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  1. There are new construction ones - a few that a spouse died and they returned NOB and were renting and now the owner decided to put on the market since the market is better than a few years ago - one wants to travel more - personal reasons (not related to crime) - people splitting up - one wants more space - some just want to go back NOB - owner death and house put up for sale - weekenders wanting to sell - just the trend now - plenty on the market everywhere.
  2. We had ours done about 2 months ago - cleaning roof - new membrane and caulking, sealer - we used our contractor Gustavo Marquez - 333-157-3048 - we use Gus for everything - not the cheapest but we can always depend on him. He has been in business well over20+ years,
  3. I met with Dr. Ben - Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Bimbela. I chose Dr. Bimbela of Plasticalift in Chula Vista and could not be happier with the results .I am almost a month out with my surgery. I waited years to do it and was a bit nervous but I would not hesitate to use Dr. Bimbela again, actually I will probably use him again for my arms when the weather gets cooler. I have a friend that has also used him including many of her friends, all were very satisfied.
  4. Cosmetic (Plastic) Surgeon - Dr. Sergio Bimbela - Chulavista 130 - Tel: 108-0595 - 688-1820 - highly recommend him.
  5. Here is the web site link for Lakeside friends of the animals that we maintain. It has a list of foods they carry - you can also contact them to find out if they have added to the list. Omar is the Manager and Sue is the President of LFA. http://lfa-chapala.com/
  6. Dr. Hernandez at Integrity - I went to see another Urologist here and the first words out of his mouth were "what insurance did I have and I need surgery". No I did not need surgery - Dr. Hernandez treats my condition the same as my Urologist NOB always did.
  7. Thank you for responding and making things much clearer. I am sorry that it has ended this way for you and JB. Thank you both for your years of devotion to Anita and the animals.
  8. I am hoping that one of the long time volunteers can help us understand what is happening currently. During the last 10 years we adopted two beautiful sweet healthy pups from Anita's. This past Friday we had to put one of them to sleep which broke my heart, so this whole situation with Anita's is very emotional for me. Years ago we volunteered up at the shelter and more recently purchased food on a monthly basis. This is all very sad.
  9. There is nothing wrong with questioning when the information is given in tiny bits and pieces. Why would anyone just take the word of strangers and continue donating money and food? Just because people do not go up to the shelter does not mean they are not helping. Myself and many others give on a monthly or when they can basis, that is helping out. None of this would be happening if only they had done it properly by notifying the community with all the pertinent information. When I hear things like, well most of the cats are sick and will probably have to be put down and many of the dogs are in bad shape and who knows what will happen. If this is not the case then please state so because this is what they will continue to get without information. No one is against these volunteers but who the heck are they and what is their long term plan for the shelter? You can achieve more when you let the community in as to what you are planning. Saving the shelter should include the community and not just a few people calling themselves the transition team. It is the community that helps feed and gives cash donations for medical care so we have every right to ask questions. I hope you can understand that.
  10. Perhaps you could do a better job of informing the community rather than asking people to visit the Tianguis. This is the way rumours are started when there is little or piece meal info sent out. Anita was a part of the community way longer than most of us so when she is no longer in the picture people will want to know what happened. I am sure you can understand that. We have donated to Anita for many years on a monthly basis and found out via a post on one of the local groups that others were taking over. We have also seen a post asking for cleanup help but nothing letting the community know who exactly this transition team is and what happened to Anita, did she retire, sick and so on. What is happening to the property that the shelter is on, what will happen to the cats and dogs? what happened to the long time volunteers? These are legitimate questions especially for people that donate on a regular basis, most would like to know something of the people they are donating to. There are outlets here that could be used for such a purpose, the El Ojo, Chapala. com, insidelakeside.com, the local newspapers since Anita had a big following in that community also. It is the responsibility of the new people to inform the community not the community coming to the weekly tianguis to find out what is happening. If you do not want rumours running rampant then release a proper informative statement for all to see. If you are truly taking over the shelter, then dealing with the general public is a huge part of it and calling people armchair critics is not going to help your efforts. I am sorry but until we find out exactly what is going to happen to the remaining animals at the shelter and who exactly the new people are, we will hold off donating for now. Thank you
  11. SO, our Facilitator went back to the Chapala office and was able to speak to the new Director and pretty much demanded that we be able to see the Ortho specialist. Apparently he is not yet in the groove, piles and piles of paperwork on his desk and seemed overwhelmed. He went ahead and approved the recommendation, so we now have an appt. in Tlacumulco on Aug. 9. We spoke to Lucy and she is going to transfer us to the Joco location. We have heard only positive experiences there. The director actually thanked our Facilitator for using imss.
  12. I can certainly understand her moving, I have heard the rent for that location is getting to be a bit much. Two of my Dr's are with Integrity so off to Ajijic I guess it is.
  13. Actually, according to my facilitator the female Dr. that is reasonable is sometimes in room 1 - so it could be the same Dr. Gringal, either one would be better than room no. 2.
  14. Well hopefully, you will not be assigned this particular Dr. She is the one that is assigned to exam room 2. I would beg for room 3. The Dr. assigned to room 3 is the one that is very nice and helpful. I do not think it is so easy as to just go in and tell them to change the Dr. that you were assigned. When we speak to Lucy on Tuesday we will ask just how difficult it would be to get reassigned. I almost want to laugh at that question.
  15. Thanks Alan, We had already gone to a private specialist and gave her copies of the diagnosis. I am early 60's and my husband is 58. No heart trouble. No strange diseases. The surgery needed is same day outpatient, nothing difficult. We believe that in my case she is saying that this is from my work of years ago. We also know that there is a waiting period of 3 years for pre-existing and think that she is using this as an excuse. Never had this before so do not understand how she can say that. Let's say it was pre-existing(wasn't)we have had IMSS for 8 years so should not be an issue. No referral to a specialist, she told us to come back a week later, our translator did and was told no for me and to come back next week for a decision on my husband. The questions she asked me were what I did for a living, did I have diabetes, high blood pressure and the answer was no. So, I don't know. Our translator has already told Lucy about this Dr. so we will see what she has to say on Tuesday.
  16. Our facilitator told us that the other female Dr. was very nice so apparently, you got lucky.
  17. Lucy does know the people there and the translator is someone that she highly recommended. The Dr. that we were assigned to does not like Gringos and has said so. According to our facilitator, the other female Dr. is very very nice. We also found out that the Director is new and that the manager that gave so many trouble is gone. We were told that we will have to get a lawyer to fight the decision made on my needed surgery. It seems that we were just lucky enough to get assigned to a Dr. that has a personal dislike for non Mexicans using the system. We will be speaking to Lucy on Tuesday to see if there is anything she can do.
  18. Gee, it sounds like we should go to Joco.
  19. I am very happy for you. I wish we had had the same good experience that you have had. I was NOT telling people to go private just telling others to think twice and sharing a personal experience. Nothing more.
  20. Yes, Chapala. Lucy/Veronica said we had to go to Chapala first to be referred to the specialist. We already had the pre-testing done to show that we needed to see the specialist. This was the second time we had seen this Doctor and each time you could see her annoyance with us. We had IMSS only for emergencies or major issues. This was the first time we went for major issues. We have always used private here. We were both very surprised at her comments. As I mentioned before we will speak to Lucy on Monday but I do not know what she will be able to do. Thanks
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