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  1. Thanks for the info, but not true according to a knowledgeable person here...
  2. I have Jalisco plates and live in Guanajuato.....San Miguel de Allende. I´ve been getting my tarjeta yearly from a friend in Ajijic. I´m wondering if I can get them online? I understand there's a Jalisco government website....if anyone knows about this would you please email me directly at lindarose51@hotmail.com....I would certainly appreciate it....thanks so much....LR
  3. Anyone know where the IFE office is in Jocotepec? I know it´s moved since I´ve been there, and now I need address and landmarks, please.
  4. Does anyone have an update on Russell? Please email me at lindarose51 at hotmail.com....I´d really appreciate it...
  5. Does anyone have an update on Russell? He´s a dear old friend of mine and I´m not in town, seems he´s improving?? Rrrrrussell, if you´re there, let me know you´re okay, this is LR in San Miguel....xoxo
  6. Does Alejandra still teach Yoga in her home in Lower La Floresta? Anyone know times and charges? Thanks....
  7. I was a Banamex client for 24 yrs and got a call asking if I received 'the letter'. I was given 7 days to get another bank.....I got Bank of America which charges 3%, I am in the throes of getting a no fee Schwab account. Be glad you´re not with Banamex....
  8. I´m presenty researching life in Ensenada....I have friends from Rosarito, they didn´t like it. I love being near the ocean but hate being hot and having to live with air conditioning....anyone out there ever tried Northern Baja life?
  9. Does anyone know the complete name of Dr. Teresa in Joco? thanks....
  10. I was in Cuenca in 2011, traveled all over the country. It´s small and easy to navigate by bus. I stayed 6 months in one year. I have a very good friend that´s lived there for 5 yrs now and she wouldn´t move, she loves it. I thought the weather was rainier and colder, being that it´s cold when it rains, I can take one or the other, not both at the same time. It´s a big city but doesn´t seem to be when you´re there. There´s a little of everything there and a big ex pat community that gets together for happy hours almost every day of the week. It´s easy to make friends, etc. Give it a shot.
  11. Just for the helluvit, I clicked on your profile, and it certainly seems like you´re secretive! That could be stalling the girls....just sayin.
  12. Spencer, you´ve helped me before when I lived there, I´m going to email you private.....now.
  13. My husband passed away in Jocotepec in 2011. Many things are happening and I now need more ORIGINAL Death Certificates. One thing needed is a form, which I did not receive at the time of his death, concerning an American dying abroad. This will be done in Mexico City for me but they are asking for a 'new, original Death Certificate'...I have one left....3 different things have popped up and now everyone wants and original. I live in Guanajuato state. The only original DC I have states the death is 'under investigation'...this is also causing problems. I demanded an investigation, hired a lawyer, whose name I cannot recall, and nothing, of course, was ever done. I´ve been to the American Consul here in San Miguel. All they can tell me is to phone the Registro Civil either here or in Jalisco and ask them how to get another original, new DC...I don´t even know WHAT to ask for...this doesn´t make any sense to me....know one here can answer my questions...any answers out there?
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