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  1. One of the great traditions on the Ajijic calendar is the Easter Passion Play - Pasión de Cristo. Lasting three days this spectacular is community driven and all volunteer. To raise funds, we are having the 18th annual art auction at the Nueva Posada at 3pm, March 8 (Friday). Traditional Mexican food and music and beautiful art from Ajijic's finest artists. Tickets available at LCS, Diane Pearls, Ajijic Real Estate, Centro Cultural, Bar el Roble, Fiaga boutique and Dario Marquez Studio. Only $200 pesos!
  2. Thank you northernnewbie. The weather should be great and the atmosphere is wonderful. Efren is quite the comedian as auctioneer. The Passion Play itself is put on over the Easter weekend over several days. Most villages have an equivalent event. It starts at the bottom of the hills overlooking Ajijic. Followed by an evening presentation in the plaza. Then the main event is the next day in front of the big church followed by a procession through the streets back up to hills for the crucifixion. An unbelievable amount of effort from the community is put into this event and it shows. You don't have to be catholic or religious to enjoy the play. We can help keep these traditions alive with our support.
  3. Although it is an auction, the artwork usually goes for much less than you can buy in the shops in Ajijic.
  4. Every year Ajijic puts on an Easter Passion play. To support the cost of the material for the scenery and costumes, the players hold an art auction at the Nueva Posada. In true Mexican style, they left it a little late to advertise the event. It is THIS FRIDAY (10th)!!! The art auction is emceed by Efren Gonzalez and features works by Efren and other artists. The event is in the gardens of La Nueva Posada on Feb 10th and runs from 3 to 6pm. As well as traditional Mexican food, prepared and served by the artists, there will be music and dance. Tickets are only $250 per person and are available at the Hotel Nueva Posada, Diane Pearl Colecciones, and the studios of Efren Gonzalez and Dario Marquez. Please come and support local events and local artists.
  5. Having worked in hospital information systems for 20 years, there exists an adversarial relationship between insurance companies and hospital/patient. No real surprise there. The insurance companies only tend to challenge large bills and they will use any means necessary to avoid payment. They will search for anomalies in applications as evidence of deceit. I have always been scrupulously open and honest with insurance applications as I don't want to give them any ammunition for a claim denial. It may well be that the problem does not exist and that Medicare doesn't care about a foreign address. I have understood during phone conversations with SSA that they aren't really sure - well the agents who answer the phone anyway. I know for a fact my Medicare B supplemental insurance will not cover me after 6 months with an address outside of the country. However in true insurance company form, they were quite happy to accept my premium without informing me of this. I had to ask directly before they clarified their policy and told me, yes they would still accept my payments after six months, and no, they would not pay for any claim after that time. The problem as I see it is that we don't have access to the information we need to make a decision. Because of this my plan was to try Medicare in US and see how the claim was processed. This is not an ideal way to approach healthcare insurance decisions.
  6. Thanks hammerhead, I am slowly coming to the realization that this is probably the best option for me. And I think "hammerhead" is not a covered condition The gentleman giving the presentations at Sunrise Café about emergency flights back to US couldn't answer my question and it would appear as if his business depended on knowing the answer.
  7. I found out that regardless of Part B eligibility, my Blue Shield Medicare Part B supplemental insurance would cover me for six months. After that....nothing. It was then I started to question my assumption that I would automatically be eligible for Medicare in US regardless of residency address,
  8. I thought exactly the same thing. I assumed this for a while until someone in my retirement assistance center of my past employer mentioned that she didn't think so. And so began my effort to find out a definitive answer. I have been to the SSA website, I have called several times and I have yet to find a documented definitive answer. Lots of opinions even between the people in the SSA call center.
  9. thanks for the link. it appears to be for non-US residents establishing residency in order to obtain Medicare.
  10. I have contacted Medicare and SSA on several occasions, but they were less than definitive. One time the person kept quoting me the regulation about no Medicare coverage outside the US. I got opinions but no-one could point to any government regulation that was definitive. I was talking to them this morning and even with some extra info from me they were still arguing amongst themselves what would happen if I submitted a Medicare claim for services performed in the US.
