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  1. I have recently subscribed to TotalPlay since Telmex internet speeds were so bad. Would be most interested to know from Totalplay clients about cancelling their Telmex telephone line to TotalPlay. Telmex has free calling to international countries , but does Totalplay offer the same service? Like to hear any relevant comments on the subject before cancelling Telmex. My thanks.
  2. Our new dog decided to have a quick chew on a top quality oriental rug. Any info. on places/persons would be much appreciated. Does not need to be perfect, an adept person would can weave a substitute small piece would suffice. With thanks....
  3. Yesterday travelled to Mazamitla- denied entry.. Police have sealed off the road- can only enter if proof of hotel reservation. Don't know if this was temporary, or if the town is still' 'closed'. Beware- check first.
  4. I know the ant problem has been discussed in previous posts extensively, being a common problem for our gardens. Does anyone know if Tree Tanglefoot is available anywhere locally- or even in Home Depot. I have an orange tree that the pests like to invade at nights. Already tried Patron and Trompa pellets with moderate success, but I believe Tanglefoot ( a sticky tape that goes round the bark at the base prevents ants from ascending.).Any suggestions- most appreciated.
  5. Saul is the best-he's been washing windows for twenty years. Suggest you try contact him again- he is normally reliable. It is hard to find a good window washer in Lakeside- they are a rare breed, even more so if you have windows high from the ground that require ladders. Persevere.
  6. I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who has a recommendation in suppliers/installers of motorized retractable awnings. I believe the main suppliers in Guad. are FIGAR and Sombra. who specialize in these items. Any feed back would be most appreciated. With thanks.
  7. Pemex- san juan cosala had gas last night but is already out- it was gone in three hours last night.
  8. I would very much appreciate any feed back on the tankless water heater ECO-8 sold by the Green Home store in Ajijic. I am about to replace an 'on demand' 7 litre Cinsa water heater which has had its day. I went to Green Home yesterday to see the ECO-8 demonstration but their in store heater was not operating, which did'nt inspire much confidence. Any comments about gas consumption, reliability, installation etc, very much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thank you CarmelB. I'll go this morning.
  10. Thanks- went to the Recordadoras office on Degallado- no luck there either- turned me away. (BTW. The irony is that the police vehicle that stopped me did not have a current sticker in his window) After 12 years still getting used to Mexico.
  11. Does anyone know the location of the Government office in Chapala where you can have the ticket (issued to me last week for failing to have an emission sticker), cancelled. (One has 14 days to show your new ticket - and they will cancel the summons.) Intrasito office by the old city Hall will not handle this . I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has found where the office is. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Would be interested to know any comments about the Lakeside Medical Group. I happened to walk past their office recently and enquired about their services re. medical coverage. Seeing no harm in giving them my current Health Insurance Policy. info. they subsequently sent me their 'package' via email, saying I am eligible for their service upon registration. In their info. brochure it states that I would not be responsible for my deductible on my policy- this I find hard to believe, in view of my deductible amount. Would like to know if anyone has a good experience with this Group, especially from an Emergency standpoint. Thanks.
  13. Donnie, I sent you a PM. Many thanks, Bronte
  14. Need to get a letter to the Government fairly quickly, and the cost of courier is quite steep now, and Ishoppe takes at least two weeks. So, I would like to know if there is a kind soul who may be flying in the next few days. Letter already has the required stamp- just needs to be put in a post office or letter box. My email is robertinmex@gmail.com my thanks,
  15. Finally authentic Indian Food in Lakeside, and it is good, in fact, very good. Raj, the owner originated from the Nepal side of India, serves the popular dishes that we are used to namely butter chicken, beef curry, shrimp curry, naan, basmati rice and more. Today, before going to the cinema there, we met him and his staff, and he kindly prepared a beef vindaloo which we picked up afterwards- delicious. Wish him lots of luck, and I hope he stays with us here because it's been a long time waiting for this quality of Indian Food. Recommend highly.
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