employee was instructed by higher ups the investigation you iniciate will reach those whom have incorporated a policy illegally in their particular sector of the federally administrated by Secretaria de Salud federal employees and federally funded Seguro Popular. IMSS also is administrated and mostly - some fee funded - funded by the federal government Secretaria de Salud and both have to follow federal laws without discrimination. Your 16 percent IVA taxes and any SAT taxes you pay fund it. "Servicios de Salud" of the state of Queretaro are breaking 3 federal laws discriminating against legal foreign residents of Mexico by refusing to enrol them in federally funded socialized medicine in their state. Report the clerk who refused you to join to the federal "Sectretaria de Salud" administration office in the Seguro Popular hospital. Take a copy of this above federal law. It doesn't matter who instructed her to break the 3 federal laws as they will be investigated along with the clerk. Know your rights as a legal resident.
  12. Sherrifs deputies will let you know when to remove the car permanently, not temporarily, possibly. They did with my ex-wife after 1 year seeing it around even though she frequently went to Mexicali. After 7 or 8 warnings she sold it in Mexico at a large loss. It was new when we were married. Big mistake to not buy a US car. The peso devaluation made it a very good deal at that time. 1 1/2 years latter is was a bad deal for us.
  13. Each US state has rules/laws as to how long a resident may have their out of state registered vehicle in their resident state without registrating it in that state where they live. In California it is 3 months. The 1 year rule might not even apply to people living in the US but only applies to people living in Mexico full time such as Mexican citizens and legal residents. This I do not know.
  14. People living in the US cannot drive/have a Mexican plated vehicle in the US for more than 1 year no matter if they take the vehicle into Mexico every day/week/month etc.. It will be illegal for any legal resident or citizen of Mexico living in the US to own and drive a Mexican plated vehicle permanently in any state of the US. Forget that idea.
  15. Visitante means visitor in Spanish. No Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa/card is called an FMM. Some countries do require a visa to enter Mexico as a tourist not a FMM tourist card. Most people on this site do have a Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente or are Naturalized citizens of Mexico. RT and RP visa/card holder use an FMM to leave and re-enter Mexico. FMM stands for "forma migratoria multiple " and has several options to check off not only is it a tourist permit. The person applying for a FMM fills out the form.
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