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  1. I have Jalisco plates and live in Guanajuato.....San Miguel de Allende. I´ve been getting my tarjeta yearly from a friend in Ajijic. I´m wondering if I can get them online? I understand there's a Jalisco government website....if anyone knows about this would you please email me directly at lindarose51@hotmail.com....I would certainly appreciate it....thanks so much....LR

  2. I have a Banamex USA account.

    I have a Banamex Mexico account in Chapala and their debit card.

    To get pesos I have been transferring dollars from Charles Schwab to Banamex USA. I would then call Banamex USA and ask them to change the dollars to pesos and transfer them to the Banamex Mexico in Chapala. That worked well and I was able to use my Banamex Mexico debit card for pesos at any Banamex ATM.

    I was informed that my Banamex USA account would be closed 1 September.

    I tried to talk to the Banamex Chapala manager to see how I could send USD's from Schwab and have them turn into into pesos at Banamex Chapala. Due to language problems I got nowhere.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I don't think I can open any new US accounts with corresponding banks without going to the US. I don't want to do that.


    I was a Banamex client for 24 yrs and got a call asking if I received 'the letter'. I was given 7 days to get another bank.....I got Bank of America which charges 3%, I am in the throes of getting a no fee Schwab account. Be glad you´re not with Banamex....

  3. I've heard a lot of good things (and some, of course, not so good) about living in Cuenca. Anyone

    have first-hand knowlege?

    I was in Cuenca in 2011, traveled all over the country. It´s small and easy to navigate by bus. I stayed 6 months in one year. I have a very good friend that´s lived there for 5 yrs now and she wouldn´t move, she loves it. I thought the weather was rainier and colder, being that it´s cold when it rains, I can take one or the other, not both at the same time. It´s a big city but doesn´t seem to be when you´re there. There´s a little of everything there and a big ex pat community that gets together for happy hours almost every day of the week. It´s easy to make friends, etc. Give it a shot.

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  4. Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Uzur replaced both of my hips and almost everyone I know....he speaks good English and your initial appointment is at Mascaras Clinic in Riberas, as well as your follow ups...I waited 7 years to have the first one done....it came thru so well, he operated on the 2nd one within 6 weeks....I was back up on my feet, working, 11 days post surgery.

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