  11. I have my Mexican address on file with most state and US government agencies (I didn't want jury duty etc). I have had no problem - I receive my Social Security. I currently receive Blue Shield health insurance as part of a retirement package but when I turn 65 next week I will be eligible for Medicare and things change. I have opted to sign-up with Medicare Part B and my current Blue Shield Health Insurance converts to a Medicare Part B supplemental insurance. Now I know that Medicare does not cover services outside the USA. I have separate health insurance coverage for Mexico. However, in calling my ex-employee, Blue Shield, Medicare and the Social Security Administration, no-one can give me a definitive answer to this question. If I have an address outside of the USA on file with SSA and I visit the USA, while INSIDE the USA can I take advantage of Medicare, i.e. will Medicare cover me for services performed in the USA by a doctor who accepts Medicare? I have called the above several times and often get conflicting answers. No-one can point me to any regulations that definitively answer this question. Having the SSA agent tell me "I think so" is not very comforting. Some have told me 'no' - with a Mexican address, Medicare will not cover you for anything inside or outside the US. Even the gentleman giving the emergency medical flights presentation lakeside in the coming weeks could not answer it - and you think the success of his company would depend on knowing the answer to this question. So, is anyone else in this situation? And has had experience with Medicare inside the USA? Is it worth keeping Medicare Part B? (as it is not free)
  12. I only volunteered to recruit speakers and not screen the content. What I understood was not wanted was selling a product or service (should be obvious), proselytizing a cause, religious or political (again, hopefully obvious) and the last criteria was the avoidance of the personal life-story or event. Examples of these would be a slide show of a trip to Copper Canyon, or how crystals healed my psoriasis. My particular fascination is with information on the internet, so I am looking at subjects like the psychology of conspiracy theories, what are memes and how to create one, has the internet changed our perception of truth, etc. You may have other interests - given the widespread expectation of negative criticism on online forums, perhaps a talk on the behavior theory in relation to web-boards, for example.
  13. Every year at LCS we hold the Neill James Lecture Series. Despite its rather formal name, the series is basically talks given by any one of us who would like to share something with the lakeside community. They will happen on a Tuesday afternoon for an hour starting in December (LCS Sala 2pm). If you would like to participate, contact me here or PM me. If you think you might want to participate we could help with a presentation and hand-hold all the way. It is a very friendly atmosphere, not at all intimidating, and could be a great way to start out with that special something you have always wanted to share. The only topics that we can't accept (partly due to LCS policy) are topics where you might be selling something, political or religious proselytizing, or personal life stories. LCS has reaffirmed its mission to keep us all mentally active and challenge us with a bit of learning - if you think your topic would not be out of place in a TED talk, then it could be just right for the series. I know there is a lot of hidden expertise lakeside, please share it with your friends.
  14. PERRY'S PIZZA. SATURDAY 17th OCTOBER, 1PM FREE-ish BEER. GREAT PIZZA and ROSARIO I hope you can join us this Saturday at Perry's Pizza in Ajijic (it is on Guadalupe Victoria - between Encarnacion Rosa and Aldama. It's sort of behind Farmacia Guadalajara and Ajijic SIMAPA) Thanks to your donations we are finally able to give Rosario all the things we've been accumulating for her. The carrier arrived yesterday, so once I've figured where all the straps go, we will try it out on Rosario. Fingers crossed. We have therapy equipment, strollers, the carrier, meds, clothes and other stuff. Bring a packet of diapers (size 11Kg) and get a FREE BEER! Come and enjoy a very special moment - best pizza on lakeside, free beer* and a big warm and fuzzy. We'll see you there! ​
  15. For those who don't know Perry's is still offering free beer if you bring in a packet of diapers for Rosario. Thanks to all those who have donated already. We have quite a bit of stuff to give Rosario and her family and we are probably going to have an event to celebrate and hand it over at Perry's. Now, for this event Perry has promised 10% discount on all pizzas and still you get free beer with a pack of diapers. Diapers are for an 11Kg child. He also has a new pre-paid pizza card - 10 pizzas for 1000 pesos - which makes the best Lakeside pizza pretty cheap. They don't expire and you can pick one up from Perry's Pizza (on Guadalupe Victoria between Aldama and Encarnacion Rosa in Ajijic) I will let you know about Rosario's event closer to the day - we are waiting for Alex Peterson to come back from his border trip with a little more stuff for Rosario. I hear he had car problems? More info on Rosario here http://prylett.wix.com/help4rosario​
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